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   Chapter 33 An Indelible Scar (Part Two)

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Seeing that Rae cared about her, Eva took a deep breath and said, "Thank you, Rae! In fact, I have done something wrong too in daily life. I have failed to notice that Cathy likes Santosh very much. I am still so close to Santosh. If you hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known it. "

After sniffing, Eva took a sip of water and continued, "I'll pay attention to it in the future. It's impossible for me to be with Santosh anymore. From now on, he will only be my superior and I am the subordinate. There will be no other relationship between us and then there should be no such problem in the future."

"Yes. It's good that you understand it yourself. I'll go to work now. Is it okay for you to stay alone? "

"No problem. Go ahead. I can do it myself. Look at me. I'm fine now. Those words are nothing compared to what I have experienced before. If I were to blame myself, I would have gone to see the God a long time ago. Go ahead to your work! " Eva said to Rae with a smile.

"You were so fierce just now. I winked at you for a long time, but you didn't see me. You were quarreling with Cathy, as if you were going to pounce on her. I was so scared."

Rae felt relieved when she knew that Eva was fine. She patted Eva with a smile.

"No, I'm not. Am I that scary?" Eva asked guiltily.

"Do you mean you are not frightening? But why do you feel guilty? Well, I won't make fun of you anymore. I'm leaving now. See you later. " Rae stopped teasing her and went out while saying.

"Okay, bye!"

Seeing Rae close the door, Eva took a deep

to go to work."

Eva didn't want to talk to Liam anymore, so she urged him.

"I can't explain it clearly on the phone. How about chatting in the afternoon? I'll book a table for you at The Tea and you can come directly after work. I'll wait for you for half an hour. If you don't arrive by the time, I'll leave. It's a matter of great importance. You must come! " It was rare for Liam to be so serious.

"Why do you insist on meeting me? I don't want to see you. Just say it on the phone, or I'll hang up. " Eva still didn't want to see Liam.

Thinking of what happened last time, she was unhappy.

'Liam is a spoiled young man. He is lustful, arrogant and supercilious. All the bad features can be found in him.' Eva thought to herself.

"Alas! It's not easy for me to do something good. I want to do some good things but no one believes me. Men are not what they were in the times of long ago! " There was a sad and innocent voice of Liam from the other end of the line.

He pretended to be sad, sniffing and sobbing.

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