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   Chapter 10 Full Of Romance

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"Mr. Santosh, what can I do for you?" Eva looked up at him in surprise. Her eyes were as clear as crystal.

Santosh was stunned by her question.

So he couldn't help saying, "It doesn't matter. Your work last time is very good, so the company wants to reward you. This Saturday, we will hold a celebration and reward party for you at Bright Heaven Restaurant."

"Is this party for me alone?" Although Eva was confused, she quickly regained her calm tone and said, "I will be with Eyre. She has made a great contribution this time!"

"Eyre will be with you." Santosh cast his eyes on Eva and couldn't move them at all. He called her name, "Eva."

"What's the matter?" Seeing that Mr. Santosh agreed to let Eyre go with her, Eva was happy. Although Eyre had some unpleasant moment with her, maybe the two could make up on this occasion.

"Eva," Santosh suddenly paid attention to her head and asked, "Have you had a new hairstyle recently?"

Eva finally understood and nodded, "Yes, when I got off work last night, I went to make the latest hairstyle with my good friend. It is the latest perm. But why do you suddenly ask this? Do you think that my new hairstyle is not beautiful? "

A trace of melancholy appeared on Eva's face.

"No, no, I don't mean that." Santosh nodded seriously, "Your new hairstyle is beautiful. However, according to your face shape, if your ionic perm can be slightly curled at the tip of your hair, it will definitely complement your face shape, and it will also be more exquisite and perfect, which can highlight your temperament."

"Mr. Santosh, you are not only powerful in the business world, but you also pursue perfection in daily life. Even if it's about beauty and hair, you're still so good at it. It's really admirable! " Eva couldn't help praising him.

"Are you admiring me now?" Santosh said seriously when he heard what Eva said to him.

Before Eva could make a reply, Santosh had ordered, "Eva, stay here and have dinner with me tonight. Let's watch a movie! I'm free all this night."

Before Eva could say something after hearing Santosh's words, he continued his words peacefully, "This is the arrangement of the company. You can't refuse it."

Santosh's words made Eva glare at him coldly. 'Do you think I must be free as long as you are free?'

But after all, Santosh was the CEO of the company. Although there were thousands of complaints in Eva's heart, she could only keep them in her heart.

At night, it was the first time that Eva and Santosh had a date alone. However, time was limited so that nothing had been prepared before the date.

Eva was carried by Santosh to a fancy and romantic French restaurant. But Eva stood at the gate for a long time and didn't want to go in.

"What's matter? What are you hesitating about? " Santosh asked in confusion. When he dated with women before, he was always passive. He had never been so active, because he found that someone was even more passive than him.

Standing at the gate of the restaurant, Eva saw a boy through the window. He was about the same age as Jason and he was sitting alone at the doorway of the French restaurant, eating food on the plate with great interest.

The boy wore a peaked cap, so his face was hard to see. However, he reminded Eva of her son who stayed at home alone.

"Sorry, I think I should go back now!" Seeing that Santosh stood aside her and had asked her a question, Eva suddenly looked up and said it to him.

"What?" Santosh looked at the woman in front of him and said in disbelief, "It's my first time to treat you a meal, but you even didn't go in to the restaurant. Are you going to leave now?"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Santosh. I have something to deal with at home! " Eva also felt deeply sorry. She didn't dare to raise her head for fear of looking at the man in front of her who was angry because of her leaving for no reason.

"No, you can't leave. If you leave now, you don't need to come to the company tomorrow!" Santosh said ruthlessly to Eva.

"I..." Eva suddenly raised her head but just saw Santosh's cold and ruthless face, which was full of coldness and anger.

She knew that he was really angry this time, because his tone was obviously trembling just now.

"Okay, I won't leave! "

To subdue such an easily angry man, Eva had a brilliant idea in her mind. She suddenly raised her docile eyes and looked at his face with watery eyes.

Seeing that Eva finally agreed to have a date with him, Santosh subconsciously took her hand.

It was the first time that Eva touched his hand. Her heart trembled slightly. His hand was so cold that it made her feel pity for him.

That night, Eva obediently followed Santosh into the restaurant, holding his cold hand tightly.

