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   Chapter 21 The King's Heart Is Unpredictable (Part Two)

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"Yes, he is my teacher. It is he who recommends me to come to the company. He says that one of his friends' company needs designers. Jake takes good care of me, treating me like his own child. What's wrong, Mr. Santosh? "

Eva thought that she had filled in her resume about this matter, so he didn't need to come out for a meal specially to talk about it, did he?

"Nothing. He is my friend. We knew each other by chance in Paris. I didn't expect that he is your teacher." Santosh felt that the fate was really ingenious. "Let's go. I'll drive you back."

"No, thanks, Mr. Santosh. I can go home on my own." Thinking of the drunken party, Eva felt ashamed.

"You can't refuse me. I have said that I'll drive you home." Santosh said firmly.

"Thank you."

"Besides, you can call my name in private. Don't call Mr. Santosh. This is an order. After all, we've had a few meals together. We must be friends. You are always calling me Mr. Santosh. Are you afraid that others don't know that we're colleagues? " Santosh had planned to say this for a long time.

"Okay, Mr... Santosh. " Eva acquiesced in it. 'You are the boss and you call the shots.'

On the second day, as soon as she arrived at the company, she met Rae in the tea room.

"Good morning, Rae!"

Rae came over and whispered, "Eva, be careful. Call me if you need any help."

Then she left. Eva was still ignorant about everything.

But the next second, she knew what it happened.

Cathy slammed a stack of documents on her desk and said angrily, "Mr. Santosh said he was not satisfied with these design drafts, so he drew them all again." Then she walked away in her high-heeled shoes and said, "Some people have forgotten what the workplace is after having several meals with Mr. Santosh. It's really a joke! They don't know themselves well."

"Yes, Cathy is right."

"Stop talking about it."

However, Eva didn't pay attention to what her colleagues were talking about. She looked at the painting for a while and thought it was okay. 'Mr. Santosh didn't find fault with me on purpose because of the system troubles, did he?'

'Didn't he say that he wouldn't pursue it? What a fickle man! The ancient words are correct all the time. Being with the emperor is like accompanying a tiger. ' 'I'm so depressed, should I ask him clearly?' 'It will be better to forget about this matter. I'll redraw them by myself and see them just as practice.'

Everyone went to lunch at noon, but Eva was still drawing quickly on the table.

Leon, the manager, came back and saw this scene.

He also didn't know the reason. The girl was good, hard-working and capable.

He could understand that because of her colleagues' jealousy, she was isolated by them. However, why did Mr. Santosh also isolate her?

He just met Santosh and asked him about the design draft. He said it was he who asked Ev

a to redo it, which made her not eat yet.

Shaking his head, Leon stepped forward.

"Why don't you go to dinner, Eva?"

Looking up at the manager, Eva lowered her head and continued drawing, "It doesn't matter, manager. I'm not hungry. I'll draw all these again. I'm in a hurry to finish them. Although there are a lot of design drafts, I will finish them on time."

"Well, don't be too tired. Have a rest first. I have something to deal with. Call me if you need help. I'm leaving now." Leon had to go to the partner's place to talk about business this afternoon, so he didn't have time to care about this poor subordinate.

"Okay, bye, manager!" Eva said without raising her head.

In fact, Eva thought it was good. Although she didn't have many friends in the company, she came here to learn something and live a good life with her son. Without friends, she could focus on work and live a peaceful life.

Soon, it was time to get off work.

As soon as Eva walked out of the building, she saw Santosh standing beside the car. She greeted him without thinking.

"Hello, Mr. Santosh! I'm off duty. Where are you going? "

Santosh glanced at without any response.

"Santosh, why don't you wait for me?"

Cathy complained from behind.

Eva turned around and saw Cathy in a tight dress, which accentuated her curvaceous figure.

Seeing that Eva was looking at her, she gave her a ferocious look and walked quickly to Santosh.

"Hello, Cathy! Are you going to go out? I'll go home now. Bye!" Realizing that Cathy didn't like her, Eva left in a hurry.

Looking at Eva's fleeing back, Santosh smiled.

The next morning, Eva went to the company to finish the design drafts which weren't finished yesterday. She had to finish them first today and then she had some new work to do. She felt that the time was not enough.

"What's wrong? Is there still a lot of work to finish?"

Santosh had something to deal with today, so he came early.

When he passed by Eva's office, he didn't expect her to be there so early. He knocked on the door and asked.

"Not yet. But it will be finished soon. I won't delay the production. Mr. Santosh, I can handle it." Looking up at Santosh, Eva felt nervous and stood up.

"It's okay. You can continue your work now." Then he went back to her office.

After closing the door, Santosh turned around and looked at Eva's busy figure, with inexplicable emotions in his deep eyes.

In fact, he didn't tell her what had happened this time. He didn't pay much attention to the paintings because they were taken away by Cathy before he looked at them carefully the first day.

It was not until he met Leon that he realized what had happened.

However, he didn't want to help her out. He just wanted to train her by this opportunity.

A good designer needed time to practice so that he could be successful.

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