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   Chapter 11 Break Into The Company

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However, he didn't sleep too long. At about eight o'clock on the second day, he woke up early.

Eva, who slept next to him, had already got up and gone to work. There was a bowl of soybean milk on the table. The steam rose from the bowl when the lid was opened. The things in the small bag next to it were some soup dumplings.

This was the breakfast for Jason. It was not expensive, but every bit of it showed Eva's love for him.

Jason finished his breakfast quickly. Then, he took his satchel and took a bus to Eva's company angrily.

The company was very tall and big. White tiles were paved one by one, creating a rich sense of art. The golden edge of the window reflected the sun glow under the sun. On the top floor, there was a big brand, with artistic words written "Dolly Clothing Company".

Standing at the gate of the company, Jason looked even cuter under the big rotating glass door.

"Hey, that kid over there. It's not the place where you can go in and play casually. Get out of here quickly."

When Jason was about to enter the company to look for the bad CEO who "bullied his mother, Eva", the security guard at the door found him very dutifully.

After all, since he was a security guard of a big company, he should have professional ethics, even if the person in front of him was a seven-year-old cute child.

"I'm here for my mother." Jason raised his head and looked at the security guard innocently.

"Your mother? Does your mother work here? " The security guard was confused.

He had been a security guard for many years. He knew more or less about the internal employees of the company. Most of them were unmarried. As for those who got married, they all worked in the company for a long time. He had never heard that anyone had such a young son.

"Yes, sir, please let me in. I won't do anything. I just come to find my mother. If I find her, I will leave at once." Jason looked at the security guard with his eyes wide open.

His big innocent eyes were so cute that the security guard would be almost moved.

"No, you can't go in to the company. There is a rule in the company that people who are not the employees can't come in and out freely. Tell me who your mother is. I'll help you call her and let her come here." Looking at such a cute child blinking in front of him, the security guard was hesitant. Without the momentum just now, he bent down and said to Jason kindly.

"…… Well, my mum is... " Jason was a little bit annoyed. If he informed his mother, Eva, he would definitely not see the CEO. His mother would definitely take him home and prevent him from making trouble in the company. But if he didn't tell her, he couldn't swallow his anger. He was more worried that the CEO would make things difficult for his mother in the future.

Jason, the young gifted boy, was also confused now.

"What's wrong, kid? Don't you remember your mother's name? " Seeing Jason's hesitant expression, the security guard who didn't know that he was a gifted young man with extraordinary intelligence, just thought of him as an ordinary seven-year-old child.

"…… Yes, I don't know her name. Uncle security, please let me in. I'll look for her obediently and won't affect others working in the company. "

Being reminded by the guard, Jason thought of an idea to deal with the problem. He pretended to be cute and lovely and pulled the guard's trousers.

"No, you can't. It's against the rules. There are strict rules in the company." The security guard was really embarrassed now. He touched the back of his head, thinking that he couldn't drive the little boy away. 'What's to be done if the little boy get lost?'

"Uncle, please let me in." Jason was sure that the security guard was warm-hearted. He became cuter and acted like a spoiled child. He thought that whatever the way was, he had to go in to the company and found Santosh.

"How about this? You wait here in the security room. You can see your mother when she gets off work. What do you think?" The security guard thought for a while and came up with another idea.

'But how can I find the CEO after work? If my mum knows that I come to the company without permission or I don't wait for her at home, she will be deeply worried'. Jason thought in his mind.

"No, I have something urgent. I have to go to find my mum now. Uncle, let me in, please." Jason pretended that he was so anxious that he almost wanted to cry, which made the security guard feel sorry for him.

"But there is a rule in the company that no one is allowed to come in and out freely." The security guard was also so worried.

"Uncle Zhao, what's wrong?" A woman with pleasing voice interrupted the quarrel between the two.

"It's you, Miss Cathy. You come just in time. There is a child who says that he wants to find his mother in the company. But there is a rule in the company that no one is allowed to go in and out freely. I have no idea about what to do next." The security guard said to the woman respectfully, raising his neck.

Jason squinted his eyes and finally saw the woman.

