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   Chapter 86 Revenge On The Bad Woman

Baby Genius: Dad, Where Are You By Qin Wei Characters: 10969

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After walking out of Payne Education Institution, Eva found out the phone number of the manager's classmate and made a call to him.

The phone was connected after two rings. A very magnetic voice came, "Hello, I'm Zach."

"Excuse me, are you the person who has tutoring classes? Well..." After thinking for a while, Eva was surprised to find that she even didn't know the manager's last name. She had to tell him some other information. "It's the phone number from the manager of Payne Education Institution."

"Hahaha..." A burst of bright laughter came through the phone, "Yes, I am the person who takes charge of Future Education Institution. It was the first time that Mr. Lee had thought of me in so many years. What can I do for you? "

"Here is the thing. I want to find a tutoring class for my child and let him learn some middle school courses."

"Oh, this is our educational project. Let me introduce it to you. The type of the education in our Future Education Institution is the noble education. We are intended to provide children with more professional learning opportunities than ordinary schools. What children can learn here is not only the contents on the books, but also more knowledge out of the class. We also pay attention to every student's talents and we will teach students with different methods according to their aptitude. Besides, the parents and teachers will make a learning plan together. Each class will be one-on-one tuition. Many successors of different companies and many heirs of families have studied here. "

After a pause, Zach added, "Of course, the fees are also very high here, and the entrance examination is very strict."

"Ah..." Eva listened carefully. "The price is not the most important thing."

"Okay. Can you tell me for whom you are asking the lessons? Can you give me some basic information about your child? "

"I want to find a teacher for my child. He's only a few years old."

"Well..." It never occurred to Zach that Eva had a seven-year-old child since her voice was so clear and beautiful. 'What?' 'Only a few years old?' 'The child is too young.'

Zach shook his head.

He had already regarded Eva as a rich person. She hoped her child would have a bright future but she didn't know how to teach her child. She was the mother who only knew how to put pressure on her child.

"I'm afraid this age is not suitable." Zach declined politely, "Our courses are complicated. In addition to the cultural courses, there are many other kind of classes, such as free combat and judo, etc., which are designed for the elder children."

"Here is the thing..." Eva explained, "My child Jason is a genius. He has learned all the courses of primary school and middle school in half a year. The education methods in general schools are not suitable for him, so I contact you to ask whether you can teach him some other things."

"Well, I see," Zach replied with doubt. After all, many parents thought their children as geniuses. But on second thought, since they were recommended by his old classmate, he decided to meet them and have a talk with them first. "Well, when are you free? We can chat with each other face to face."

"I can do it anytime. Is it convenient for you to have a chat now?"

"I'm still at

stole the company's design and threw yourself to Liam. Do you want to come back and seduce Santosh again?"

"Cathy, don't go too far!" Eva said angrily, "I don't want to argue with you. You know what you have done."

"Well, then tell me what I have done." Cathy provoked her.

"I don't want to talk about the past. Let's wait and see. Ability is the most important thing in the design industry."

"Oh? I'll wait for that day. Take care. " Cathy turned around and walked into the company with disdain.

On the way to Jason's computer class, Eva kept thinking about it. The more she thought about it, the angrier she got.

"Mom, don't be angry. I don't think Cathy is a good person. Wait for me to take the revenge for you." Jason held Eva's arm in a hurry and tried to comfort her.

Eva took Jason's words as a joke, but she gradually calmed down.

Jason went to the class and turned on his computer to do some practice.

After finishing the teacher's arrangement, he thought about what he had learned recently and skillfully connected it to the LAN of the Dolly Group.

Although the Dolly Group also had its own defense system, Jason easily found the system bug and successfully took advantage of it.

He found the name of Cathy's computer and hacked it.

He deleted or destroyed all the files, and secretly ruined the system, and then exited without being noticed.

Cathy was still handing over her work. When she returned to her office, she was complacent about her mockery of Eva. She didn't know that her computer had been hacked by the child beside her this morning.

She made a cup of milk tea happily and then she was about to turn on the computer to start working.

"Oh, it's so strange. The file was fine just now. Why couldn't I open it?" Cathy pressed the power button blankly, but the screen was black all the time. Cathy didn't know much about computer system, so she had to ask a male colleague to check it for her. "Wade, help me check the computer please. Why can't I open it now?"

Wade came to check it for a while and shook his head. "Cathy, I'm afraid the system is infected with virus. What strange things have you downloaded recently? "

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