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   Chapter 77 When Love Comes

Baby Genius: Dad, Where Are You By Qin Wei Characters: 10837

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As soon as he sent Eva home, he received a call from Santosh, "I'll wait for you in the office. Come and have a talk with me."

Jack didn't know whether to cry or to laugh at this time and quickly drove to Dolly.

Sitting alone in the big office, Santosh had been thinking about how to face Eva. He still held a grudge against the existence of those photos. Although he knew that there was no relationship between Eva and Liam, he still had a feeling of being deceived. There was an insurmountable barrier in his heart.

Therefore, the more he thought about it, the more aggrieved he became. He simply called Jack to have a talk, because Jack was not only his best friend, but also very familiar with Eva. Maybe talking to him would make her feel better.

Jack rushed into the office, and before he sat down, he complained, "You two must have colluded with each other. As soon as I came back from that place, I was immediately called to accompany you. Next time you let me come to the company outside working hours, you have to give me the overtime pay."

"Did you just go to find Eva?" Santosh asked with his eyes wide open.

This teacher was really conscientious. He immediately told his precious student that she had been proved innocent.

But it was good. He just wanted to talk to him about Eva.

"Yes, you didn't come out, so I have to comfort her." Jack said jokingly.

Jack's aim was to let Eva and Santosh make up with each other. So, he planned in his heart to ease their relationship as soon as possible.

"In fact, you just care about the photos. You just hold a grudge against the past." Jack didn't give him a chance to answer. What he said went straight to the heart of the matter.

"Then if you were me, could you turn a blind eye to it? How could you be so generous to see your beloved woman's nude photos in another man's hand? Besides, that man is Liam. " Santosh couldn't hold back his anger. He glanced at Jack and seriously questioned him.

"Mr. Santosh, you always say that women are duplicitous. In fact, you are the most duplicitous one. You chose to believe her, but you still keep the past in your heart all the time. I'm getting more and more confused about you. Where is your rational analysis ability? "

Hearing what he said before, Jack felt it ridiculous. According to his relationship with Santosh over the years, if he really fell in love with someone, he would not easily give up. Moreover, he was willing to help Eva prove her innocence, which was enough to prove her position in his heart.

He didn't want to leave Eva, but he was stubborn.

"But after all these things have happened, I begin to waver." Santosh said helplessly, leaning against the chair wearily.

"Why don't you let go of the past and start over? I'll give you a chance to make up."

It has been all over and everything was going on well now. When would they stop quarreling with each other?

Santosh was the only one who didn't want to be reconciled although he still loved her.

"I don't know how to face her now. I can't even get through myself. I know she has nothing to do with Liam. I trust her, but I have no reason to persuade myself to accept her again."

For Santosh, the one he loved first made

ck's reminder, he also knew what to do in the future when facing Eva.

The broadcast at the airport reminded passengers to pass the security check in time. The flight would take off in less than half an hour. Jack patted Santosh's shoulder heavily and said goodbye to him. Then he quickly disappeared at the security checkpoint. Goodbye, Jack.

After Jack returned to the United States, Eva's life was even more normal.

Since she was fired by Santosh, she almost didn't go out and cut off all contact with the outside world.

She didn't even have a person to talk to.

After breaking up with Santosh, she completely realized the feeling of losing everything, just like a person gave up the whole world for another. Once she broke up with him, she would find how lonely she was. She could not find a second person to accompany her except him.

When relying too much on someone, she didn't know what to do as long as he left.

The most pathetic thing was that when she lost Santosh, Jack also returned to the United States, leaving her and her son, Jason, alone.

"Mom, I'm sleepy."

While Eva was thinking, Jason walked into her room from the outside. She took a look at her son. Now the two of them were living together and her son was the only one who made her feel relieved.

But she couldn't give him a complete family. The child's father, Santosh, was not here. Their relationship really broke up.

Although all the bad matters had been finished, Eva kept reminding herself not to be reluctant to leave Santosh. They had already been over.

When love came, it was often silent. People couldn't immediately tell whether a person loved another or not.

One didn't realize her feelings for the other until he walked into her heart step by step.

When the affection between them faded away, he didn't even need to express it or say a word. She would immediately feel it from his eyes. When one didn't love someone, he was usually the most determined and sober.

Eva no longer had any illusions about Santosh. Love was so boring. He said that he wouldn't let her suffer any grievance, and then the big events were also caused by him.

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