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   Chapter 76 Catch The Mole

Baby Genius: Dad, Where Are You By Qin Wei Characters: 11132

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Jack felt relieved that Santosh finally made up his mind and then he decided to help Santosh with all his strength to prove his precious student's innocence.

The two of them discussed in the office and felt that the mole must be in the design department. After they had made a plan, it was already evening. The two smiled at each other and walked out of the company together, preparing for their big event tomorrow.

On the way, Jack decided to go to Eva's home and tell her the good news.

As for Eva at this time, she just coaxed the noisy boy, Jason, to sleep and went back to the study room to draw the designs. Suddenly, a knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.

'It's so late. Who else wants to see me?' While thinking, Eva walked to the door and opened it.

Eva was surprised to see Jack. 'It is so late. Is there anything important that the teacher come to me?'

After inviting the teacher to come in and sit down, Eva asked, "Jack, why do you come to my house at this late hour? Is there anything wrong?"

Jack told the good news to Eva happily, "Do you know that Santosh has decided to investigate the mole of the company and prove your innocence?"

"Really?" Eva continued asking doubtfully, "Has he decided to believe me? Didn't he even refuse to listen to my explanation before? "

"I don't know. Early this morning, Santosh suddenly called me to the company and then discussed with me about the company's mole." Jack scratched his head, feeling confused.

"But the mole in the company will be found out by Santosh sooner or later. He let the person stay in the company before probably because he wanted to use him to send the wrong message to Liam. "Jack thought for a while and continued saying," I guess the reason why he is so anxious to find out the truth this time is mostly because he wants to help you restore your reputation! "

It was true that Eva really looked forward to it, but she didn't dare to hold too much hope. She didn't think that Santosh did these things just to help her regain her reputation.

In the past few days, Eva wanted to forget Santosh, but Santosh seemed to have been engraved in her heart and could not be erased easily. As long as Eva recalled what had happened between her and Santosh, her heart couldn't help aching.

Seeing that Eva didn't look well, Jack guessed that it was because of his late disturbance that made her look sleepy, so he stood up and prepared to leave.

Before leaving, Jack patted on Eva's shoulder and said, "Trust him once more. It seems that Santosh has really thought it through this time!"

Eva didn't retort him but nodded her head. 'I'll believe him for the last time!'

On the second day, the weather was fine. All the employees of Dolly Group were busy with their own work in an orderly way.

Santosh also came to the company as usual and habitually passed by the design department.

Everyone was busy with their work and discussed with each other from time to time. The scene was very harmonious. Santosh returned to his office with an ambiguous smile.

After a while, Santosh's secretary, Cathy, came to the design department and went straight to Jack's side. She bent down and said something seriously. Jack became anxious and hurried to the general manager's office with Cathy.

After Jack left, the member

ee Jack and listen to his description face to face.

She wanted to know how Santosh was going recently, even if there was only a little news about him.

Jack saw from afar that Eva pushed the door open and came in. He stood up and waved at her. Today, she looked good, and she also wore a girlish peach blossom makeup, which made her look cute and sexy.

"You look good today. I thought you wouldn't be willing to see me." Jack patted on Eva's shoulder and said with a smile.

In fact, Jack also guessed that the reason why Eva came out to meet him was mostly because of Santosh. Her weakness was Santosh, and Santosh's attitude towards her later gave her a lot of blows.

She was in a good mood since he trusted her.

'It seems that the person who ties the bell is needed to untie it.' Jack thought in his mind.

"Jack, is what you said on the phone true?" Eva skipped the greetings and went straight to the point.

"When did your teacher lie to you?"

Eva tried her best to force a smile.

"Thank you for what you have done these days. I know that without you, Santosh wouldn't care about this at all."

In fact, what she really hoped was that Santosh was willing to talk to her, not to ignore her and force her to leave.

After the truth was found out, she was left alone in public. At that time, her heart was half cold. Later, Santosh even suspected that she betrayed the company and fired her. She was completely disappointed in him. But this time, Santosh helped her again and proved her innocence. What did it mean?

'Does he choose to trust me?' 'Or give me hope?'

'Santosh, I hope you won't hurt me and give me empty joy every time.'

'I'm not sure if I still deserve you. I can only leave you, avoid you, and go as far as possible. Love will make people feel inferior.'

'Love is suffering.'

"In fact, Santosh still cares about you very much. He just doesn't know how to face you. These things are enough for him to digest. Give him some more time, he will come to you."

Jack looked at Eva quietly. He paused and said, "Everything will be fine."

Jack was the one who knew Eva best. He spoke out all her concerns. As long as he was there, Eva would always feel relieved.

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