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   Chapter 13 Like Burning In The Fire

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Perhaps it was because he found it hard to accept the fact that Eva had a son, or perhaps it was because Eva's son, Jason, had pointed fingers at him and accused him of being supercilious, or perhaps he had heard from her son that she didn't like people like him at all.

'People like me...' 'What kind of person am I? How ridiculous it is!'

Santosh was so angry that he didn't know how to control his anger. No one could resist him in such a way, and no one could treat him like this. His heart became so restless. The anger of being cheated by Eva made Santosh feel so angry just like burning in the fire.

But he ignored the anger in his heart which was in the instinct of bloodline and which only reminded him a little bit. He ignored that kind of anger which came from Jason who didn't know him at all but criticized him.

From the bottom of his heart, he didn't like Jason to talk to him in that manner. It was an instinct of his blood.

Of course, at this time, Santosh, who had been infuriated by Jason, had already ignored such a feeling. When he recalled this moment in the future, he would secretly laugh at the valuable and wonderful blood relationship.

"Shut up! ! !"

Santosh pounded the table with all his strength, standing up and glaring at Jason.

It was shocking that a dignified CEO would argue with a child.

Santosh's fire was extinguished because of Eva (Santosh had a claustrophobia attack in the elevator last time). But the fire was burnt because of her too.

It was hard for Santosh to imagine that Eva might be the most magnificent change in his perfect and accurate life journey.

She had changed his life. She was the destined woman and she was the brightest star in his life.

"Wow !" Jason was shocked by Santosh's words and fell to the ground.

He couldn't help bursting into tears.

He was frightened by Santosh, and he was also angry because he thought he was too weak to protect his mum, Eva.

It turned out that this was the world of adults.

However, except that he cried out by instinct because of being frightened, Jason, a genius, suddenly came up with another idea.

He cried and ran out of the room, shouting in the corridor.

"The CEO beats a child.. Boo... Hoo A bad boss beats a child... Boo... Hoo... "

Just imagine that if a child cried and screamed in the corridor of Dolly Clothing Company which was one of the world famous companies and he even shouted that the CEO of the company beat him, what would happen now?

"Hey! Come here, kid! Don't run around here! "

"Stop crying! Stop shouting! All the senior leaders are here! "

"Kid, don't talk nonsense. Santosh is such a good man and he is an adult. How could he hit a child like you?"

"But look at this child. Why is he crying so pitifully? Tears are all over his face!"

For a moment, the whole company was in a mess. People put aside their work. Some of them laughed and watched the scene of bustle, some looked at it for fun, and some were anxious and didn't know what to do and began to report it to their leaders. The scene was very chaotic.

Eva had been focusing on her work all the time. Recently, there was a design drawing to be revised, so she had been immersed in her own work world. She didn't know that the company had been messed up by her son, Jason.

So when she got to news from the colleague who knew that Jason was Eva's son, she was still in a daze and didn't know what exactly happened.

"Why are you still standing there? The leader of the company is angry. Go and take your son away! " The female colleague who came to inform looked at Eva who was still in a daze anxiously and said in a disappointed tone.

"Yes, I know." Eva seemed to be awakened. She stood up quickly and rushed to the floor of the CEO's office.

When Eva found her crying son, Jason, her heart trembled.

Seeing Jason crying sadly and shouting "mommy" in her arms, Eva had already calmed down. The anger for his coming to the company alone had disappeared. But now the anger turned into the fear.

Eva clearly knew how hard she got this work. Before entering the company, she had considered for a long time when she hesitated to fill in the "unmarried" column in her personal information. Because the company had requirements for this profession, she had no choice but to do so.

Now, her son, Jason, made such a fuss in the company that everyone knew that she had a son.

Now she not only offended the CEO, but also would lose her job.

Eva lowered her head in a hurry to comfort her son. She turned her head inadvertently and saw Santosh looking at her blankly. His deep eyes were full of Eva's figure and there were inexplicable thoughts in them.

