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   Chapter 12 The Instinct of The Bloodline

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'This is the man I love deeply, 'Cathy said to herself in her heart.

"What's the matter?" Santosh asked and didn't even raise his head.

"Eva's son comes to the company and he says that he wants to see you. But he is stopped by the security guard." Cathy said in a neither humble nor pushy tone.

"Click!" The pen in his slender fingers was broken.

'Eva's...' 'Son?'!

Santosh's heart suddenly twitched, and he felt a severe pain. The pain rose from the left middle of his chest to the whole brain nerve.

"You... Say it again. What's the matter? " Santosh didn't notice that he began to stammer.

It was a little shocking and painful to Santosh. The pain was composed of seventy percent of disbelief and thirty percent of unacceptance.

"Eva's son came to the company to see you, but he was stopped by the security guard." Cathy thought that Santosh didn't hear it clearly, so she said loudly again.

There was a complacent smile in her tone.

'Eva, just wait and see!' 'I will teach you a lesson!'

However, things wouldn't go on as what she had thought.

"Bang! …… Clap! "

Santosh hit on the desk with his palm. The sound was so loud that it vibrated and scratched the air.

As a result, the folders on the table were shaken off and fell to the ground with a bang, which startled Cathy.

"Santosh... Mr. Santosh? " Cathy was shocked by Santosh's reaction. She stood still, not knowing what to do.

It took her a long time to remember to trot over. She squatted on the ground and helped Santosh pick up the folders scattering on the ground and the documents that fell down.

"Where is that child now?" Santosh asked in a low voice.

His voice was so low that it was not as calm as usual.

"He was... He was waiting in the security room. " Cathy replied.

It was the first time to see Santosh become so angry. She didn't even dare to raise her head to look at his handsome face.

"Security room?" Santosh frowned and took a deep breath. He seemed to be annoyed, "Since he wants to see me, bring him here."

"Mr. Santosh, I don't think it's a good idea." Seeing that Santosh still wanted to see Eva's son, Cathy became anxious at once. "Whoosh!" She stood up and said to Santosh.

"Why do you say that it' not good? Aha? Tell me the reason." Santosh stared at Cathy fiercely and didn't know where to vent his anger. He was so frightening that Cathy's legs went limp and she almost fell to the ground.

"Mr. Santosh, I think that Eva has already lied to the company when she entered the company. She lied to the column of "unmarried" in the personal information of her entry. Our Dolly Group should also recruit first-class designers. Their qualities and specialties are indispensable for evaluation. Now that she is in such a situation, I think it is necessary to give her a negative evaluation in character. So my suggestion is to fire her immediately, in case that the company will have a bad reputation."

At first, Cathy plucked up her courage to say that. But the more she said, the less confident she became. Her back was straight.

"…… Let's have a look first. Eva is a very talented designer, and she has her own style and unique characteristics in her design. If possible, I still think that such a talent should still stay as the company. You bring his son here, and I also want to see him. "

Hearing Cathy's words, Santosh kept silent for a while.

He sighed deeply but still couldn't resist the palpitation in his heart, and finally he chose to refuse Cathy's suggestion.

In fact, Santosh was not such a person in the past.

There was no doubt that Eva was a very talented designer. But as for a person who entered the company by telling lies, he did not need to think twice before firing her in the past. Only in this way could he establish the right direction of the company and let everyone work hard to make progress. This was one of the reasons why he ran the company so well.

But now, the reason why he wanted to keep Eva staying in the company was just because of her talent. Even Santosh himself didn't think that the reason was reasonable.

He knew how ridiculous it was, but he just couldn't help doing in this way.

He couldn't control the uncontrollable feeling in his heart at all. It could be said that there was even a trace of fear in his heart. Deep in his heart, he was afraid. He was afraid that in the future life, there wasn't such a woman called Eva.

At the thought of this, Santosh felt more painful in his left chest, and the pain was tearing.

He couldn't imagine the days without Eva. Even if he knew that she had a son and even though most of his heart was filled with disappointment and unwillingness, he still could not control himself to feel unrelieved.

Therefore, he would rather be regarded as the mediocre CEO of company and an unqualified leader of Dolly Clothing Company than lose Eva.

At this moment, he still didn't understand why he had these feelings.

