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   Chapter 28 Work As Excuse

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However, before he could speak, Eva started, "Thank you so much for asking a holiday for me. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have had such a long holiday."

Hilton thought it was a good chance to explain it to them.

"Really? But I have a small request. Can you do me a favor?"

Eva nodded vigorously.

"Then..." With a cunning smile like a fox, Hilton said, "Would you like to travel to Sanya with me?"

"What? Travel?" Eva was a little surprised.

Why did he want to travel to Sanya? And was he so free?

"Well, here is the thing. On the one hand, I have a project and I need to go to a place. I really need your professional skills. I hope you can help me. On the other hand, my friend gave me two coupons to travel to Sanya. It will be a pity if I don't go. But the main purpose is still the project. Can you help me?"

Hilton spoke out all the words he had prepared, while looking at Eva's reaction.

"I see." Hesitant, Eva touched Jason's hair.

She planned to spend more time with her son during this holiday.

However, this holiday was bought for her by Hilton. It was reasonable for him to hope that she could help him.

She couldn't say anything to refuse him.

However, she was worried about leaving her son alone at home.

Although Jason could take care of himself, would she really leave Jason at home for two or three weeks? Would he feel sad?

Eva was in a dilemma. It seemed that whatever she did was not right.

However, Eva gritted her teeth and said to Hilton, "Okay. When do we set out? I can also make some preparations."

She couldn't refuse him on the excuse of work.

"The day after tomorrow." Seeing that Eva had agreed, Hilton was very happy, and even his eyes were full of excitement.

The day after tomorrow…

Eva thought for a while and said nothing.

She smiled and suddenly changed the topic. "Okay. It's getting late and Jace is sleepy. Besides, we have almost finished eating."

It was time to go back.

Eva touched Jace's head. This little guy had been nodding his head like a chicken pecking rice just now. It seemed that he was very sleepy.

Seeing this, Hilton nodded and said, "Okay, I'll drive you home."

After paying the bill, Hilton sent the two back home.

On their way to back, Jason fell asleep.

From the rearview mirror, Hilton clearly saw that Eva carefully help Jason put on his clothes for fear of waking him up.

Seeing this, Hilton was lost in thought. It was obvious that Jason was the one that Jason valued most.

Was it really appropriate not to take him to Sanya this time?

'But if I bring him with me, won't this little guy cause me trouble?

Besides, how to do anything intimate with his presence?' he pondered.

However, Hilton thought of something and smiled.

It wouldn't be troublesome to take Jason with them. Maybe something good would happen.

He just used work as an excuse, but the purpose was to pursue Eva.

He had made up his mind to take Jason with him, but Hilton didn't tell Eva right now. He was going to give her a surprise and tell her the night before the trip.

After sending the two of them home, Hilton stayed at her home for a while and left.

After washing up, Eva lay on the bed and fell asleep like her son.

It was a long sleep. It was not until the afternoon of the second day that Eva woke up.

Fortunately, it was Sunday today, or she might be late for work.

"Mom, you're finally up! Mom is lazier than me." Jason, who was watching TV at the bedside, said with a smile when he saw her get up.

"Well, son, what time is it now?" Eva rubbed her sleepy eyes.

Obviously, she still asked in a daze.

"Now, it's one o'clock in the afternoon." Jason looked at his watch and replied.

"What? It's one o'clock in the afternoon. I'm late." Eva was so frightened that she jumped up from the bed and was about to take off her pajamas and change her clothes.

Jason felt a little helpless. His mother must be crazy with her work. "You have a rest today. What are you doing?"

Hearing her son's words, Eva finally remembered.

Yesterday, Cathy gave her a three week long holiday. How could she forget it?

Patting her forehead, Eva felt relieved and lay back on the bed.

But she didn't lie down for a long time before she realized that her son must haven't eaten anything since he had slept for so long.

So she struggled to get up again.

"Jace, are you hungry. I'll cook for you. "


When she came to the kitchen, she found that there were not much food at home, so she randomly picked up two eggs and fried two bowls of fried rice with eggs.

