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   Chapter 30 Acquiescence

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"Well, you'd better go to bed now. Mommy will think it over and answer you. I love you, baby!" said Eva, touching his head.

"Okay, good night, Mommy! I love you too!" After saying that, Jason turned around and ran into the bathroom.

After all, as a man, he seldom said such words.

Looking at her son's figure in surprise, Eva smiled

'He is shy now, ' she thought.

She had been trying to sleep for a long time, but still couldn't fall asleep.

The figures of Santosh and Hilton flashed through her mind.

Sometimes it was about the time when she was in college with Hilton, and sometimes it was about every detail she got along with Santosh. She thought about it for a long time.

She was getting more and more perturbed and was wide awake.

So she turned on the light and sat up. She picked up her phone and was about to call Santosh, but she finally put it down.

'He didn't say a word to her on this business trip. He just likes you and doesn't want you to be his girlfriend. What qualifications do you have to ask him?

It's natural for him to mind that you have a son.

Maybe this time he chose to go on a business trip just to avoid you.

That's normal. He is a good CEO of a group. Why does he choose to be a with a woman with a child?' she told herself.

After all, it was just a sense of freshness. She had a clear estimation of herself. She'd better not get involved in the grudge between the rich and powerful families..

With her strength, she couldn't fight with those people.

Although she was not smart, she knew it was dangerous. She'd better keep a distance from Santosh in the future. This was the best choice for everyone.

Eva felt that her brain, which was usually dull, was very bright at this time. Perhaps it was because of the dead silence of night.

As for Hilton, he said that he didn't care about her taking care of a child. His attitude was good and he was very considerate to her.

But she still couldn't let it go when she thought of the incident in the university.

As her boyfriend, how could he drug his girlfriend?

Although he didn't succeed by accident, she still lost the most precious thing in her life.

But she had to thank him for giving her Jace.


Eva sighed heavily and thought, 'Let's wait and see.'.

If Hilton really didn't mind that she already had Jace and was really good to Jace, she would try to accept him.

After all, she knew him well.

However, Eva couldn't have anticipated that Hilton was only good to her because he was reluctant to accept his failure to get her in university.

And the CEO didn't expect that he almost lost his wife and child, just because he wanted to see through his true feelings for Eva by having this business trip.

Of course, this was a later story.

In the next few days, Eva thought about it every day.

Whenever she had time, she would think about it. She almost hated marriage.

During this period, Hilton also called to ask for an appointment with Eva every day. He even went to the company downstairs to wait for her to get off work. However, he was refused by her with various excuses. He was in such a daze for a few more days.

One morning, Eva saw Hilton's car parking at the gate of her apartment.

Seeing her come out, he also got out of the car.

"Good morning, Eva! Get in the car. I'll drive you to the company. Here's breakfast. Have some on the way." Hilton handed a bag to Eva.

He opened the door for Eva gently.

After hesitating for a while, Eva took the bag and got into the car.

After Hilton started the car, Eva turned around and said seriously, "Hilton, you know I'm stupid. I can't tell whether you really treat me or just play along. But please give me some time. I will think about our problems carefully and give you a reply,"

Eva begged.

Hilton glanced at Eva and kept silent for two seconds.

He said slowly, "Eva, I'm sorry. Please forgive me for being too impatient. I understand what you said. But we have missed too much. I hope we can be together in the future and make up for what happened in the past. Don't worry. I said that I don't care if you have a child. I will love him as my own child. From now on, I will be his father and give him the best education. You have to believe that I really love you. Eva, I want to give you and eternity a complete family."

After saying that, he looked at Eva affectionately.

Eva fell into silence. She didn't know what to say. She didn't know what to say.

She wanted to give him a complete family, but she also wanted to marry love.

Now she didn't have any feelings for Hilton, only a little touched recently.

Was this the one she wanted?

There was no answer but silence.

Seeing the silent Eva, Hilton knew that he couldn't push her too hard.

"Eva, don't be in a hurry to respond to me. After you think it over, just don't run away from me. I will take care of you and the child. I don't mean anything else. As long as I can see that you are fine, I will be satisfied."

After saying that, Hilton went to hold Eva's hand.

Eva avoided his hand, looked at him and said seriously, "Okay, I promise you. I will seriously consider this and give you an answer as so

on as possible."

While they were talking, the car had arrived at the company. After saying goodbye, Eva opened the door.

