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   Chapter 70 Blatant Provocation

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Jason said in a childish voice again, "Mom, what are you thinking about?"

After a short pause, Eva came to her senses and looked at her son's confused eyes. She shook her head slightly. "Nothing. Let's have dinner."


Jason nodded obediently. Noticing that Eva was deliberately avoiding his topic, he frowned slightly.

'Does mom still like the guy called Santosh?'

On this day, when Eva was working in the coffee shop, the boss came over with a big smile. He patted her on the shoulder and said kindly, "Eva, thank you so much for these days."

He took out some cash from his pocket and put it into Eva's hand. "This is your overtime pay these days. Let's work hard in the future."

"Thank you, boss."

Eva looked at him gratefully. When she put away the money, the boss said gently, "You don't need to work overtime in the future. You can go back early to accompany the child after work."

"Thank you very much."

Although the boss let her work here for the sake of Hilton, after getting along with him for such a long period, she found that the boss was a good person and was very generous to the employees.

"You don't need to thank me a lot. It's my pleasure." He knew that Hilton had affection for Eva. With a mischievous smile at the corners of his mouth, he said, "I only hope that you and Hilton will get along well with each other."

The smile on her face froze.

It seemed that everyone thought that she should be together with Hilton.

After leaving the cafe, Eva remembered that Santosh had picked her up for more than a week. Now she didn't need to work overtime and she could go back early. Would Santosh pick her up at that time?

Thinking of this, she hesitated and then made a phone call to Santosh.

The call was answered after three rings. Santosh's low and magnetic voice came through the phone, "Hello?"

Subconsciously, Eva licked her lips. Somehow, she felt a little nervous.

She came to her senses and faltered, "Well... Thank you for picking me up these days. I'm calling to tell you that you don't have to pick me up tonight. I don't need to work overtime anymore. "

There was a moment of silence on the phone. Santosh replied in a low and indifferent voice, "Well, I see."

Eva didn't know what to say. She opened her mouth and said, "Thank you for your help these days. When are you free? I'll treat you to dinner."

"You're welcome."

On the other side, Santosh frowned. He almost agreed to Eva's proposal.

'What has happened to me?'

'I have told myself not to keep in touch with Eva, but I still can't control myself. I wander around the cafe where Eva works like a fool every time.'

"Okay, bye."


After hanging up the phone, Santosh stared blankly at the phone for a while.

When Jack pushed open the door of the office, he saw that Santosh was in a daze in silence. He took a glance at the phone in Santosh's hand and then raised his eyebrows. He walked over and asked, "Who was on the phone just now?"

"A friend."

Santosh responded him perfunctorily and then he closed the folder on the table.

Jack raised his eyebrows and smiled. He had already guessed who was on the phone, but he didn't say

him if you openly say that you like his girlfriend?"

"Mr. Liam, could you tell me which rich family is Santosh's girlfriend from?"

"Why do you like that girl?"

In the face of the buzzing interview, Liam wore a proper smile at the corners of his mouth. He said in a hoarse tone of nostalgia, "She is very beautiful and she had a great figure. Her skin is particularly smooth and tender. She is the best woman I have ever seen."

These words could not help but make people think more about it.

A person's appearance and figure could be seen with the naked eye, but a woman's skin was so delicate that one had to touch it with his own hands.

Those reporters were smart and immediately shifted the topic to Liam and the unknown girl.

A reporter asked in a sharp tone, "Mr. Liam, it seems that you have a deep relationship with Santosh's girlfriend. Am I right?"

With a smile on his face all the time, Liam replied happily, "It's a man's nature to appreciate beautiful women."

The topic stopped at once. No matter how the media reporters questioned Liam, he did not give a direct answer.

However, this blockbuster news soon appeared on the front page of the entertainment section on the second day. It described the triangle relationship between Santosh, Liam and that mysterious woman with very explosive words. It pointed out that Liam was very likely to sleep with Santosh's girlfriend.

Jack didn't have any other hobbies but liked to read entertainment magazines as a pastime.

When he knew whom the entertainment news was talking about, he became angry and his face turned livid with anger. He took the newspaper directly to Santosh's office.

Seeing Jack's angry face, Santosh was a little confused, "What's wrong with you?"

"Look at the news on it."

Jack put the newspaper on Santosh's desk.

Santosh glanced at Jack suspiciously and then picked up the newspaper. When he read the content on it, his face immediately darkened.

"Liam! ! !"

His dark eyes was full of anger. Santosh clenched the newspaper in his hand into a ball, and clenched it tightly. Blue veins stood out on his hands.

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