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   Chapter 27 Private Restaurant

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Colleague A, who was sitting next to Eva, looked over and asked curiously, "Hey, Eva. Why did Miss Lin call you?"

"Of course it's a good thing!" said Eva with a big smile on her face.

Colleague A was even more curious. "What good thing? Tell me."

When colleague A asked this question, everyone in the office pricked up their ears.

"Well, Miss Lin offered to give me three weeks off. Finally I can have a good rest!" Eva was excited.

Everyone was surprised. What good luck did Eva encounter? She could have such a long holiday.

Didn't they say that Miss Lin and Eva didn't get along well? Was the rumor false?

"Well, Congratulations! What are you going to do during this vacation?" Colleague A asked with congratulations.

"Ah, I guess I'll just rest at home. I'm really tired this week. Take this opportunity to have a good rest." As she sorted out the documents, she put her bag on her back and was about to leave.

"Well, I'm leaving now. See you after the holiday! Bye."


After she walked out of the company, she looked at her watch and found that it was already four o'clock in the afternoon.

After thinking for a while, she decided to go to her son's school first. He should finish school soon.

She wondered whether he would be happy to see her pick him up. She was so busy these days that she neglected her son.

She must make up for him during this vacation.

At the gate of the primary school, there were a lot of parents picking up their children, and Eva was also among them.

The school bell rang, and the children came out of the school. The crowded school gate became more crowded.

Eva looked around and finally found her son in the crowd.

"Jace! Jace! Come here!" Eva stretched out her arm and waved it.

Jason's eyes lit up when he heard this.

He looked around and saw Eva waving at him.

He ran over excitedly, threw himself into Eva's arms and shouted, "Mommy!"

She caught Jason who was flying towards her and asked, "My dear son, are you happy that I come to pick you up?"

"Yes!" Jason nodded vigorously to show that he was really happy. "Mom, are you free today? Didn't you say you were busy? Will it hinder your work?"

After excitement, Jason asked considerately.

Eva held his hand and said with a smile, "Jace, don't worry. I have a long holiday. I can accompany you for a long time."

"Really? That's great. Mom will cook braised pork for me tonight. I haven't eaten braised pork for a long time." Hearing her answer, Jason became happier and acted like a spoiled child.

"Okay, whatever you want to eat, but we have to thank your Uncle Hilton. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have such a good holiday." Eva touched her son's head dotingly.

"Okay, I know." Jason nodded.

Hilton? Why was he so kind? Did he still love his mother?

Speaking of him, he called Eva.

Just as Jason and Eva were chatting happily, her phone rang. It was from Hilton.

Eva made a gesture of silence to Jason, and Jason covered his mouth cooperatively.

Eva nodded with satisfaction and answered the phone. "Hello? Hilton?"

"Eva, where are you now? I didn't see you at the gate of your company." Hilton sat in his car and said indifferently.

"I've been off duty early today. I'm picking up Jason now," Eva answered honestly.

"I see." Hilton thought for a while.

He was thinking about how to tell Eva about her trip.

"Oh, by the way, Hilton! Thank you. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have had the three weeks' leave." It suddenly occurred to her that Hilton helped her get this holiday. She should be grateful to him.

"It doesn't matter. You have been working too hard recently. You look so thin. I don't have the heart to see you, so I begged Miss Lin."

Hilton felt that the opportunity had come, so he must seize it.

As expected, Eva said with embarrassment, "I have to thank you."

"Well, would you like to have a meal with me?" Hilton said with a smile.

"What? Okay, of course." Eva was surprised, and then agreed without hesitation. She said she should thank him.

"How about tonight? By the way, take Jason with you. It's not good to leave the child alone at home." Hilton thought that if he wanted to get back at Eva, he had to start with his son.

'As long as Jason agrees, she will definitely fall in love me him again for the sake of his son, ' he thought.

Hilton's guess was right. At the beginning, when she heard it, she was a little hesitant.

But when she heard that she could take her son there, she agreed without hesitation.

After hanging up the phone, Eva squatted down and said to Jason, "Jace, let's not have braised pork tonight. Let me take you to a big meal, okay?"

