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   Chapter 15 A Revenge

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But when Hilton tried to comfort her, she dodged.

After dodging, Eva added, "Hilton, let's get out of the car."

The series of actions made Hilton's heart ache to the extreme.

He frowned and pursed his thin lips. He could neither put down his hand nor reach it. He could only hang it in the air.

A few seconds later, he seemed to understand what she was thinking, so he clenched his fists and put down his hand.

Hilton sighed and thought, 'It's the third time… Does she really want to leave? Well… In that case, I'll let her go.'

Hilton unlocked the door and let the two get out of the car.

He sat in the car for a while and watched them for a long time. Then he silently followed them as they went home.

After getting out of the car with her dear son, she grabbed Jason's thin shoulder and said, "Let's go home. Come on, I'll hold you and you won't be tired."

Seeing that his mother had made up her mind, Jason didn't say anything more.

For Jason, he would protect his mother well even if he was alone.

But his mother's sad expression made him sad. He felt even sadder when he thought of his mother who had suffered so much and was bullied outside.

He pouted and blinked his big eyes like two clear spring water, trying hard not to cry.

"Mom, I'm not tired. I can walk home by myself. Mom, don't hold me. I can do it," Jason explained to her over and over again that he didn't need her help just to make her feel better.

When the two of them arrived home, it was already dark.

The night sky was full of stars and the moon was high in the sky.

Their legs were as heavy as lead, and each step they took weighed a thousand pounds.

They felt dizzy, as if they were about to fall into bed.

Although Jason was tired, his dark eyes were full of anger.

The raging anger was burning in his heart, as if it was going to burn everything that had murdered his mother to ashes.

But now he needed to figure out who caused his mother's displeasure.

Jason cautiously asked, "Mom, why are you unhappy? Did that CEO do something bad?"

The expression on Eva's face suddenly froze. She quickly said, "I'm not unhappy at all. The boss… Well, he… He didn't do anything bad."

Speaking of Santosh, there was a flash of sadness on her face.

Eva's hesitation and sadness were all seen by Jason and he kept in mind.

It was really that bad guy!

Thinking of what his mother had said in her dream before, he immediately turned his anger into a volcano, and planned to burn all the things that made his mother upset.

His little face was tight and he didn't say anything. His eyes were shining and no one knew what he was thinking about.

After Eva went to bed, he quietly turned on his computer and began to do something important.

The screen of the tablet computer instantly showed a pile of data that ordinary people could not understand.

Piles of complex data popped out, which was really dazzling.

However, these data were tools for him to revenge for his mother.

His small hands moved quickly on the keyboard like playing the piano, and the click of the mouse was heard continuously.

In less than three minutes, he hacked Santosh's company ID.

Then he turned off all the computers in the company, and typed a few words on the screen, "This is a curse. Santosh is a bastard. After reading these words, your computer will be normal."

The dim light in the bedroom lit up a corner in front of the computer desk.

Jason's white and tender face showed a look of joy because of the successful revenge.

The light in his eyes became brighter and brighter, and his two black and bright eyes were rolling. He laughed out loud as he thought of something.

Now Jason felt that the tiredness of walking home had been swept away, leaving only joy and joy.

He was even a little complacent.

The arrogant CEO must be punished by someone.

As the saying went, "Karma will come back."

That man bullied his mother. He just took a little revenge on him. It was nothing wrong.

He was in high spirits at the thought of Santosh's angry face tomorrow morning.

Staring at the complicated data on the table, Jason continued to ponder on something.

After thinking about it for less than a minute, he began to work again to eliminate all traces of his intrusion into the system.

When he almost made a scene in the computers of Santosh's company, he finally turned off the computer with satisfaction and went to bed to rest.

His black hair, like seaweed, stuck to his face. He held the quilt with a happy face.

After a while, he fell asleep. But even so, he was still smiling complacently.

He had never thought how serious the trouble he had made was.

The sun rose as usual on the

second day. The faint golden light passed through the green leaves and shone on the gray cement floor.

Most of the office workers came and went on the street. They were holding office bags and eating breakfast. Some were anxious, while some were numb.

After breakfast, they walked into their company, started to work, and then went home after work. It was supposed to be a day's schedule.

But today, something big happened in the Dolly Group, which made all the staff in the company in a mess and out of order.

It was eight o'clock in the morning. Santosh hadn't arrived at the company yet. Everyone in the company was in a hurry because the computer was hacked.

In Santosh's company, a young man in a white shirt and black trousers had just come to work by subway from home. Unexpectedly, as soon as he arrived at the company, he was informed that the computer in the company had been hacked, and he might not be able to work today. As for this matter…

Unable to work made the young man frown. He stared at the people standing or sitting next to him, thinking if he could solve the problem, and then turned on his computer.

After he turned on his computer, he saw a few red words on the top of the computer. "This is a curse. Santosh is a bastard. After reading these words, your computer will be normal."

The black background of the red words looked like a mysterious curse from a witch. If one saw it in the middle of the night, it would be very frightening.

Looking at these words, the young man made up his mind to have a try.

The young man thought, 'Maybe this is really a curse. Maybe it would work after reading it. There is an old saying, 'You'd rather believe than not.' Besides, I won't lose anything if I have a try.'

The bustling company attracted the attention of Santosh, who just arrived at the company.

Santosh was still handsome, and his strong figure was set off by a straight suit. He was confused now and didn't know what had happened.

Santosh thought, 'Why is the usual quiet office is so unusual today? What happened?'

As the noise became louder, the doubts in his heart gradually deepened.

Feeling this was too strange, he soon stepped into the large office where everyone was.

The office was rather strange today. Everyone was working on their computer.

A group of staff, whether male or female, old or young, were all sitting in front of several computers. He wondered what they were doing.

Why didn't they work during working hours? What were they doing!

Santosh was a little angry. If they couldn't give a reasonable explanation, they would be punished, and if they gave a reasonable explanation, they would also be punished according to the situation.

If everyone could do whatever they wanted in the company, it would be a mess!

After figuring out how to deal with these people who were not doing their work during working hours, Santosh wanted to go over and ask them what they were doing in detail.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he opened the crystal clear glass door of the office, he heard a young man with his back to him staring at the computer for a long time. Then he said, "This is a curse. Santosh is a bastard. After reading these words, your computer will be normal."

The man said so loudly that almost everyone in the office could hear him.

Santosh, who had heard it clearly, had a livid face.

At this moment, his face was as dark as coal.

The noisy people in the office stopped talking the moment they saw Santosh.

Except for the guy who was targeted by Santosh, everyone else consciously kept silent.

The whole office was so quiet that even a pin dropping could be heard clearly.

Several kind-hearted colleagues were still winking at that person, but that person did not notice it at all.

The unlucky young man found that his computer did not recover after he finished the words on the screen. He wanted to ask others what to do, but when he looked up, he found that everyone was ten meters away from him.

"What's wrong with you? Aren't you going to fix the computer? How can we fix them if they hide so far away?" he muttered to himself.

Santosh silently walked behind the man and patted him on the shoulder.

A pair of obsidian like eyes flashed with cold light.

Being stared at by Santosh like this, the young man couldn't help but feel cold on his back and his breath stopped.

The man finally sensed that something was wrong. He quickly put on a flattering face and looked back.

Although he was young, his skills and abilities were recognized by everyone.

"Hello, boss! We are fixing the computer here. It's not a big deal!" he greeted. Although the man said so, he was so scared that his voice trembled slightly.

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