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   Chapter 82 That's The Charm (Part One)

Baby Genius: Dad, Where Are You By Qin Wei Characters: 6001

Updated: 2020-06-26 00:02

"Are you..." Standing in front of Santosh, Yakob held Santosh's shoulders with suspicion and said, "Do you fall out with each other again?"

"Humph. It's my own thing. It's none of your business. "

"Damn it! What has the girl done to you? Why do you behave in this way?"

"It's none of your business!" Santosh shouted angrily. He pushed Yakob away and strode into the company.

"Think it over, Santosh! Do you love Eva or not? " Yakob shouted at the back of Santosh, "I don't understand you at all. Why can't you face the problems and try to deal with them?"

Some employees of the company heard someone shouting outside the door, so they were about to poke their heads out to see what had happened. What they only saw was that Santosh push the door open and come in angrily. They bowed their heads and greeted him quickly. However, he walked towards the office with a livid face, as if he didn't see them at all. He ignored the eyes of his subordinates. "Bang!" He slammed the door loudly.

Santosh rushed into the office and felt depressed.

He rudely untied his tie, threw it on the table, and unbuttoned two buttons of his shirt.

Yakob's questioning echoed in his ears all the time. 'How can I not love Eva?' 'If I don't love her, why do I behave like this now?'

But every time he thought of the nude photos in Liam's hand, Santosh would clench his fists angrily.

'You are my girl only!' 'How can you do this?' 'At least you should give me an explanation!' 'How can I be insulted like this? '

"Knock, knock, knock!" Santosh's thoughts were pulled back by the gentle knocks on the door. The secretary cautiously said to him outside the door, "Mr. Santosh, here is a document..."

Santosh shouted impatiently, "Don't disturb me now!". The secretary answered in a low vo

lly thought of the thing Santosh was going to do. And then her face became gloomy.

After leaving the company, Santosh immediately made a call to Yakob.

"Yakob, where are you?"

"Ah, brother. I'm in the bar. "

"Can I have a talk with you now?"

"Ouch, you shouted at me just now. What's the matter?" Yakob teased Santosh. "Come to my place. It's not far from here. There are some things that need to be discussed in this kind of place."

"Okay, wait for me." Santosh drove to the bar where Yakob was.

At the entrance of the bar, Santosh frowned unnaturally.

Although he had been to the bar before, he didn't like the environment inside.

He shook his head and walked in.

There weren't many people in the bar during the day.

Most of them could be the loser in the workplace or in a relationship, so they needed to vent their emotions.

Only in the evening would there be a place for countless men and women to indulge themselves.

Seeing Yakob who was leaning against the bar counter, Santosh walked over.

"Have a seat." Yakob pointed at the chair in front of him. The he turned around and said to the bartender at the bar counter, "Give him a glass of whiskey."

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