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   Chapter 29 Should We Be Together

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After three hours' drive and two hours' flight, they finally arrived.

They were in the Sanya hotel.

Taking the key from the front desk, the three of them went to their own rooms.

Hilton had booked two rooms in total, one for him, one for Jason and Eva.

One was faced with another. When they arrived at the door, Hilton said to Eva, "We are all exhausted after several hours' drive and flight. So it's better for us not to play today. Let's have a good rest. And then we can be energetic enough to have a good time tomorrow. "

Eva nodded. She was really exhausted.

If she went out playing now, she really couldn't lift any strength.

When entering the room, Eva no longer cared about her image. She lay down on the bed in a "big" shape. She was so tired that she didn't even have time to pack up.

Jason was also so tired that he climbed onto the bed like Eva.

The mother and son fell asleep soon.

She slept for a long time until nine o'clock in the evening.

Eva woke up because she felt hungry.

After waking up, Eva touched her belly which was starting to grumble. She ordered something from the room service and asked them to send the food to her.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Eva thought it was someone who deliver food.

Unexpectedly, it was Hilton who came to deliver the food. Eva looked at him in surprise.

"What? Why are you here to deliver food? "

"Well, when I came up just now, I saw a waiter pushing a dining car and standing at your door. He is ready to knock at the door. Besides, I haven't eaten anything either. Do you mind my coming here to eat with you? " Hilton said to Eva with a smile.

Eva nodded, not fully understanding what he meant. After a while, she came to herself.

'Why does he have to come here to eat with us? He can make a call and someone will deliver food to him.'

On second thought, they were not only working, but also traveling here. 'Will it be too lonely to eat on his own?'

'Forget it. We are supposed to travel together. Why do we have to do that?'

Eva shrugged. "Of course. I don't mind. We came here together. It's so formal to have dinner alone. I didn't expect you to come here before, so I ordered a little food. How about ordering more dishes? "

"No, thanks. I bought some desserts and fruits for Jason when I went downstairs just now. Just take it as dinner. " Hilton pointed at the dessert in his hand and said.

"HMM... Mom, is Uncle Hilton here? " Jason rubbed his sleepy eyes.

Maybe because he just woke up, his tone was a little bit childish.

He was so cute!

"Is Jason awake? I brought you your favorite Matcha cake. " Hilton said to Jason, carrying the cake in his hand.

Jason's eyes lit up.

He was sleepy just now, but now he became totally awake.

Jason happily took the Matcha cake and couldn't wait to eat it.

Eva shook her head helplessly. Her son was obedient and sensible. He never let her worry about him, but he liked to eat Matcha cake very much.

He was still a child. It was normal for him to eat sweet food.

"Where are we going tomorrow?" While having dinner, Eva read the travel guidebook.

The beautiful scenery and interesting projects in the book attracted her deeply.

But it was hard for her to choose one. She didn't know where to go first.

"I've arranged everything. We'll play at once place one day and soon we will have a trip around the whole Sanya. Let's go to the seaside tomorrow. How can we not go to the seaside in Sanya? "

Hilton had been well prepared for this trip.

He had investigated all the interesting places in Sanya, including snacks and water shops. He knew clearly about where to buy snacks or water.

It would be terrible if he didn't know such kind of things when he took his beloved girl out for fun.

"We'll go to the seaside! It is said that the sea here is very famous. " Eva looked forward to it.

"I won't let you down." Hilton made a promise.

Then the two of them talked about other places where they were going to play.

They changed their sitting positions while talking and they became a little ambiguous.

Hilton sat behind Eva with his arms crossed. Eva had been looking at the scenery in the tourist guidebook.

When she looked up excitedly, Eva found that she was so close to Hilton that she almost kissed him.

Hilton's breath sprayed on Eva's face, as if she had been burned by the hot air. Eva's face was as red as the buttocks of some kind of animal.

She gently kept some distance from Hilton and whispered shyly, "Hilton, we are too close to each other."

Hilton looked at Eva's face with a smile, and suddenly became very happy, pretending not to hear it clearly.

"What are you talking about, Eila? Your voice is too low. I can't hear you clearly. Say it again."

In this way, he was closer to Eva.

At this moment, Eva's face became even hotter.

Hilton suddenly burst into laughter. "Well, I'm not kidding you anymore. But you look so cute when you blush. "

Hearing what Hilton said, Eva knew that she was fooled by him.

Embarrassed and angry, she pushed him away and said angrily, "I won't talk to you anymore."