There was anger, confusion and...

Eva couldn't help widening her eyes. She just stared at the Santosh's eyes and couldn't take her eyes off him.

'How could it be...?' 'How could it be painful?'

'Does the fact that I have a child bring him great pain?'

When Eva looked at Santosh in disbelief, Cathy also looked at him not far away. She also saw the immeasurable anger and pain in Santosh's eyes.

She mixed anger and pain in her mind, like two burning flames, up and down, bright and dark. Soon, her reason was burnt out.

At this time, she couldn't be totally sure about Santosh's feelings for Eva, but her sixth sense, which was born with a woman, told her that Santosh was particularly concerned about Eva now.

Moreover, Santosh was so concerned about Eva that even if he didn't distinguish between public and private affairs, he wouldn't be afraid of being known by others.

Such unwillingness and jealousy, like a little snake controlled by a flute, devoured her heart bit by bit.

'No!' 'My love for Santosh was as much as others, let alone Eva!' 'Everyone is the same!'

'And now that things has turned out like this, how could Santosh accept Eva?'

'It might be a matter of time. After all, Eva has made love with the other man and has a son. She also hides the news from the company. Santosh will not accept her.'

Thinking of this, Cathy gradually calmed down.

'Yes, a woman like her, even if she wants to compete with me, she will definitely not be able to beat me. In terms of appearance, or time around Santosh, or the understanding of Santosh, she is not as good as me, let alone her family background.'

A sense of joy burst out from Cathy's heart. She couldn't even control the smile at the corners of her mouth.

At the same time, the only person who was thinking more than Cathy was probably Santosh.

If he was irritated at the beginning, he still had a glimmer of hope in a small place in his heart.

He hoped that it was only a mistake or it was not what he thought.

'How good would it be if it were just mistaken by Cathy or it were Jason's childish trick?'

But now, when he saw Jason call her "Mom..." The moment Jason fell into Eva's arms, Santosh heard his heart broken. The pillar in his heart that had been supporting him all the time seemed to fall.

"Boom!" After a loud noise, they felt as if they had collapsed.

"Santosh, I'm sorry. Jason is still naive. I don't mean to bother you." As if Eva finally came to her senses, she quickly stood up to apologize to Santosh.

Santosh glanced at her coldly and said nothing. Then he turned around and walked into the office.

"Bang!" Then he closed the door.

In fact, it couldn't be called "slamming the door". He came into office without making any sound, but it just shocked Eva.

Eva had never seen Santosh look at her in such a cold way. It seemed that he would pull her in at a glance and freeze her.

There was a deathly silence in the heart, as if he would never see the sun.

"Mom, don't apologize to this bad CEO. You didn't do anything wrong. He bullied you!" Seeing that Santosh was so indifferent to Eva's apology, Jason couldn't tolerate anymore.

He struggled to get out of Eva's arms and kept pulling the corner of her clothes.

"…… You are still young. You know nothing. " Eva sighed deeply and didn't know how to tell Jason.

The child was born early when she was only a little girl in her early twenties. She just thought that since the child had been in her body and come to this world, she should give him the chance to see the beauty of the world instead of strangling him in her womb for her other excuses in life.

Therefore, as a mother, she gave birth to her son out of instinct. Fortunately, the mother and son were both safe, and Jason was so smart and intelligent.

However, although Jason's genius-like intelligence was gratified, as a mother, Eva still hoped that he could grow up healthily and live a good life. As for the education of children, she had thought about it for a long time.

This time, when her son came to her company to make a scene, he not only offended the CEO, but also had an influence on other's impressions of Eva.

However, Eva was not afraid at all. She would protect her son well.

But she didn't know how to tell her son about the worldly wisdom such as how to treat the superior. She didn't know how to tell him that the company was not a tolerant place. And during this period, a job was very important for the two of them in this society.

Finally, she just sighed and touched Jason's head to express her gratitude for his protection. Then she took her son back to her workplace and continued to work.

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