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   Chapter 32 An Indelible Scar (Part One)

Baby Genius: Dad, Where Are You By Qin Wei Characters: 5655

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Everyone was talking about it. Some said that Jake was indeed like this, while others said that nobody knew the fact.

All in all, everyone could say whatever one wanted to say. Eva gasped for breath without paying attention to them.

Rae shook her head helplessly. 'Eva is too young to fight against Cathy.' 'Alas!'

Hearing what Eva said, Cathy took a glance at her. 'Well, she is too young.' Cathy even became sympathetic to her.

"Eva, do you know what I mean?"

Eva looked at her in confusion.

"There is a saying that goes 'a clumsy denial results in self-exposure'. If you don't say anything, people may not think too much. At least it is me not you who say those words. But if you want to say those words by yourself, you will be suspicious. Ha-ha, you are still too young! "

Cathy smiled for a while and continued, "Eva, I have heard that your son doesn't even know who his father is. Are you in such a hurry to find a stepfather for him? Maybe his father is also looking for you. He is on his way here. Why are you in such a hurry? "

Eva was very angry when Cathy mentioned Jason. But when she heard the last sentence, she immediately felt depressed like a defeated cock.

The people outside were even more surprised.

It was already surprising that Eva had a child before, but today they knew that Jason was the child from one night stand.

They didn't expect that Eva who was such an obedient girl could have such a story.

For a moment, people's opinions of Eva changed a lot.

The camera turned to Eva.

Eva was so shocked that she was at a loss.

This was a permanent pain in her heart, and the embarrassing memory could not be separated from her fo

destiny had already written down your life.

Eva was pushed out of the door by Cathy but she was still in a daze.

Seeing her reaction, Rae took her back to the office and said to her colleagues, "Let's go back to the seats. There's nothing to look".

She pressed Eva on the chair, pouring her a glass of water. She also patted her on the shoulder and said, "Eva, she can't hurt you. Huh? "

Eva looked up at Rae and put down the cup in her hand.

She hugged Rae and said in a low voice, "Rae, am I really stupid? Am I really a silly woman?"

"No, you're fine. You're too kind. Be good to yourself in the future. Be careful about everything. You are so capable that you have shared Cathy's work. Not only her, but also many employees who came to the company earlier than you have the same ideas. Even I was unconvinced at the beginning before I knew your real ability. "

After a pause, Rae continued, "You have to stick to your own idea and do it well. Although Mr. Santosh is arbitrary, he really appreciates those people who are capable. As long as you show your own ability, he will definitely support you."

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