But later, when Santosh recalled that moment, he knew that it might be during this

time that he began to fall in love with this woman deeply.

"Mr. Santosh!" Cathy really didn't understand why Santosh still protected Eva until now. She was so anxious that she even blurted out to call "Santosh". "I think it's really incorrect. If others in the company know that you deal with the problem in the way, you are... You are... ."

"Shut up! Who do you think you are talking to? " Santosh said in a lower voice.

He raised his eyebrows and pursed his thin lips tightly, as if he was under a strong sense of oppression. While speaking, his handsome face exuded an imposing aura.

The feeling of ruling the world made Cathy at a loss.

"What I have done has my own reason," said Santosh. He stretched out his slender fingers and gently rubbed his temples, looking very annoyed. "Go and bring that child up."

"…… Yes. " Cathy lowered her head.

She bit her lips tightly with tears welling up in her eyes.

The grievance in her chest gradually replaced her confusion about Santosh. It gradually turned into uncontrollable anger and strong hatred for Eva.

She had been working very hard since she entered the company. She had changed a lot for Santosh and learned a lot. Besides, Cathy was highly praised by everyone and had been trusted by Santosh all the time.

But now, he did this to her for the sake of Eva.

'It was so...' 'Unforgivable!' 'Eva!'

Santosh didn't notice the difference and the changes of Cathy. He was thinking about that child all the time. 'If Eva has a son, then what am I for her?' 'Is it a joke for her for what I have done these days?'

'Besides...' When thinking that Eva had made love with others and had a child, he felt it hard to accept the fact, and was deeply disappointed.

'It turns out that Eva has already had the fruit of love.'

When Cathy walked out of the office, Santosh lowered his head and buried it in his arm.

This was the only dignity he had as the CEO of Dolly Clothing Company. When others left, he could have a little fragility, which could only be understood by himself.

When he was child, he was trained as an elite from an early age and he had no childhood or had no time to rest. When other children could watch cartoon or play with their parents in the amusement park, he had to go home after a whole day's class, and he had to receive the guidance of private teachers. He was required to live a life like a well-mixed nutrition, which was suppressed as if he could not breathe. Things were the same as the past now…

Even though he learned that the woman he loved had already given birth to a child for another man, he still had the pride and self-esteem as the CEO of Dolly Clothing Company. He only left the fragility that could only be seen by himself, and only took a rest and showed his weakness when others weren't present.

The knock on the door reminded him of Cathy who brought Eva's son, Jason, to his office.

When others came, Santosh raised his head with determination in his eyes.

He was still the CEO of Dolly Clothing Company, the king of the world who had an imposing manner.

Cathy led Jason into the office and took a look at Santosh. She understood what he meant at once. She bowed her head, walked out of the office and gently closed the door.

'Is this the CEO who bullied my mum?' 'The CEO of such a big company can make the secretary who can stop the security guard with a few words go out obediently.'

Jason thought to himself. Although he didn't want to admit this and was angry with Santosh, he had to admire Santosh's abilities in his heart.

"I'm Jason, the son of Eva!" Jason introduced himself generously.

"I know. What's the matter?" Santosh stared at Jason.

He had fair skin, a small nose and bright big eyes under his eyelashes like butterfly wings. He was very cute.

'He is indeed Eva's son, carved in the same way as her.'

"Let me tell you, bad CEO, don't bully my mother again! If I know you bully my mother, I will teach you a lesson!" Being stared by Santosh's deep eyes, Jason didn't show any weakness and said to Santosh with his fingers pointing at Santosh's nose.

Every word and every move was completely different from the cute woman, Eva. But it reminded Santosh of himself when he was a child.

"Do you mean that I bully your mother?" Of course, Santosh couldn't think too much at this time. What Jason said seemed to give him a lesson, and he was confused by his words.

'Eva...' 'Am I bullying Eva?'

"Did your mother tell you that?" Santosh's face darkened.

Jason felt that the air around him was frozen and he couldn't help shivering.

But he didn't like the way Santosh looked at him and he didn't like Santosh's reaction. He got angry at once. "My mother doesn't like people like you at all. You'd better not badger with her in the future!"

Jason was not tall enough in front of Santosh, and the big desk made him look even smaller. Santosh looked down at him, which made him feel even more uncomfortable.

"What did you say?" Santosh couldn't control his anger.

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