The door was gently pushed open.

When Santosh took Eva into the French resta

urant, the delicate decoration of the restaurant was full of warmth and romance. On the neat table, there was bright candlelight. The pleasant violin music was echoing in the air.

Eva followed Santosh closely. A romantic and affectionate atmosphere echoed in the restaurant, where a faint fragrance of lavender permeated from time to time.

When Eva arrived at the door of the dining table, an employee in black uniform came over with enthusiasm, and he handed a white document to the two of them.

Santosh took over the romantic French menu with black, white and light printing, and seriously looked at the menu.

"What do you want to eat?" Santosh asked gently and gentlemanly.

"Just give me a glass of cold water!" Eva shrugged her shoulders and said indifferently.

"How can you just drink a glass of water?" Santosh knitted his brows. He said to the waiter who was next to him. "I want to order two pieces of goose liver ribs and one piece of Marseille fish soup. I also want to order Paris lobster, Adriana chicken and chicken liver steak. Two portions for the three dishes, please. And two glasses of French wine. "

After Santosh finished ordering the dishes, the waiters memorized their names one by one and nodded his head.

When he was about to leave, Eva suddenly said, "There are only two of us. Why do you order so much? It's really a waste of money and food!"

Then she turned around and said to the waiter, "Just a piece of Marseille fish soup and a piece of goose liver. Please cancel the rest dishes!"

"Well..." Seeing that Eva suddenly changed the menu, the waiter showed an unbelievable and somewhat embarrassed expression and said, "Sir, this lady said that she wanted to cancel the rest of the dishes. What she need are only Marseille fish soup and goose liver!"

Seeing the waiter's embarrassed expression, Santosh said to Eva, "Eva, you'd better order all of them. I don't lack such a little bit of money! Don't make things difficult for others."

Eva replied in a resolute manner, "It's not about money. Isn't it bad to eat a meal in an extravagant way? If you insist on eating so many things, I'll leave now! "

Santosh shook his head helplessly, "Then I'll have Paris lobster and Marseille fish soup. And two glasses of wine! "

Eva nodded to show her approval.

The waiter didn't leave until he did some alterations on the menu.

After the waiter left, a violinist with high nose and blue eyes suddenly appeared in front of Santosh and Eva's table. He thought that Santosh must be a rich man because of his unique customized suit.

Therefore, he took the initiative to come forward. This violinist was a French. He was about to speak unskilled Chinese to greet the two of them, and briefly explained his purpose.

Eva didn't expect that Santosh would talk and chat with the violinist in fluent French.

As Eva was surprised, the violinist nodded and stepped back.

Soon, the romantic French tune rang again in the restaurant.

This time, the violin melody was played quietly beside Eva.

"I didn't expect that you can speak French." Eva said without hesitation.

"Of course, I can." Hearing the praise from Eva, Santosh replied without hesitation, "I used to deal with a lot of French clients. These simple greetings are just a piece of cake."

Eva didn't say anything. She just looked at Santosh with her clear eyes. With the romantic French style music echoing in the restaurant, Santosh, sitting around the table, was telling Eva his story.

Perhaps it was true, or it was a little exaggerated, but Eva just listened to Santosh quietly. She just smiled slightly even when the French food was served on the table.

Although Eva was looking at Santosh, she had long been hoping to go back to her own small family, which was not rich, but very warm.

In the evening, when Santosh finally drove her home, Eva turned around and saw her son, Jason, lying quietly on the small bed in his room. It was so good that she finally got relieved and she could get a short rest under the quilt.

It was already eight o'clock in the evening when Santosh and Eva came back home. Although Eva had already told Jason that he could hot the dishes which were left at noon, Jason was very unfriendly to the person who took his mother away for dinner.

It was like a love of a virgin.

However, Jason was not a child who hadn't grown up yet. He was very sensible since he was a young genius. He didn't show too much of his emotions and hid them well.

Jason could have let it go, but at night, when he heard that Eva was in a daze and hoped that Santosh would not make trouble for her, his anger was ignited in an instant.

This man dared to bully his mother in the name of CEO!

How could he tolerate it!

Jason gradually fell asleep in the quiet night with such anger.

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