At the table, Eva was thinking about how t

o tell her son that he would stay at alone home for the next three weeks.

Before she could figure it out, Jason started.

"Mom, are you going to work with Uncle Hilton from now on?"

"Yes, baby. So, can you just stay at home these days?" Eva touched Jason's head.

"When will mom come back?" Jason nodded vigorously and asked her innocently.

"Well..." After hesitating for a while, Eva said to her son, "I don't know yet. It depends on the progress!"

"Alas..." Jason sighed, pretending to be disappointed. "I want to spend the holiday with mom. I will miss her very much."

Seeing the disappointment on her son's face, Eva couldn't bear it. She suddenly regretted her decision and wanted to accompany her son at home.

But it was impossible. She had promised Hilton.

She had no choice but to say apologetically to her son, "No, I have promised Uncle Hilton. I will bring you a lot of delicious food when mom comes back, okay?"

"All right! Then Mommy should come back early!" Jason nodded obediently.

Although he was reluctant, he didn't want to cause any trouble to her.

Touching Jason's little head, Eva said, "Jace, be obedient at home! Be a good boy. Do you know? Mom will be back soon!"

In the evening, Eva sat on the edge of the bed, tidying up some clothes for her trip.

At this moment, her phone suddenly rang. It was Hilton.

What did Hilton want from her at this time?

She picked up the phone in confusion. "It's so late. What can I do for you?"

"Here is the thing. I booked another ticket for Jace. I'm a little worried about him. Besides, it's rare for you to have a holiday. If I take you away like this, Jace will be unhappy."

He had thought about it for a long time. Although he was reluctant to take a trouble with him, he was willing to make a concession for the sake of Eva's happiness.

"What?" Stunned, Eva didn't know what Hilton was talking about.

After a while, she came to her senses and was pleasantly surprised.

"Do you mean to take Jace with us? Really?"

After the joy was over, she hesitated as she said, "Will it bother you?"

"Ha-ha, I've booked the air ticket. Besides, Jace must be very clingy to you. He is still a child." Hearing the voice of Eva, Hilton knew that she must be very happy now.

It seemed that he had made the right decision.

At least for now.

"Thank you. Jace will be very happy when he knows it." After knowing that she could take Jason with her, she felt much better.

Her son was her lifeblood. It was rare for her to have time. How could she miss him?

It seemed that Hilton really wanted her to relax.

"Okay. I'll wait for you tomorrow morning."

After chatting with Hilton for a long time and setting the time to leave tomorrow, she hung up the phone.

When she was about to tell her son the good news, she turned around and didn't see him.

She heard some noise in the living room and went out to have a look. She knew that the little guy was sitting on the sofa and watching TV.

Eva walked over and patted Jace on the shoulder.

"Jace, are you watching TV? I have a good news for you."

"Mom, you have finished the phone call! What good news?" Jason went out of the room when Eva was answering the phone, so he knew nothing.

"Guess." Eva pretended to be mysterious.

Seeing that Eva was so happy, Jason thought for a while and knew that it had something to do with tomorrow's matter.

Maybe they could take him along.

Although he had figured it out, Jason still held her neck and acted like a spoiled child.

"Mom, I can't guess. Tell me."

Seeing her son acting like a spoiled child, Eva couldn't resist, so she had to tell him frankly, "Well, let me tell you, Uncle Hilton said that he could take you with him. Are you happy?"

Sure enough.

"Really? That's great!" Jason pretended to be happy and jumped on the sofa.

"Then let's go to pack up together. Then you can go to rest and have a good rest. We'll leave tomorrow!"

"Got it!" Jason greeted him playfully.

On the second morning, both of them got up early.

After cleaning the house, she closed the door and windows.

After all, she would be away for three weeks.

"Well, everything is finally done. Let's go." Eva clapped her hands and nodded with satisfaction.

She held Jason's hand and went downstairs.

Hilton had been waiting for him for a long time.

"Are you ready?" Hilton asked with concern as he helped Eva put her luggage into the trunk

"All right. The door and windows have been closed and checked. There should be no problem. Let's go."

After thinking for a while, Eva closed the trunk and the three got into the car.

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