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   Chapter 22 Rival In Love

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The phone vibrated.

"Hey! Are you here? Come on in. I'm in the company now."

Santosh and Kevin Su, his old friend, had cooperated with each other on a project of a resort. Now the decoration of the resort had been completely completed and it was ready to open. Recently, they had been busy with this matter.

"Wow! You came to the company so early today. I used to wait for you," Kevin Su teased as soon as he entered the room.

"Bring me two cups of coffee," he ordered his secretary. "Since you like to wait, I don't mind going out for a while. When I come back this afternoon, you can wait patiently. What do you think?"

"No, you're awesome. I'm busy there. I'll go back as soon as possible after discussion." Kevin Su raised his hand in surrender.

"Well, that's enough. What's going on with the resort?" Santosh took a sip of coffee and asked.

"Now all the decoration is coming to an end. It will be the national day soon and it will be opened on that day. No problem." Speaking of business, Kevin Su stopped joking.

"Okay. Have you worked out the advertisement?"

"I've contacted several media, but the plan they came up with is not very satisfactory. But I still have time to modify it."

"Okay, it's up to you. If you need anything, just tell me. I'm also busy here, so you can keep an eye on it. Once the publicity is done, you can't change it, and you can't make any mistake later."

"Got it. This is my first career. I won't mess it up. Don't worry."

Kevin Su knew how important this time was. With his passion, Santosh invested in his own resort.

He could only succeed, not fail.

And he didn't want to go back to that family full of battles for money.

"Well, don't be too nervous. I believe you." Seeing that the atmosphere was so serious, Santosh was afraid that his friend would be under too much pressure, so he punched him.

"Ouch! You are killing me!" Kevin Su also let out a scream.

"By the way, I just heard that a beautiful designer has come to your company. Where is she? I've been here for so many times, but I haven't seen her. Are you hiding a mistress in a golden house? Take her out and let me have a look!"

It suddenly occurred to Kevin Su that he had overheard about the female designer form the staff's discussion in the elevator.

He had been in and out of the company for so many times, but he hadn't seen her. He was curious about the legendary beautiful designer.

"You brat! In the office next to mine. Although she just came to the company, she is capable."

Santosh was speechless. He knew that Kevin Su liked to stir up trouble, but he still told him.

His voice was full of pride and tenderness that he himself didn't notice.

Kevin Su followed her gaze and saw a petite figure working seriously.

She had a delicate face and looked like a concubine.

Looking back at Santosh's gentle eyes, he felt that he had found something very important.

"You like her, right? Not as an employee, but as a woman, right?" Kevin Su said affirmatively.

"No way! Are you kidding me? How do you know I like her?"

Santosh's heart sank. He looked away and asked.

"You asked the right person. Let me give you an answer." Kevin Su pretended to be a teacher.

"First of all, you never flirt with women. But I heard that you pay more attention to this woman. You have sent her home in person not long after she came here. Besides, when you introduced her to me just now, there was tenderness and affection in your tone that you didn't realize. In the end, let's talk about what I saw just now. After you introduced her, I turned around and looked at you. The tenderness in your eyes could not deceive me.

Besides, don't you miss her? Would you feel uncomfortable when she was with another man? If so, all in all, and my years of emotional experience, you fall in love with her, not just like her."

After saying that, Kevin Su looked at Santosh complacently.

"Really? I didn't notice it myself. I just feel at ease when she is with me. I don't feel repulsive like other women."

Santosh looked at the figure of Eva with a complicated look and recalled his unusual behavior recently.

"Look at this expression. Look at you. Your expression is full of affection. Don't think about it anymore. It's rare for you to meet a woman you don't reject and have a crush on. Cherish her. Maybe she's the woman you're destined to marry. You've been alone for so many years just to wait for this, right?"

Kevin Su was really happy for his good friend and hoped that he could find his love as soon as possible.

"Yes. I will think it over. Let's go out for dinner before going back," Santosh said to Kevin Su after taking a look at Eva deeply.

"Well, let's talk about this. I have something else to do. I'll tell you when I'm sure to publicize it. Think about what I just told you. I'm leaving now." Kevin Su stood up and pressed Santosh's body. "I'm waiting for your good news. Bye."

Then he opened the door and left.

Looking at the figure of Kevin Su, Santosh looked serious.

He thought what he said just now made sense.

