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   Chapter 23 Please Let Me Go

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The sunshine came in through the window in the afternoon and shone on Eva's side face, which was mottled with a warm yellow halo.

At this moment, the vibration of her mobile phone attracted her attention. She put down the design draft in her hand and then a look at her mobile phone. It was a call from Hilton.

She pushed the door open and went to the corridor, picking up the phone and whispered, "Hello?"

Hilton's familiar and magnetic voice came through the phone at once, "Do you have time after work?"

"What's the matter?"

"I want to invite you to dinner."

After hesitating for a moment, Eva refused the invitation politely, "Jason is still waiting for me at home..."

Before she could finish her words, Hilton interrupted, "Let's take Jason with us."


"Jason is smart and obedient. I told him that I would take him out for dinner."

Hilton knew that Jason was her weakness.

As expected, Eva hesitated for a moment and said reluctantly, "Okay. Let's eat together."

"It's settled then." Hilton's eyes lit up and he smiled, "I'll pick you up tonight." "

After hanging up the phone, Eva stood in the corridor in a daze for a while.

Deep in her heart, she still cared about what Hilton had done to her.

If that hadn't happened, she might have been with him now.

When thinking of that matter, she frowned and sighed unconsciously. Suddenly, she heard a magnetic and deep male voice beside her.

"Who did you talk with on the phone just now?"

All of a sudden, Eva turned her head and stared at the source of the voice with her eyes wide open.

The sunlight came in from the French window, which coated the man's fair and handsome face with a hazy halo. His eyes were as deep as the sea, and the line of the corners of his mouth was slightly downward. It seemed that he was in a bad mood.

She was stunned.

'When did he show up here?'

"I went to the lounge to get a cup of coffee. When I came back, I saw you talking to someone on the phone."

She was so concentrated on the phone just now that she didn't notice his arrival. In fact, he had roughly guessed who she was talking to.

Since he knew who was on the phone, he was so angry that he couldn't suppress his boiling anger in his heart.

Eva didn't find that he was holding a coffee cup until she looked at his hand.

She didn't think that it was necessary to explain everything to him, so she said perfunctorily, "It's a call from a friend."

However, Santosh didn't give up. He took a step forward and shortened the distance between the two people to one centimeter.

"What kind of friend? Old classmate? Childhood sweetheart? Or Ex-boyfriend? "

The warm breath sprayed on Eva's face. She felt unhappy because of Santosh's aggressive and tough attitude.

But after all, he was her boss. She lowered her eyebrows and took a step back. "A classmate I haven't seen for a long time."

She lied.

Hearing this, Santosh's eyes flashed a sharp look.

He continued approaching her, directly forcing Eva to the corner.

Santosh didn't stop until there was no way to go. Eva had to lean her back tightly against the wall, and her whole body was a little stiff.

"Classmate?" A hoarse voice came out of Santosh's mouth.

A hint of irony flashed through his dark eyes.

He put the coffee cup on the right window sill, and then put his hands on both sides of Eva's body, forming a posture to imprison her in his arms.

It was too ambiguous.

The breath was full of the smell of tobacco from Santosh. Eva's face turned red and she had to hold her breath, watching the man's face getting closer and closer nervously.

For a moment, she thought he would kiss her.

However, he didn't.

Santosh stopped approaching her before he was about to kiss her.

He realized that he still couldn't let her go. Although she had a seven-year-old child, he still couldn't restrain his feelings for her. This blazing emotion made him feel strange.

Eva was so frightened that she closed her eyes. Noticing that Santosh seemed to stop, she breathed a sigh of relief and opened her eyes slowly.

At this time, Santosh had already release her arms and let her go. He picked up the brown coffee cup in his hand again.

She clenched the phone in her hand and said, "I'll go in to the office." And then she brushed past Santosh.

Santosh turned around and looked at her back. He didn't withdraw his gaze until she disappeared behind the door.

After what had happened just now, Eva's heart had been pounding and she couldn't focus on her work all the time.

After spending the rest time without a clue, it's time for Eva to get off work. As if waking up from a dream, she thought of the appointment that Hilton had just made on the phone.

After tidying up the documents, she picked up her bag and took the elevator.

Coincidentally, Santosh also appeared in the elevator.

Eva had no choice but to say hello to Santosh, who nodded at her with a tacit expression.

Seeing his cold attitude, Eva felt a little more relaxed. At least, she didn't need to take time to think about how to talk to him.


The elevator had arrived at the first floor.