After a pause, she held back her words, turned around to leave.

Looking at the back of Eva and thinking of her beautiful face, Hilton clenched the steering wheel with gloomy eyes.

'Eva, you are mine.!

You ran away when we were in college.

You can't escape this time!'

As soon as she entered the company, Rae came to tell Eva that she had received a bunch of flowers for her at the front desk.

Red roses and a card had been put in Eva's office. Everyone in the company was talking about it.

"I see. Thank you, Rae!" It could be seen that Rae was really happy for her.

Eva stepped forward and hugged Rae.

She was very happy. Although her colleagues still didn't talk to her, it was enough to have one friend.

Rae patted on Eva's hand and said in a low voice, Don't say that. I can run errands for you even if I can't help you with your work.

"Pay more attention to Cathy. She has a close relationship with the boss' family. It is said that she is a playmate of childhood. She has someone to back her. We can't defeat her. Be careful. That's all I know. You have to rely on yourself."

"Well, I'll be careful. Thank you very much!"

Hearing Rae mention Santosh, Eva was depressed and restrained the impulse to spit out the words to Rae.

"I'm going to work. Are you going out?" asked Eve..

"Yes, I'm leaving now. Bye!" Rae waved her hand and walked out of the company.

"Bye!" Seeing Rae get in the taxi, Eva turned around and went upstairs.

As soon as she entered the office, she saw a bunch of dazzling red roses on the table.

Eva put down the things in her hands, picked up the card and opened it.

It read, "Eva, I know you mind the child. But don't worry. I won't look down upon you. On the contrary, I love you more. It's too hard for you to take care of your child alone. I'm willing to share such hard work for you. Please think it over and give me a chance." The signature was Hilton.

Eva threw the card down sulkily, looked at the flowers and sniffed deeply.

The flowers were fragrant and beautifully packaged.

But she couldn't put it in this way.

How to deal with it was a problem.

Looking around, Eva didn't find anything that could be used to plant flowers. She had to move the flowers to the cabinet in silence and began to work.

The day passed peacefully. Cathy didn't come to make trouble for her, and she was happy to have a rest.

After finishing her work, Eva packed up her things and clocked out as soon as it was time to get off work.

Now she only felt at ease when she saw her son. Her son was her vitamin.

So she wanted to go home early and see her dear son.

On Friday night, Eva received a call from Hilton as soon as she returned home.

On the phone, Hilton invited Eva to take Jason to go to the amusement park with him on the weekend, saying that there would be a festival event. It was good to relax. It was not good for his health to stay at home every day.

Eva thought that she didn't have time to take her son out for fun since she usually went to work. She hesitated for a while and agreed after asking her son.

After hanging up the phone, an important thing came to her mind.

In fact, it was not a big deal that Jace insisted on skipping grades every day. Skipping grades should be a normal thing.

Besides, Jace didn't go to school recently. He already understood everything the teacher taught.

However, it was better to go to school.

So she asked Jason, "Jace, do you want to go back to school? Mommy doesn't have time to play with you as I need to work. There are many children of the same age at school, and you will make many new friends. All children go to school."

"Mommy, I don't want to go. I know what the school is teaching. It's useless to go to school. It's a waste of time. Why don't you buy me books and I can read myself!" Jason opposed immediately.

"Well, I respect you. If you want to be back to school, just tell me. I'll find you a new school, okay?" Eva was speechless. Her son was so smart.

"I know. You are so long winded," Jason answered, rolling his eyes.

Being despised again, Eva felt depressed.

On the weekend, Jason woke up early, making breakfast and lunch box.

As soon as she finished, Hilton called in.

"Eva, have you gotten up? I've arrived at the gate of your apartment. It's not convenient to park the car here. You can come out yourself! I'll wait for you in the car."

"We're ready. We're going out now. I'm sorry to trouble you to wait for a moment." Hearing that he had arrived, Eva urged Jace to put on his shoes. Then she hurried out.

Hearing her anxious and apologetic voice, Hilton smiled and said, "No hurry. Take your time. I'm at the gate. I can see you as soon as I go out. See you later."

As she hung up the phone, she picked up the things she had prepared, locked the door and rushed downstairs.

As soon as she walked down, she saw Hilton leaning against the car, with a cigarette in his hand. He didn't smoke. He looked ahead as if he was in a meditation state, and he didn't even notice when they neared.

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