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   Chapter 84 Being Ashamed (Part One)

Baby Genius: Dad, Where Are You By Qin Wei Characters: 5691

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Eva walked on the road with a gloomy face.

'Damn it! Why do I get drunk again?' 'And I even lay on Santosh's bed this morning. ' Thinking of this, even if Eva was slow to react to things, she could not help blushing at this time.

"Oh, I'm so useless. I'm too ashamed to see anyone." Eva wished she could find a hole to hide herself.

"How dare you bully me?" Thinking of Santosh's attitude towards her, Eva was even angrier.

"I had been drunk at that time. Why did he make fun of me?"

Seeing the pebbles on the roadside, Eva gave a hard kick, "Damn Santosh! I don't do anything wrong to you! You even care about my drinking alcohol in the evening. It's so unacceptable!"

Feeling annoyed, Eva kicked the pebbles all the way. Suddenly, she saw a cold drink shop on the roadside and felt a little thirsty. She bought a cup of strawberry ice cream.

Looking at the delicious food in her hand, all her troubles were immediately swept away. Eva was in good sprit now.

Eva walked home as she was eating the ice cream.

Jason woke up early.

Noticing that Eva was not at home, he guessed that she must have gone to a bar.

Jason felt worried about his mother when he thought of his mother's pressure.

He picked up his phone and planned to make a phone call to Hilton. But after a while, he gave up the idea. He thought it not a good idea to let Hilton know that his mother went to the bar in the middle of the night.

Having washed up, he went to the kitchen to find something to eat. After he had had enough food, Jason turned on his computer and began to play games.

When Eva arrived at home, she pushed open the door of Jason. She became a little bit angry when she saw him pl

't know where Jason was.

But Jason was smart and sensible, so she didn't need to worry about him.

When Eva was guessing where Jason could go, the doorbell rang.

Thinking that it might be Jason, she stood up quickly and opened the door. As expected, Jason was standing outside the door, holding two lunch boxes in his hands and flaunting, "Mom, I have bought your favorite sweet and sour spareribs..."

Eva quickly took the food from the kid's hand and hugged him tightly. Tears welled up in her eyes.

She didn't take good care of her child, but the child was so sensible. He must be the greatest gift from God for her.

At that moment, all her work, love and troubles were left behind by Eva.

She held her child tightly and felt extremely happy.

Jason didn't expect that Eva's reaction would be so strong. He took out one hand and wiped her tears. "Mom, don't be sad. I've grown up. I'll take care of you."

Eva hurriedly took Jason into the room, wiped off her tears and held him up. "I'm not sad. I'm happy." She made up her mind that she would never go to the bar again and she must take good care of Jason.

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