He had always been indifferent to women, and it was more difficult for him to perceive love. After hearing what Kevin Su

said, he suddenly realized that it seemed to be true.

Recalling all the conversations he had with Eva, he couldn't help caring for her, losing his temper and being irritable all because of her. He was the first woman who could cause his temper.

He had always thought that it was the appreciation of her ability, but he didn't expect that he loved her.

Thinking of this, Santosh laughed at himself.

From that day on, Santosh paid attention to Eva intentionally or unintentionally. Looking at the figure coming and going outside the door, Santosh became more certain about his feelings. He really liked this woman, not just appreciating her.

One day, the company won a big project because of Eva's design drawing. Santosh was also very happy. He asked Cathy to arrange a dinner to celebrate and relax.

At the dinner, Diego Lin, the director of the design department, came to Eva with a glass of wine in his hand. He plucked up the courage and said, "Eva, I've been paying attention to you for a long time. I appreciate you very much. Please be my girlfriend! I'm not a romantic person, but I can promise to be good to you. Please give me a chance."

Eva was stunned and forgot to swallow the food.

It was not until Rae touched her that she came to her senses.

"Thank you Thank you, Director Diego. I don't know. I... " Eva stammered.

"You don't have to reply me in such a hurry. I'm waiting for your message, no matter what the result is. I'd like to propose a toast to you. Do as you like."

After saying that, he drank up the wine in his hand and went back to her seat, leaving Eva in a mess.

Santosh sat not far away and looked at the scene coldly. His aura seemed to be frozen.

Santosh didn't expect that this woman was so charming. She just came to the company not long ago, but this man also liked her. She was really charming.

'Damn it! Diego! Why don't you focus on your work? Why do you fall in love with someone? Why do you chase after a woman?

It seems that I have arranged too little work for you, so you have time to think about it.'

Poor Diego Lin didn't know how miserable his life would be in the future. He was still imagining that Eva would say yes.

The dinner ended in the fantasy of Diego Lin, the inexplicable confusion of Eva and the feeling that the air was frozen.

Of course, they all ignored the dark face of their CEO.

Eva had been in shock all the time, so she ignored the boss. Santosh was even more unhappy.

On the second day, Santosh criticized Diego Lin in front of all the employees.

Of course, he found the reason casually.

And he also asked him not to get off work until the mistake was corrected.

Diego Lin was inexplicably criticized by the CEO, but he could not refute.

From this day on, he had been working overtime for several consecutive days.

After thinking for a while, he went to ask Leon, who had a good relationship with him.

Looking at the confused look on Diego Lin's face, Leon wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

"If you have anything to tell me, just tell me. Did I offend the CEO or did I really do something wrong? We are just friends."

Looking at Leon, Diego Lin knew that he must know something.

"Well, let me tell you. Don't you find that our CEO likes Eva?" Leon asked doubtfully.

"Isn't that a rumor in the company? Is there any evidence? " Diego Lin had always thought that it was a rumor of the company, and he didn't believe it either.

"Alas! You are too young."

Leon sighed and continued, "Do you think why our CEO, a man who doesn't like women, is so close to a woman who just came to the company? Why does he think so highly of her? Was it not because he liked her? Of course, Eva herself is also very capable. But there are so many capable women, and the CEO hadn't cared about anyone for so many years. Therefore, it could be seen that the CEO likes Eva. You'd better give up."

Leon patted his friend.

"Then the CEO should respect what Eva thinks, shouldn't he?" Diego Lin asked, unwilling to give up.

"Are you an idiot? Do you think Mr. Qiu can't get what he likes?"

Leon felt that he had the responsibility to help his friend understand the situation.

"Mr. Qiu, he is not interested in women, but once he falls in love with someone, he will be serious to the end and be determined to get it. Can you win such a man? Don't think about it anymore. Go back and tell those who have this idea secretly. Don't daydream. We can't compete with him. There are so many good women. Why do you have to compete with Mr. Qiu. Well, let's go back to work."

Diego Lin went back to his office. He had been thinking hard for the whole afternoon. In addition, Eva hadn't replied to him, so this matter had passed.

Of course, he didn't forget to remind other colleagues who had this idea, in case they would be treated like this.

When other male colleagues in the company heard this, they immediately gave up the idea.

They didn't want to lose their jobs for a woman they liked, not to mention for a woman with a child.

On the other hand, Eva didn't know that her followers had quietly surrendered under the pressure of the CEO, although she might not agree.

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