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   Chapter 19 Take The Initiative To Apologize (Part Two)

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As for her son, last time he was just angry and bickered with him. Next time he had a chance to have a good talk with him.

Jason was an interesting boy, and Eva was more interesting.

Santosh looked at Eva and found that she was so comfortable with him no matter how he looked at her.

"Well, I see. No third person will know this. No, your genius knows it too. All in all, except me, no other person will know what we are talking about today. I won't fire you and you don't have to bear the loss of the company. Just pretend that nothing has happened, okay? "

"Mr. Santosh! Don't you punish me? I have caused such a great loss to the company, and make you be laughed at. " Eva's face was full of astonishment. She couldn't believe it.

Although it seemed to be good for her, when did Santosh become so easy-going? Were the rumors all fake? Did he lose his temper just because of his illusion? Or did he take the wrong medicine today?

Maybe he was playing with her.

Eva thought it was more likely that he was making a joke with her.

"Didn't you hear what I said? Just forget it. You can go to work as usual! Of course, you have to have dinner with me after work tonight as a condition, OK? I have something to ask you! "

Santosh wanted to knock on Eva's head to see if there was anyone who would make trouble for herself! How masochistic she was!

"What are you going to do after you get out of here? Don't think too much. Just focus on your work. I'm a man of my word. I won't hold you accountable."

Santosh thought it was necessary for him to figure out something.

He was a very calm person. How could he be so restless when it came to Eva?

And the sense of familiarity from Eva also confused him.

He had never been close to women. How could this woman make him feel at ease and want to be close to her?

"Mr. Santosh? Are you really going to let it go? Is that all? Did I hear it wrongly? " Eva still couldn't believe what she heard. 'Was this man Santosh I had ever known?' Although his temper was still very bad.

"Yes! You didn't mishear. This is my decision. Besides, you have been working for a long time. Do you still want to do your work today? Are you going to postpone it until tomorrow? " Santosh resisted the urge to throw Eva out.

'Is this woman really stupid or just pretending? Everyone else wants to get rid of such a thing totally, but she wants to take the blame.'

"Ah! Sorry! I'm sorry! Thank you! Thank you, Mr. Santosh! Thank you so much! I know. I will work harder! I have to go now. "

As she spoke incoherently, she took the coffee cup and was about to g

o out.

"Don't forget to wait for me after work. Don't leave on your own." Santosh was amused by her reaction and reminded her.

"Oh! I remember. " Eva said yes and went out.

After the door was closed, Santosh looked at the back of Eva and he was lost in thought.

'Eva, who are you?'

"Is that the HR department? Send Eva's resume to my computer in a minute. I want to see it." Santosh called the HR manager and ordered.

After Eva leaving the office, she let out a long sigh of relief.

It was so frightening. It was like a turning point, with a slim chance of survival.

She didn't expect Santosh to be so easy-going today. It seemed that she didn't know him well. In fact, he was a good man. She had to work harder in the future.

Although Eva was thinking about it, she didn't know that she had been included in the investigation list by the person who used to be nice.

Seeing that Eva walked out of Santosh's office, Cathy was so angry that her face was almost distorted.

'Why? Why could Eva be so close to Santosh? Why did Santosh smile at that ugly face and talk for so long in the office early in the morning?'

'She must be a wanton woman who relies on her body to get the position.'

"Bang!" Cathy pounded on the table.

'Damn it! I'll reveal your true colors. You'll lose your reputation in Dolly. Get out of Dolly and let Santosh see the ugly side of you!'

Cathy, who was trapped in love, didn't notice that her hand was injured.

Time flied. It was time to get off work.

Rae packed up her things and was about to get off work. When she looked up, she saw that Eva was still working hard.

"Eva! Why don't you leave now? Are you off duty? "

Eva raised her head and saw that her colleagues had all packed up their things and were about to leave. Rae was greeting her.

"I still have some work to finish. You can leave first, Rae." Eva said, smiling at Rae.

Eva was very grateful to Rae for her help in the accident about the design draft last time.

Although they were not very close to each other, Rae could still tell her something in that situation. Normally, only Rae and the manager would say hello to her.

Sometimes, Eva would reflect on herself. 'Do I really do something wrong? I don't get along well with the colleagues. Am I really as stupid as my son says?'

Eva felt both distressed and embarrassed.

"Well, I'm leaving now. See you tomorrow!"

"See you tomorrow!" Eva waved at Rae and turned back to continue her work.

"Du Du..."

"Hello! This is Dolly Company. I'm Eva. What can I do for you? " Eva picked up the phone in front of her.

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