Eva was about to go out, but...

A hand, like an iron clamp, firmly laid

on her arm.

She was stunned and looked back at Santosh.

Santosh looked at her with his dedicated and deep eyes. He slightly moved his thin lips and said, "Go somewhere with me."

"What What? " "

Santosh didn't say anything. He pressed the button and the elevator closed again.

When the elevator bell rang again, Eva was forced to come to the underground parking lot.

Santosh didn't release his hand and dragged her into his car forcibly.

All these happened too suddenly. When Eva came to her senses, the car had already set off at the speed like an arrow from the string.

Looking at the view outside the window, Eva was anxious and raised her voice, "Stop the car. I have an appointment with someone else."

Hearing this, Santosh looked at her and asked in a bad tone, "Who is that person? Is it your old lover?"

Seeing the sarcasm in his words, a fire burst out from the bottom of Eva's heart.

'Is he crazy? It's none of his business to care about who I go out with!'

Thinking of this, she couldn't help replying," It's off-duty time now. I'm not your employee. You have no right to interfere in my own things."

"The time when you go out with me can be counted as working overtime."

Santosh said coldly, "Your salary during this time is ten times higher than that as usual."

Hearing this, Eva opened her mouth and seemed to say something, but she finally suppressed her anger and turned her face away.

She knew that according to Santosh's arbitrary style, he would never let her get off the car.

But she had made an appointment with Hilton. She was not that kind of person who would break the promise easily.

So she took her phone out of her bag and was about to call Hilton back when her phone rang.

Eva answered the phone in a hurry.

"Eva, are you off duty now? I saw your colleagues come out, but I didn't see you. "

Hilton said anxiously on the phone.

Eva moved her mouth and said, "I'm working overtime ..."

Before she finished her words, the phone was directly taken away by Santosh. Eva glared at him and said, "Give me my phone."

Santosh put the phone beside his ear, ignoring Eva's requirement and said to Hilton, "Eva is with me now."

Then he hung up the phone before Hilton could say anything.

In the end, he didn't return the phone to Eva, but put it into his trousers pocket.

Finally, Eva couldn't stand it anymore. She shouted, "Santosh, what the hell are you doing?"

Santosh was in a good mood now. He even looked at Eva with a joyful smile on his face and said in a soft voice, "Don't call others during overtime."


Eva was so angry that she turned her face to the window and didn't look at him.

A party was held for people in the aristocratic circle today. Santosh had cancelled it. He was not interested in such kind of party at all.

In order to prevent Eva from dating with Hilton, he changed his mind and invited her to be his companion.

He didn't make any preparation because it was an unexpected incident. He drove the car to the gate of a large private high-end dress shop nearby and bought a suit for Eva.

He always had a good taste. A few minutes later, he selected a dress for Eva and asked her to put it on one by one.

Eva felt that she was now like a doll at the mercy of others and had no right to decide what to do. But she also knew that as a single woman, she still needed to take care of her child. So, money was really important to her.

If it weren't for the overtime salary, she would have left now.

After coming out of the dressing room, she walked up to Santosh and asked with no smile on her face, "How about this one?"

Santosh sat on the sofa with his slender legs crossed. He looked at Eva earnestly.

At this time, she was wearing a red slim dress. The perfect cut of the dress outlined her graceful and attractive figure. Her fair skin was moisturized, like a good silk, which made people want to reach out to touch it.

He coughed slightly to hide the amazement in his eyes and deliberately said as usual, "It's not bad."

Eva wanted to finish the task as soon as possible, so she said coldly, "Let's go."


Santosh nodded slightly and reached out his hand to Eva. His fingers were white and slender, and his nails were neatly trimmed. Obviously, he had a pair of elegant hands.

Eva pursed her lips and handed her hand over.

Half an hour later, the black car stopped in front of a private club.

Two waiters came up and opened the door for both Santosh and Eva.

"Good evening, Mr. Santosh."

Santosh handed the key to the car to one of them, and then held Eva's waist in a gentleman way. They were led by another waiter into the club.

This club only entertained the celebrities in the society. Those ordinary upstarts were not allowed to enter. Because of the good privacy and first-class environment and facilities, many debutantes and young men liked to hold the party here.

As soon as Santosh and Eva entered the room, they attracted everyone's attention.

The host of the party walked to them with some red wine at once. He said in surprise, "Mr. Santosh, I thought you wouldn't come."

As he spoke, he naturally looked at Eva beside him and asked, "Who is this lady?"

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