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   Chapter 14 An Unbreakable Curse

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Jason, who was standing next to Eva, was neither as angry as that he was when he faced Santosh, nor as naughty as the boy who made a scene in the company. He just obediently watched Eva work and drank the water that Eva poured for him. He held the glass in both hands, which made him become so lovely.

He was a good and obedient child. Only when Eva got hurt, he would stretch out his teeth and try to protect her with his little body.

When the work was over, it was time for Eva to get off work. Cathy walked in swaggeringly and said to her arrogantly, "Santosh is very angry about what happened today, but according to the fact that you are talented, I will deduct your salary for a month as compensation for the loss of the company."

When Cathy said these words, she had already gritted her teeth in her heart. But since there were many other employees around Eva, she couldn't announce it loudly in front of everyone.

What Cathy didn't know was that in Jason's heart, he had painted a big cross on her beautiful face. 'Cathy is a bad woman. I will retaliate against the person who bullied my mother with the CEO sooner or later!'

"Thank you, Cathy." Eva lowered her head and began to pack up her things. She didn't know how to reply Cathy.

Although it was the greatest gift for her that the company didn't fire her, she felt upset at the thought of the way Santosh looked at her.

After Cathy left, Eva packed up her things and took Jason out of the company. She didn't expect that she would meet her ex-boyfriend, Hilton.

"Eila? Are you just off duty? My car is right here. Let me drive you home, "said Hilton. He was very happy to meet Eva here. However, Eva didn't want to talk to him too much.

At this moment, Jason suddenly noticed that Santosh was staring at his mother Eva in front of the window of the company building. Jason had an idea.

"Mom, I'm so tired. Let Uncle Hilton drive us home." Jason said, dragging Eva to go into Hilton's car.

Eva had no choice but to follow her son into the car. What she didn't know was that all these were seen by Santosh.

As the sun set, everything returned to peace.

Looking at the rays of dark red golden light scattered on the layers of clouds, Eva felt that the golden light seemed to have put a layer of golden wedding dress on the clouds.

Looking at the colorful evening glows in the sky, Eva couldn't help feeling sad.

The layers of clouds that were blown by the strong wind turned into children, wedding dresses, bride, and... It was Santosh.

In the end, the clouds were completely blown away by the wind, leaving no trace, which completely shattered all her thoughts.

All of this was like a dream, which had never ended since seven years ago. Eva didn't know when she could get rid of this annoying situation.

Perhaps she could find a way to solve all the problems she encountered now.

The light of the setting sun passed through the gap of the window and sprinkled on Eva. At this moment, she was a little bit sad, but she was still as beautiful as a painting. She looked like a fairy from the nine mortals.

Hilton was absent-minded while driving.

His heart was beating so fast that it revealed the master's mind in less than a second.

'With so many years passing by, she is still the same as before.' 'If that matter hadn't happened, would we have had a different ending?' 'No, no, we are not over yet. We can start again, and we can continue our relationship. '

Eva's appearance was the same as that of the past. She was still very young and lovely. It seemed that she had been fixed in the girlhood by God, so she always looked like a young girl.

But her body was very graceful, and inexplicably had a sense of flirtation.

How could he be unmoved by her innocent face, her gentle and kind heart, her bewitching figure and enviable talents?

For so many years, he still couldn't forget her appearance!

Hilton felt that Eva who was next to him was as beautiful as before.

He even had an inexplicable feeling that nothing had changed between them. As long as he worked hard, they would definitely make up their relationship and they would be the lovers as before.

It was hard to find a good girl like Eva in the world. After all, he had been unable to forget her for so many years and had always been hoping to be with her again.

Hilton and Eva kept silent for a long time. The two of them had something in their minds and they didn't know how to speak to each other after so many years.

The atmosphere was too quiet, as if there was a pool of stagnant water around.

Jason was not very happy when he saw his mother looking out of the window at the clouds sadly. He wanted to make his mum talk to her so-called friend so that she could distract her attention and return to the state in which his mother was cheerful, optimistic and careless.

Therefore, the child who was sitting in the back seat quietly rolled his eyes and thought for a while. Then he broke the ice.

