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   Chapter 78 In The Bar (Part One)

Baby Genius: Dad, Where Are You By Qin Wei Characters: 5726

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"Well, let's go to bed." Eva gently rubbed her son's hair and took his hand into his bedroom.

Jason lay quietly on the bed, with only a bedside lamp on. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Eva looked at him tenderly.

Jason suddenly said, "Mom, you seem unhappy tonight."

"No, I'm happy." Eva shook her head and said, "My dear, go to sleep now."

"Then what were you thinking about just now?" Jason didn't give up but kept asking.

Jason was a smart boy with sharp observation, which made Eva feel helpless. She couldn't hide anything from him.

"I'm thinking about what breakfast I'll have to prepare tomorrow!" Eva made a face at him. "Go to sleep now. It's over ten o'clock. I will turn off the light."

Jason nodded as if thinking of something, "Okay, good night, mom."

Then he closed his eyes tightly and didn't look at her.

"Have a nice dream." Eva turned off the table lamp, walked out of the room and gently closed the door.

But she didn't feel sleepy at all. She leaned against the sofa. The TV in front of her was still on. She muted it since she was afraid that her son would be awakened by the noisy TV.

How time flew in these six or seven years! Time went by so quickly that no one could imagine it.

Since Eva became a mother, she had never been to a bar.

Tonight, she had thought about a lot of things in the past. Facing the past memories, she only felt regretted and sad in her heart.

Thinking of this, Eva was extremely depressed. She had no place to vent her anxiety, which was blocked in her heart. She was really tired and aggrieved.

She took a look at her phone. It was already past eleven o'clock. Her son had already been asleep at this time. So, she decided

Eva was glad that he finally left. She didn't want to deal with such a man. It was a waste of time to say one more word.

She was not a person who was willing to make do with something she didn't like. She wouldn't fall in love with a man casually after chatting with him.

She didn't get rid of the last relationship now, so she had no idea to begin another new romantic one.

Then she ordered another cup of Margaret. Now there were five empty glasses in front of her. She drank a lot of cocktails and some strong alcohol such as tequila. She touched her face and felt a little hot. She didn't drink alcohol for too long, so she felt dizzy.

A few meters away from her, there were several men. They noticed her at the same time.

"Look at the girl sitting at the bar counter over there." A man said first.

"Wow! Do you mean the beauty who wears the backless dress? She has such a hot figure. " The man beside him echoed.

"Try to accost her." Then a man stood up and walked towards Eva.

When Eva came to her senses, another man sat next to her. This time, he was a handsome young man, different from the previous one.

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