"Okay. Where a

re we going to have dinner?" Jason nodded obediently.

"Well, Uncle Hilton is going to take us to eat something delicious. You'll know the details when you get there," Hilton said with a smile.

Jason nodded and wondered what Hilton wanted to do.

But anyway, he was with her. Even if that person wanted to do something, it depended on whether he would agree or not.

After the mother and son returned home, Eva helped her son to change into a different set of clothes.

Then she changed herself into a clean dress.

As Eva was taking too long, Jason felt bored and played with the PSP for a while. Finally, Eva had packed up her things.

"Let's go, Jace." Finally, Eva came out of the room.

She held Jason's hand, carried her bag and was about to go out.

"Mom, you're so slow. I've played several games," Jason complained with a sullen face.

He looked so cute, like an angry squirrel, which melted Eva's heart.

Sure enough, her son was the cutest.

Eva couldn't help pinching Jason's face and said with a smile, "I'm sorry for keeping Jace waiting. However, Jace couldn't be so impatient in the future. Girls would be like this when they go out. If you are impatient, you can't find a girlfriend."

Jason struggled and finally escaped from Eva's 'claws' of pinching him.

He rubbed his red cheek and said angrily, "I won't have a girlfriend. It's so troublesome! As long as I have my mother."

Eva was amused by her son's naive answer.

However, this time, Eva was really just smiling and she didn't say anything more.

When his son grew up, he would understand this kind of thing.

Now, he was too young.

While the mother and son were talking and laughing, Hilton waited in the underground garage for nearly an hour.

But he was not in a hurry at all.

As a girl, it was normal for her to take some time to dress herself.

He looked at his watch and found that it was almost the time. After thinking for a while, Hilton sent a message to Eva.

After getting a reply, Hilton waited patiently again.

After receiving the message, Eva finally stopped playing with her son.

"Let's go, Jace. Uncle Hilton is waiting for us in the underground garage."

After a while, Hilton saw Jason come out of the elevator hand in hand.

Hilton greeted.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting." Eva smiled and apologized to Hilton.

Hilton waved his hand indifferently. He liked her so much and wouldn't mind that.

"I didn't wait long. Let's go. By the way, I almost forgot the candy for Jace."

Jason, who had been forgotten by the two, finally had a little existence.

"Thank you, Uncle Jace!" Jason thanked Hilton politely and handed him the candy.

He put it in her pocket and didn't eat it.

After getting in the car, the three people were talking and laughing.

If people didn't know it, they would think that this was a happy family of three.

"By the way, where are we going for dinner, Hilton?" Seeing Hilton turn the car into a remote alley, Eva asked curiously.

Jason also realized that something was wrong and looked at Hilton warily.

Although she knew that it was impossible for Hilton to do such a thing at present, she had to be careful.

"Ha, you don't know, do you? I'm afraid you're tired of the food in a formal restaurant. Today I'll take you to eat the real delicious food," Hilton said to the two of them mysteriously.

Jason and Eva looked at each other and didn't say anything. Anyway, Hilton couldn't sell the two of them away.

The car stopped in an old courtyard.

Seeing this, Eva was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh.

Was she right? Was Hilton really going to sell them?

"Haha, look at you two. Don't be nervous. What I take you to eat is private restaurant. The so-called private restaurant is usually passed down from generation to generation. I won't let you down. Let's go. I have spent a lot of efforts to order it."

Seeing the expression on Eva's face, he knew what he was thinking. It was a little funny.

Was he so unreliable?

Although the house looked dilapidated, it was still very comfortable inside.

"What do you think? Are these delicious?" Hilton asked with a smile, looking at the two people opposite him who could not put down their chopsticks.

"You really found a good place. The food here is much better than those in the so-called high-end hotels." Eva put down her chopsticks and praised sincerely.

"It's good that you like it. Does Jace like it?" Hilton asked Jason.

Jason nodded vigorously.

He had been looking for this place for a long time in order to make them happy.

Seeing that the two almost finished eating, Hilton thought it was time to tell them something about traveling.

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