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   Chapter 16 A Fierce Lion

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He felt that the person in front of him was not a person, but a fierce lion.

And he, the prey was about to be eaten up.

"Fix the computer? You don't have to fix it. Go back and have a good rest today. You don't have to come here again." It clearly showed that this person had been fired.

A look of desolation instantly appeared on the young man's face.

He wanted to plead for mercy, but he was too scared to say a word under Santosh's cold eyes.

Everyone's eyes were full of sympathy. This guy was so unlucky!

He just insulted the boss! He was courting death.

But it was a weird thing today. The computers were fine yesterday, but why did it become like this after a night? The CEO must have offended someone he shouldn't have offended and been revenged.

Everyone had his own thoughts, but no one would say it out. It seemed that the boss was obviously angry. How could they say that?

If they did, they might be the next one to pack up and go home! Only a fool would cause their boss more trouble in such a situation.

After dismissing him, Santosh glanced around and said coldly, "What's wrong? Don't you work? Can't you do your work without the computer? Go and do other work first!"

At this moment, Santosh's voice was cold and dignified. The people standing beside him didn't dare to breathe.

After saying that, Santosh pretended to be angry and went to his office.

The whole company was in a bad mood because of Santosh's anger.

Everyone in the company held their breath and worked with their tails between their legs, fearing that they would be the next one to be affected by Santosh's anger.

However, Santosh still caught Eva. Under the sympathetic gaze of the crowd, she staggered into the office.

She was deeply worried, but she told herself, 'Going through this makes you stronger. Don't worry." She walked into Santosh's office.

"Sir, what can I do for you?" Eva lowered her head and asked timidly.

She was afraid that she might irritate Santosh again.

"What's wrong with your design? The whole design is in a mess. It doesn't fit the theme at all!"

Santosh's words were like a sharp knife, cutting through Eva's heart.

Santosh's fierce look really frightened Eva.

"I… I'll fix it right away," Eva stammered. It sounded that she was about to cry.

"Of course you have to correct it! It's your job. You should work hard! I'll see this design later. You have to finish it even if you have to work overtime."

"Yes..." Eva nodded heavily.

Her pretty face was as pale as a piece of white paper, and her lips were trembling. She couldn't say a word, and the corners of her eyes were even wet.

Seeing this, Santosh was stunned and instantly felt guilty.

He shouldn't have treated her so rudely.

But now that he had said it, how could he say it was his fault and then humble himself to comfort her?

He was indeed impulsive and irrational today.

Seeing that Santosh didn't say anything, Eva lowered her head and said in a low voice, "Mr. Qiu, if there's nothing else, I'll go out."

Santosh didn't know how to comfort her, so he nodded and let her out.

As soon as she walked out of Santosh's office, she got comfort from others.

A female employee sitting next to Eva patted her on the shoulder and said, "Eva, don't be sad. He was in a bad mood today. See? He had just fired someone. You're lucky. She could get off work as soon as possible. We women have a few days that we're unhappy, and it's hard to guarantee that our CEO and other men won't have those few days. Relax. It's not a big deal."

Eva thanked her and went back to her desk.

She pulled out her own tools and concentrated on revising the original design drawing.

Time passed quickly when one was concentrated.

And for Eva, she just forgot the time.

"No, this part doesn't fit," she murmured to herself. Everyone had already clocked out one after another.

"Eva, I'm leaving. Remember to lock the door when you go out!"

One of Eva's colleagues reminded her before she went out, but she only received a reply of "yes". It was unknown whether she understood or not.

Santosh hesitated for a long time and couldn't think of a way to comfort Eva, so he put down the folder in his hand and walked out of the office, intending to go home.

When he walked out of the office, he found that the light in the office where Eva was still on. He thought to himself, "Is that stupid woman still working on her design draft?"

Thinking of this, he unconsciously walked towards the office and slowed down his steps.

When he arrived at the door

of the office, he saw the person who made him hesitate for a long time. She was concentrating on drawing.

Santosh's face, which had been tense all day long, finally showed a smile.

He just stood at the door and looked at her for a long time. He also giggled, as if looking at some treasure. His eyes were full of love and pity.

Even he himself didn't know that.

Under the light, Eva's fair and tender skin was shining with bright white light. Her long black silky hair was wantonly draped over her shoulders.

There was only concentration on her delicate face and meticulousness in her eyes. She didn't notice that someone was looking at her outside and when she was wholeheartedly doing her work.

The air was as sweet as honey, and Santosh's eyes were full of tenderness.

He thought that Eva's appearance was much better than usual.

Santosh had made up his mind to invite Eva to a big meal to comfort her.

Santosh thought, "It was my fault to scold her before. She indeed didn't make much mistake. The theme of the design was not clear enough, and it was not completely her fault. It was just that I was too angry and my tone was too harsh. I should apologize to her after dinner. That's all."

In view that Eva was always afraid of him, Santosh cautiously pushed the office door open and quietly walked to her side, trying not to disturb her.

But somehow, Santosh felt that it was difficult for him to express his true feelings in front of Eva.

Therefore, his tender look was replaced by a cold one the moment he saw Eva.

Santosh, with a cold face as usual, quietly walked to the side of Eva.

It could be seen that she was still busy with her design drawing, and she was a little unhappy without noticing him.

So he said, "Eva."

This was just a gentle call, just like the previous colleagues greeting with Eva, only to be greeted by Eva, "Yes."

Seeing her like this, the handsome man intended to persuade her patiently.

"Eva, it's time to have dinner. Health is more important than work. If you get sick, you can't work anymore."

The little woman still didn't raise her head. She didn't even notice that the one who talked to her was the CEO, Santosh, whom she was so scared of.

But she said to the person who seemed to care about her very much, "A moment later, I'll be off duty soon. I'm almost done with it. This is my work. Even if the CEO didn't ask me to modify it, I will change it myself. Don't worry. I'll have dinner soon."

Santosh remained silent for a while.

Then he found a chair behind her and sat down to wait for her.

He didn't know what he was looking at or thinking. Santosh just stared at her and wanted to sort out something.

It was supposed to be a long time waiting for Eva to work, but Santosh felt it was a short time. Before he could see her beautiful face clearly, Eva finished, stretching her arms.

The clock on the wall kept ticking, but the scene in the room seemed to have stopped.

Santosh, who was staring at Eva, and Eva, who was concentrating on her work, became a still picture.

After a long time, the pretty woman finally stretched out her slender waist, rubbed her eyes with her small hands and ended the long work.

When she turned around, she found that Santosh was sitting still behind her.

Eva's heart rose to her throat in an instant.

"Mr… Mr. Qiu, I've changed it. Do you want to see it now?" Eva looked like a frightened rabbit, afraid that she would be eaten by the tiger in front of her.

Santosh replied, "I saw it. I've been watching it for a long time."

There seemed to be some complaints in his tone.

Eva frowned and replied, "I'm sorry. I've been working on it for too long."

'Did I annoy him by using too much time on this work?' she asked herself.

To her surprise, Santosh looked at her and said, "So, can we have dinner now?"

The way the man asked was exactly like how her son did it. He acted like a spoiled child.

However, this man was not her son after all. This strange feeling was probably an illusion.

After thing about the several unpleasant experiences previously, Eva immediately said, "No, sir. I have something else to do."

The handsome man frowned and said angrily, "I invited you to dinner, but you wanted to refuse? Are you okay?"

After pondering for a long time, Eva thought that she had something to do. Anyway, whatever it was, she just wanted to find an excuse. She just didn't want to have dinner with Santosh.

Just as the two of them were in a stalemate, another person pushed open the glass door of the office and came in.

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