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   Chapter 72 Are You Satisfied

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Half an hour later, Eva arrived at Hilton's house.

In order to make her relax, Hilton played a relatively relaxing music and gave her a cup of coffee.

Sitting on the sofa, Eva took a sip of coffee silently. Then she heard Hilton's soft voice, "What are you going to do next?"

She kept silent for a while and then shook her head. "I don't know."

Hilton looked at her with pity. He analyzed, "You can't live in the house you rent now. Recently, those reporters will certainly stay there. Even if they leave later, the neighbors and the landlord who have heard the news may be affected by those malicious remarks. They will change their opinions of you."

Eva agreed with Hilton.

She must move house but it would take time to find a new house.

Understanding her worries, Hilton took the initiative to advise, "My room is quite empty. If you don't mind, you can move here with Jace."

"That's so kind of you."

He had been good enough to her, and she didn't know how to repay him.

"We are friends. It's my duty to help you."

Knowing that Eva didn't like owing others favors, Hilton thought for a while and said, "You can pay me as much as the rent you pay now. Is that okay?"

Even so, Eva still felt a little embarrassed.

How could she rent such a good apartment with such a low rent? But considering Hilton's insistence, she could not keep refusing him.

Besides, there was no better solution to the problem.

"Thank you very much, Hilton." Eva looked at him seriously.

Hilton showed her around the room and then they had a simple meal. In the afternoon, Hilton drove Eva back and asked her to pack up first. He would pick her up tomorrow morning.

Eva agreed and told Jason that they were going to move to Hilton's house.

Jason was smart enough to guess that the sudden decision of Eva was related to the reporters who had been wandering outside the door these days. When he saw the guilty look on Eva's face, he wore an innocent smile and said happily, "That's great. Now I can play games with Uncle Hilton."

Recently, Hilton gave him a game console. He would play it when he was free.

Jason's thoughtfulness comforted Eva a lot.

She kissed Jason on the cheek, touched his hair and said with a smile, "Jace is really my little angel."

In the evening, when the two of them were packing, the doorbell rang.

These days, Eva was somewhat resistant and scared of the doorbell. She immediately stiffened and held Jason in her arms.

Jason stretched out his little hands to hug Eva and comforted her gently, "Mom, I'll go to see who it is."

"Let me do it."

She took a deep breath and walked to the door. When she figured out the person who was outside through the cat's eye, she sighed and then opened the door.

It was the landlord, a short and fat middle-aged woman.

Eva gave her a cup of tea. She was about to tell her that she was going to move when the landlord spoke first.

"I'm not going to rent the house to you."

Eva was stunned. Seeing the contemptuous look i


Jack sighed and looked up at Eva, "What are you going to do in the future?"

After a few seconds of silence, Eva shook her head and said, "I don't know." Eva said with a blank face.

Turning his head and looking around, Jack withdrew his sight and looked back at Eva, with a trace of inquiry in his eyes. "You and Hilton... Are you together again? "

Hearing this, Eva was stunned and felt funny for a while.

"Teacher, what are you guessing about? It's not true."

Noticing that she was much more relaxed, Jack smiled, "I just ask casually."

As he spoke, he deliberately sighed loudly. After attracting the attention of Eva, he pretended to be casual and said, "Santosh seems to be in a bad mood recently. He asks me to drink with him every day after work."

Hearing Santosh's name, Eva moved her eyes slightly and then she lowered her eyes. There was no difference in her tone, "Oh, really?"

"Aren't you worried about him?" Jack asked her with a side face.

Hearing this, Eva smiled bitterly. "I have nothing to do with him anymore."

"You guys..."

The two of them were both stubborn, and neither of them were willing to lower their heads first.

Jack, who knew them well, could only keep the idea of bringing them together in the bottom of his heart. Now the most important thing was to let Eva move out from Hilton's house.

That was why he came here this time.

"By the way, I have found a house for you outside. The rent is cheap and the location is good. It's suitable for you to live with Jace."

"Really?" It was impossible for Eva to live in Hilton's house all the time. Hearing this, she asked in a hurry.

Jack smiled, "I'll take you to have a look another day. If you think it's appropriate, we'll rent it."

Eva promised him with a smile. She paused for a while and said with hesitation, "Can you not tell others the new address I will move to..."

Looking at the puzzled look on Jack's face, Eva added in a low voice, "I just want to start a new life with Jace..."

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