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   Chapter 20 The King's Heart Is Unpredictable (Part One)

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"I'm Santosh. See you in the parking lot downstairs in five minutes. Don't be late." Santosh's deep voice came through the phone.

"Mr. Santosh, I..."

"What? Do you want to say no? See you in five minutes. Don't let me wait for you." Santosh interrupted Eva's words and hung up the phone.

Hearing the busy tone on the phone, Eva helplessly put down the phone and packed up her things.

Five minutes later, they were both in the parking lot.

Santosh had been lost in thought since he got in the car, and he seemed to have no intention of starting the car.

Eva turned her head to have a look but didn't dare to say something.


It was so embarrassing. Eva felt that she couldn't stay here any longer and wondered if she should find some topic to talk about. But Santosh seemed to be unhappy. She didn't know what to do.

Santosh was thinking about Eva's resume. 'Why haven't I found that Eva is also from Shanghai and her tutor is the famous designer Jake?' Jake was Santosh's friend!

It seemed that he only watched the video and her design draft at that time and then decided to hire her. He didn't pay too much attention to her resume.

In the afternoon, he made a phone call to Jake and confirmed it.

Jake said that Eva was his proud student. If Santosh tried his best to discover the good points of Eva, he would have some unexpected surprises.

'So, why didn't Jack call me in advance?'

"Well, Mr. Santosh, when are we leaving?" Asked Eva bravely.

"What? Oh, yes. Let's go." Santosh came to his senses, starting the car and asked Eva, "What do you want to eat?"

"What? I can have anything. I'm not picky on food. " Eva replied immediately.

"Okay, I know a restaurant where the food is delicious. Let's go and eat there." Santosh thought for a while and decided to go to his friend's restaurant. The environment was quiet and the food was delicious. It was suitable for talking.

"Okay, Santosh."

When the car stopped at the gate, Eva got off the car and looked at the restaurant. It was really special and she liked it very much.

The idyllic decoration and the quiet music were both her favorite!

"Let's go inside." Looking at Eva's happy face, Santosh knew that he was right.

This restaurant was opened by his junior high school classmate Ryan.

Ryan liked the pastoral style and he said that he didn't pursue too many things. In order to have a place for the brothers to get together, he opened such a restaurant, which was called "Fate Is You".

It was a small restaurant with a combination of Chinese and Western food.

"Santosh, how could you find such a good place?" Looking at the environment while walking forward, Eva thought it was so beautiful.

"This belongs to my friend, Ryan. You will meet him later." Santosh had made a call to Ryan before.

"Santosh! Here you come." As soon as Santosh finished his words, he heard the voice of Ryan.

Eva also raised her head and looked at the direction where the voice came from. It was a handsome guy!

"Yes. Have you prepared all the things?" Santosh stepped forward and hugged Ryan.

"Well, I have left the best seat for you. Who is this beautiful girl?" Noticing Eva who was standing next to him, Ryan asked.

"She is a designer in my company." Santosh briefly introduced, "This is Eva. This is my friend, Ryan. "

"Hello! Mr. Ryan, I'm Eva. " Eva was a little bit embarrassed. 'How could he call me a beautiful girl? I'm a mother of a child who is several years old.'

"You don't have to call me Mr. Ryan. Just call me Ryan. It's very kind to call me in this way." Then he winked at Eva.

"Okay. Ryan. "

Eva found that Santosh's friend was quite interesting. He was totally different from Santosh. She really didn't know how they could be friends.

"Well, it's no early now. Let's have dinner first." Santosh interrupted the warm communication between the two.

"Okay, you go there by yourselves. I'll arrange the dinner for you. See you later, beauty! "

"See you later." Eva waved her hand with a smile. She really thought that Ryan was an interesting and nice person.

"Well, let's eat first."

When all the dishes were served, Eva felt that the trip was not in vain. The dishes in front of her were all appetizing.

"Just eat. Can you be full by looking at the dishes?" Santosh looked at her who was excited now but didn't eat anything.

"Well, does Ryan eat with us?" Eva remembered that Ryan had just said that he would see her later

"Don't take it seriously. Those are some polite words. He has already left. Do you fall in love with him? " Santosh was inexplicably irritable and his tone was not very good.

"No, Santosh, don't talk nonsense, please. He just said that he would see you later. I thought you had an appointment for dinner."

Eva was so depressed because she just wanted to know whether Ryan would eat together. Why did Santosh say that she fell in love with Ryan?

"Well, let's eat. It won't taste good if it's cold." Santosh also felt that he had gone too far, but he was too embarrassed to apologize.

"Okay, Santosh. By the way, Santosh, have you said that you have something to ask me? " It suddenly occurred to Eva what Santosh had said this morning.

"Well, let's have dinner first. I'll ask you later." Santosh said as he picked up food for Eva.

"Thank you, Santosh. I can do it myself. Please enjoy your meal!" Although Eva was careless, she knew that only close friends could pick up food for others.

She didn't want to make the rumor become true and be the target of public criticism.

After the meal, Santosh didn't ask anything. Eva couldn't help asking, "Mr. Santosh, what on earth do you want to ask me?"

"Nothing special. Is Jake your teacher? " Santosh suddenly felt that he couldn't say something, so he asked casually.

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