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   Chapter 87 The Beginning Of The Thrilling Matter (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-06-28 00:12

Cathy thought for a while and replied, "No, I just use it to do some designs. I've never downloaded anything."

"I don't know the reason either." Wade had no idea about how to fix it. "What you can only do is to install the system again."

Cathy became anxious at once. "There are my designs for nearly half a month in the computer and there are also some confidential documents of the company. They are not backed up. Can these documents be stored?"

"I'm afraid they can't." Wade realized the seriousness of the problem and said, "You'd better go to the maintenance department to find a professional teacher to ask for help."

Cathy slumped into her chair. If those secret documents of the company were leaked out, she would be in big trouble.

Of course, Jason didn't have time to deal with those documents. He just deleted all of them, which didn't cause a big loss to Cathy. He just let Cathy receive a serious criticism.

In the evening, Eva went to pick up Jason. Fearing that his mother would meet Cathy again on the road, he asked her not to pick her up any more. He had grown up and he could go home on his own.

Eva didn't agree with him at first, but she couldn't change his mind, so she had to agree to his demand.

Eva didn't go out to look for a job, but she stayed at home to accompany Jason. Her son was everything to her, and Jason also needed his mother's company.

Although her son was still young, Eva knew that she was actually relying on Jason. Every time when she saw her son's innocent and lovely face, she felt that life was hopeful. No matter how hard and tired she was at present, she could hold on. Her son was her only hope now.

Jason was always at home facing the computer and d

dents were seated, the teacher gave them an examination paper. Jason picked it up and took a look at it. Then, he smiled.

"This is what you learned yesterday. Let's review it." The teacher said.

In fact, one reason for the exam was to review the lesson. The other one was that the teacher wanted to know how good Jason was.

The students picked up the examination paper, and all of them looked embarrassed. The whole math calculation problems were really annoying.

They had no choice but to pick up their pens and try to work out the problems.

The teacher walked around and saw that Jason's examination paper was clean. She thought for a while and asked, "Why don't you do these exercises? Don't you know how to figure them out?"

"Ha-ha!" Jason chuckled, "The problems are too simple. There is no need to do them."

The teacher was shocked. 'How could it be possible? It is not easy for the kids of his age to work out these questions. How could Jason say it is too simple?'

The teacher didn't believe him. She randomly picked a question and asked him to work it out. A few minutes later, Jason quickly gave the correct answer.

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