The dark red dress had just crossed the knees. The tail of it was the most fa

shionable big swing skirt this season. The slight curvature of the shoulders showed the extraordinary temperament. The cuffs were also inlaid with crystal agate cufflinks. She had two slender legs and wore a pair of fuchsia open-toe high-heeled shoes with a full height of more than ten centimeters. A hydraulic necklace designed by a famous contemporary designer could been seen from the deep V neckline. And she had black and bright long hair, which showed a different sense of beauty.

"A child?" Cathy took off her sunglasses and bent down slightly with her knees closing together. She looked at Jason carefully.

The face was familiar. He looked like... Suddenly, a bold guess appeared in her mind.

Thinking about it, Cathy couldn't help feeling ridiculous, but she couldn't stop thinking that in her mind.

"Hello, little boy." Cathy said to Jason with a smile. The corners of her mouth slightly raised, which looked particularly beautiful.

"…… Hello, sister. " Jason didn't know the person who talked with him, but he thought it was better to greet the woman as the security guard called her Miss Cathy.

"Boy, I'm the secretary of Santosh, the president of Dolly Clothing Company. My name is Cathy. I can take you into the company, but you have to tell me who your mother is. And you have also to tell me which department she is in." Cathy said with a smile.

Jason felt embarrassed. He lowered his head and thought, 'This woman is the CEO's secretary. She can take me into the company. But if I tell her that my mother's name is Eva, will she tell it to my mum?'

What Jason didn't know was that the beautiful sister in front of him was actually the one who made things difficult for his mother. He just thought that a young sister was definitely better than a security guard who followed suit, so he stood on tiptoe and whispered to Cathy.

"My mother's name is Eva. She is in the design department, but I'm not here for her today. I want to find the CEO in the company. Can you please take me there? Please don't tell my mum that I come here to find the CEO. "

Cathy was stunned. 'Eva. The little boy is really Eva's son. So...' Suddenly, another kind of ecstasy surged up in her heart.

"You want to see the CEO, right?" Suppressing the joy in her heart, Cathy still wore a faint smile on her face.

"Yes." Jason nodded without any doubt and answered.

After all, Eva had always thought the people around her as good men and didn't say anything bad to her child at home, so Jason didn't suspect about Cathy and answered Cathy's questions totally. He was just an innocent child.

"Wait for me in the security room for a while. I'll report it to the CEO and send someone to pick you up to see him." Cathy said as she straightened up and signaled the security guard to take Jason to the security room first. Then she staggered into the company on her high heels.

'It is just a conjecture. I don't expect that the boy is really Eva's son. It seems that the boy is six or seven years old. In this case, how could Eva have had a child with others so early? She still tells others that she is unmarried. If Santosh knows this thing, then I can...'

Thinking of this, Cathy couldn't help smiling.

"Hey, Cathy, what makes you so happy?" Seeing Cathy's smile, the female colleagues passing by became more curious.

"Okay..." Cathy paused for a moment. Seeing that several female employees gathered around her, she suddenly came up with an idea. She deliberately raised her voice and said loudly, "I just met Eva's son at the door. He seems to be six or seven years old. But he is still so ignorant and clamors to enter the company to find his mother. Thanks to Security Zhao's kindness, the boy stays in the company. Otherwise, he had already been kicked out."

"What?"! "Eva's son?"? Does he seem to be six or seven years old now?"

"Eva? I can't believe that she has a son of this age! "

"What? Didn't she say that she was unmarried when she entered the company? "

"Well, Cathy, how is everything going now? What will the company do to her son?"

For a moment, all the female colleagues around were shocked. They were talking like the sparrows in the pot. They gathered together and talked about this "big secret" word by word. "This is probably a scene that every company will have."

"In fact, I don't know the thing very well. So I'm going to ask the CEO how to deal with it now. Don't talk nonsense. Hurry up to work, or it's not good for us if the CEO sees us talking here." Cathy waved her hand at them. Satisfied with their reactions, she gave them a thumbs up in her heart.

Then, she staggered into the elevator with her high heels, heading to the CEO's office.

Cathy knocked on the door and heard a voice from inside, "Come in." His voice was simple and low but it was so sexy that no one could describe it correctly.

Cathy walked into the office slowly and looked at the man in front of her, who was lowering his head and writing something with a pen.

The suitable handmade suit was a limited edition in the world. It seemed to fit him innately, just like him, who was domineering like an emperor.

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