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   Chapter 79 In The Bar (Part Two)

Baby Genius: Dad, Where Are You By Qin Wei Characters: 5610

Updated: 2020-06-24 00:12

"Beauty, can you lend me your phone? My phone is out of power. " The young man came close to Eva and reached out his hand.

Hearing what he said, Eva turned around and looked at him up and down. He wore a pair of basketball shoes. The loose half-sleeve T-shirt and the rippled trousers made him look like a high school student.

'He is still a clean toy boy.'

Eva snickered in her heart.

Then she handed the phone to him, "I'm Eva."

"Henry." He took the phone from Eva and dialed his own number. Then he quickly hung up and returned the phone to Eva.

"I've been watching you for a long time. I sit at that table," Henry said, pointing at a place not far away from her. "Do you come here and have a drink on your own?"

Eva touched her face again and felt her face burning. And she was also dizzy now.

She rubbed her temples and tried to relieve herself.

'I must be drunk so I have to go back as soon as possible.' Eva thought to herself.

"Yes." She realized that Henry was talking to her, so she replied him in a hurry.

"It's so noisy here. Let's go out for a walk."

'What am I doing? Flirting with this boy?'

All of a sudden, Eva realized that she was chatting with a child casually.

"Sorry, I have to go home now." Eva said word by word with a straight face.

"It's still early now. Why don't you stay here for more time? I know a newly opened bar with a good environment. Let's go to another one and play together."

As Henry was speaking, he put his hand on Eva's shoulder. This beautiful woman had drunk five or six glasses of wine, and it seemed that she was going to get drunk. He took her out for another round, and then he could d

"No, I don't go home." Eva said in a tough tone.

Then... 'I have no choice but to make a phone call to Santosh.' Looking at Eva who was completely drunk, Yakob thought in his mind that he had to ask Santosh for help.

Yakob looked at Eva helplessly and then dialed Santosh's number. The phone rang for a long time before it was answered.

After all, it was already one o'clock in the morning. Santosh had already been asleep.

But after all, Eva was his woman. If he didn't care about her, who would take care of her?


It took Santosh a long time to answer the phone.

He didn't look at the caller ID.

'It is better for him to tell me something serious since he call me at this late hour. Otherwise, I will teach him a lesson.'

"Cheer up. Guess who I meet at seven?" Yakob took a look at Eva who was bending over the table, and found a quiet place to make a phone call.

"Are you insane?" Santosh hadn't woken up yet. He was woken up by the phone in the middle of the night and hadn't got any business to deal with. He was a little annoyed. "What the fucking time is it? I'm sleeping."

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