Hilton shamelessly moved close

to her.

"Eva, I know I was wrong. I won't make fun of you anymore."

Seeing Hilton's behavior, Eva couldn't help laughing.

Hilton seized the chance and said, "Eva, if you smile, you can't be angry anymore."

"Why didn't I find you so shameless before?" Finally, Eva stopped being angry and said half-jokingly.

"Well, there are still many things you don't know. It's late now. We should go to bed. We have to play tomorrow. " Hilton looked at his watch. It was already half past ten in the evening.

He stood up and left Eva's room.

In the next few days, Hilton had never done such an ambiguous thing as today.

However, his care for Eva was seen everywhere. He was also very kind to Jason.

Finally, with his intentional and unintentional hints and expressions, Eva still did not understand what he meant.

Helplessly, Hilton expressed his love to Eva again.

Moreover, he promised that he would treat Jason as well as his own son.

Although feeling surprised, she didn't feel disgusted with Hilton. She just told him that she wanted to think about it again.

Hilton said that he understood Eva's feelings.

Eva hesitated. Hilton was really nice to her, and he seemed to like Jason very much.

'But I don't know whether Jason will accept him or not.'

'If he can't accept him, II will definitely refuse him. After all, Jason is the most important person to me and he is everything.'

And Eva was also for the sake of Jason's healthy growth space.

That night, sitting on the edge of the bed, Eva pulled Jason who was playing computer aside and asked carefully, "Jason, what do you think of Hilton?"

"Uncle Hilton, he is a good man!" Jason answered without hesitation.

"No, I just want to ask you. If uncle Liu becomes your father. Are you willing to do that? " Eva became more cautious when asking this question.

It was said that children were disgusted with other people to be their parents.

She wondered whether Jason would be opposed to the idea.

"Mom, does Uncle Hilton become my father? It's a good idea! I like him the most. " Jason answered with a smile.

After several days of investigation, Jason felt that Hilton was really good to Eva and Hilton didn't hate him either.

As long as her mother liked him, it was okay for him to let Hilton be his father.

"Jason, do you really want Hilton to be your father?"

Asked Eva in surprise and she asked again with uncertainty.

Jason nodded vigorously and said, "As long as mom likes him, everything will be fine. Besides, Hilton treats me very well."

Eva thought that her son was so obedient.

'Now that my son has agreed, why not have a try with Hilton?'

It had been several days since they went home on vacation, and Eva had been thinking about Hilton's question.

She minded what Hilton had done to her in college.

Since they had met each other again for such a long time, Hilton had never mentioned that thing with her, pretending that nothing had happened.

Eva was not sure whether Hilton really liked her now, or he was unsatisfied because he failed to get her in college.

Eva couldn't make such a choice so easily. She decided to have a talk with her son again.

Last night, Eva finished her work early and made two cups of strawberry milkshake. Then she seated Jason on the sofa in the living room.

She didn't know what to say when she opened her mouth.

She hadn't made up her mind yet. 'Will my son agree?' Eva had no answer.

"Mommy, do you have something to say to me? Is it the problem about Uncle Hilton? It's good to let Uncle Hilton be my father. "

Seeing the hesitant look on Eva's face, Jason knew that what she was going to talk about was Hilton.

'Mommy always put on her moods on her face.'

"Mommy, I don't know what you are worried about. I just don't want you to be too tired. It's too tired for you to take care of me alone. If someone helps you, it will be easier for you. You are so stupid. Everything is written on your face. If there is no one to protect you, you will always trust others and be deceived.

Besides, if there is one more person, you will have more time to rest. Although Hilton is not my biological father, he is very good to me and you. In the future, when I am not by your side, he can talk and chat with you. Anyway, no matter what decision you make, I will be on your side and support you. Do you understand, Mommy? "

Jason looked at Eva and said seriously.

Looking at her son's serious face, Eva didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. She couldn't help hugging him tightly.

"I'm sorry, Jace. I know you want a father to love you. Hilton is very good to you and Mommy, but please let mommy think about it, okay? Because there are still some other things that I haven't figured out. When I figure them out, I will give you a satisfactory answer. "

Holding back the tears in her eyes, Eva patted Jason's back and said.

"It doesn't matter, Mommy. Take your time to think about it. You can't be careless about your marriage." Jason said in a mature manner.

Eva was speechless

'Where does the kid learn these idioms?" Does he say that I should not be careless about my marriage?'

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