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   Chapter 26 Shocking News

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Eva happened to eavesdrop on the conversations of her colleagues around her, and she knew that all these were instigated by Cathy.

Although she looked soft, deep inside, she was stubborn and unyielding.

The more Cathy and her colleagues bullied her, the more she had to do well.

Because of this, in just half a month, she often worked overtime and lost a lot of weight.

Jason felt sorry for her and firmly believed that Santosh was behind all this.

Eva couldn't help laughing. She poked his little head with her index finger and said, "What are you thinking about? Santosh hasn't been in the company recently."

Jason curled his lips. "Then why do you have so much work to do? You won't come back until nine o'clock in the evening these days."

Not wanting him to worry about her, Eva replied vaguely, "I'm a little busy in the company recently. When I finish my work, I'll ask for a leave from the company and then stay at home with you, okay?"

"You must keep your promise."

No matter how smart Jason was, he was only seven years old. After he heard this, his eyes lit up with joy.

Eva had meant to distract Jason's attention, but now she saw that he took it seriously, she felt a little guilty. She touched his hair and nodded slightly.

On the other side, Santosh stood in front of the French window, quietly listening to the assistant reporting the company's situation to him.

Before he hung up the phone, he thought of something and asked, "How is Eva doing recently?"

The assistant hesitated for a while when she heard Eva's name.

Noticing the difference in his tone, Santosh turned cold, and a sharp light was emitted from his dark eyes.

"What happened?"

The assistant hesitated and told him what he had seen in the past half a month. When he finished, Santosh's face completely darkened.

Cathy, he really underestimated her.

Santosh called Cathy directly. The phone was picked up as soon as it rang, and then came the voice of excitement and surprise of Cathy.

"Santosh, why did you call me?"

Santosh didn't want to be polite to her. He said directly, "I heard that you deliberately target at Eva in the company. Is that true?"

After that, there was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone.

"What are you talking about? How could I be against her on purpose?"

He trusted his assistant more than Cathy.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at the brightly lit tower in the distance.

He opened his thin lips slightly and said word by word, "Don't play dumb with me. I warn you to stop oppressing Eva at once. Otherwise, when I come back, your role as the senior director, should be replaced."

His tone was full of coldness and threat.

Cathy held her hands tightly with her fingertips turning pale.

What was so good about her? Why did Santosh only care about her?

No, she was not reconciled.

She had loved Santosh for so many years. She would never let anyone take him away.

Because of Santosh's warning, Cathy didn't continue to aim at Eva, but she didn't stop what she was doing behind her back.

According to her observation these days, she found that Hilton often came to the gate of the company to pick up Eva. Judging from the situation, it was obvious that Hilton still liked Eva.

Seeing this scene, Cathy soon had an idea.

On this day, as usual, when Hilton waited for Eva to get off work downstairs, he saw a woman in a business suit walking towards him.

"Hello." Cathy nodded at him politely. "Are you waiting for Eva to get off work?"

Hilton nodded. He had met Cathy before and knew that she was also an employee of Dolly Group. Judging from her position, she was Eva's boss.

Cathy deliberately said in an envious tone, "Eva is so lucky to have an excellent male friend like you."

Not knowing what she meant, a trace of doubt flashed through Hilton's eyes.

Cathy smiled and continued, "I was a little busy in the company the other day, and Eva has been working overtime. She's really hardworking."

Hearing this, Hilton's eyes flashed a trace of pity. He sighed, "She's really working too hard."

"Yes." Cathy nodded in agreement and took this opportunity to say, "I want to give her a long holiday and let her have a good rest. You can take her out on a trip when you are free."


Hilton was moved by her words.

Cathy smiled and reminded him meaningfully, "Traveling is an effective way to enhance your relationship."

Many couples fell in love with each other during their travel.

The reason why she created opportunities for Hilton and Eva was to make Santosh give up on Eva.

In the office, only the sound of writing and turning pages could be heard.

Eva was now stand

ing in front of Cathy, watching her work.

Since Santosh went on a business trip, her workload kept increasing.