"Mom, who is this uncle?"

The unique clear voice of the child brought the tw

o people back to their senses instantly.

Eva turned to her son and explained, "Jason, this is Uncle Hilton. He is my friend. You have to be more obedient. Don't make any trouble like what you have done before."

She was always gentle and powerful to her son.

Hilton who was sitting next to Eva was shocked when he heard that Jason called Eva mum. His mind went blank for a second and he didn't know what to do.

"Eva, is this... Is it your child? " His tone was so surprised that he paused for a while.

"Yes. He is seven years old now. He is smart, sensible and obedient. He is a good child. "

He had thought that the boy was just the child of her relative. He didn't expect that the boy was her own child.

Hilton suddenly felt that his heart was gripped by an invisible hand. An indescribable pain spread all over his body.

This sudden incident made his soul and body painful as if they were going to be ground into pieces by a meat grinder.

Enduring the sadness in his heart, he asked Eva with concern, "Who is the father of the child and where is he?"

It turned out that so many things became different for them during the years when they hadn't met each other.

The stars shining in the sky did not change their operating paths, nor did the rivers flowing on the ground change their direction of flowing. Everything was the same as before, but that person had changed this time. This was probably what people in the world had said that things were still there, but men were no more the same ones.

Maybe God had arranged everything for people. People, however, would still return to or follow the path they had arranged.

Eva didn't answer, and a sad look appeared on her face.

Seeing this, Hilton thought that she might have a hard time, so he still had a chance.

He turned the steering wheel gently to control the car and thought about how to continue the conversation with Eva.

Black and white tall buildings stood on both sides of the road. The setting sun, coming to shine, warmed the cold room.

Hilton drove his car slowly on the black asphalt road, passing one intersection after another.

After a long time, he still didn't hear any reply from Eva. Hilton called her name, "E... Eva? "

It was not that Eva didn't want to make a reply but that at that moment, she remembered the terrible memory of that year, which made her hesitate about whether to talk about it or not.

The memory was like a fish bone in the throat, scratching her throat so painful that she could not say a word.

"The boy's... As soon as Eva opened her mouth, she felt that tears in her eyes were about to fall. She tried her best to hold back the tears and turned her head away.

She turned her head to look out of the window. Looking at the scenery passing by, she calmed down, but she could not help recalling the past.

How couldn't she think about all the things on that night which included a strange man, a night of romance, and a child who didn't know whose father was?

Once things started seven years ago, they couldn't go back.

She really couldn't go back to the past. Sometimes she could only walk forward without turning around.

Seeing the tension between them become embarrassed again, Jason tried to find another way to solve the current problem.

But before Jason could think of anything, Eva managed to say, "Hilton, let us get off the car."

Hilton said in surprise, "What? ?"

He looked out of the window and found that the sky was dark. The night market vendors who sold fruits, clothes and drinks around had already set up a shed to do business. All the families had turned on the lights, watched TV and enjoyed the night leisure and entertainment.

It was getting late. They only drove half of the road. The two of them couldn't carry any things on their shoulders. I can't let them get off the car and go home on their own, can I?"

Hilton anxiously persuaded, "Eva, it's too late. Besides, it's far from your home. You're a single mother and your son doesn't have a father. It's easy to get into trouble. Let me drive you back, will you?"

However, Eva still said, "Hilton, let us get off the car."

Eva thought that if she didn't leave, she couldn't hold on any longer.

That deep sadness and worries kept gushing out from her chest, making her only want to leave here now.

Hilton pulled over the car, but he didn't unlock it. He just wanted to persuade her not to leave, but he didn't expect that the beautiful and optimistic face of Eva was full of sadness.

There was a sad expression on her innocent and optimistic face. Her red lips, which were always curved, tightly closed at this moment, revealing the pain of her master. Her bright eyes, which were like the starry river at night, burst out a crystal tear.

Seeing that Eva trembled slightly and looked extremely sad, Hilton could not help feeling sorry for her. He felt that the whole world had been turned into darkness because of her unhappiness, and there was infinite sadness left between heaven and earth and between mountains and rivers.

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