She knew that it was Cathy.

She didn't know how she had offended her.

Alas, although she was very unhappy, she had to follow orders. Cathy was her boss anyway.

However, she had been standing here for almost half an hour. 'Cathy, please tell me what you want! I still have a lot of work to do!' she roared internally.

"Miss Lin, what can I do for you? If there's nothing else, I'll go first. I still have a lot of work to do."

Cathy frowned discontentedly. She hated being interrupted.

She threw the report heavily on the desk and looked up at Eva.

"Who is the boss? Me or you? You've been standing there for such a short while, but you begin to complain?"

"You, of course you are the boss!" Eva stood aside obediently.

What was the use of dissatisfaction? She had to stand there obediently.

Alas, after all, she was the boss!

She couldn't disobey her! Eva felt like weeping but had no tears.

Cathy nodded her head with satisfaction and then ignored her. She lowered her head and continued to work.

After a long time, Eva began to swat flies to kill time.

How long did she need to stand here? Eva scratched her head irritably.

While Eva was complaining in her heart, Cathy finally finished her work and stretched herself.

Just as Eva thought she was about to get rid of the torture…

"Hey, Eva, why are you here? Aren't you going to work?" Cathy looked at Eva in confusion.

Eva almost spat out a mouthful of blood. She gritted her teeth and said, "Miss Lin, it's you who let me stand here. You said you had something to tell me. I've been waiting for you for a long time."

Eva stressed the word "you".

"Oh, my poor memory. I'm sorry. Let's get down to business." Cathy patted her forehead as if she just remembered something. She pretended to smile apologetically.

Fake smile!

Eva curled her lips, but she didn't know what to say about Cathy. She had already apologized.

"Miss Lin, can you tell me what it is now?"

If she was given more work, she would definitely die.

Cathy leaned against her chair and told her the shocking news with a smile.

Yes, it was shock, not surprise.

"I decide to give you three weeks off!"

"What?" Eva was so frightened that her voice was a little distorted. She looked at Cathy suspiciously.

She wanted to touch Cathy's forehead. Was she having a fever?

Cathy was amused by her reaction. 'It's just a holiday. Why are you so surprised!' she thought.

"Have a good rest during this long vacation. You must be very busy these days, right?"

Eva swallowed. "Miss Lin, are you sick? Or is there any mistake?"

"What? Don't you like it? Forget it." Cathy was about to take back her vacation.

"No, no, No. I like it. Of course. But Miss Lin, why did you suddenly give me a break?"

She knew that Cathy couldn't be merciful all of a sudden, so she'd better figure it out.

It was not because of Eva's caution, but because it was Cathy. She couldn't be careless at all.

"You'd better thank Hilton. If it weren't for the benefits he gave me… Otherwise, do you think I will give you a holiday?"

Cathy stood up from the chair, walked around Eva and looked her up and down.

She clicked her tongue and said, "I really don't know what's good about you to make Hilton so much in love for you. You don't look good and have a good figure, do you?"

'Well, I'm really sorry. What's wrong with my figure? What if I don't look good? It's none of your business!' Eva thought to herself as the corners of her mouth twitched.

However, she was really grateful for his help.

Eva smiled awkwardly at Cathy and said nothing.

"Well, you can go out now! You can get off work early today. Thank Hilton." Cathy looked askance at Eva and sat back. She waved her hand, indicating that Eva could leave.

Eva nodded, left the office and closed the door.

After Eva left, Cathy closed her eyes for a while and pulled out her phone from her pocket.

"Hey, Hilton, I've done everything. The rest is up to you. Don't forget your promise. Bye!"

After a short call, Cathy threw her phone on the desk. She rubbed her aching forehead.

After closing the door, Eva finally smiled from the bottom of her heart.

She was so lucky! Three weeks.

Now she could have a good rest with her son.

All the way back to her office in a good mood, Eva was asked to stay in Cathy's office for the whole afternoon, and all her colleagues were curious about what she was doing.

Then she returned to her office with a big smile on her face.

The colleagues said that their souls of gossip were burning.

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