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   Chapter 9 Please Fire Her

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On the contrary, the more difficulties they made for Eva and the more they rolled their eyes at her, the more she behaved kindly and friendly.

Soon, a message came from the top managers of the Dolly Group, "Eva will be fully responsible for the company's design theme. Eyre must obey her plan in the company."

All the employees in the company felt hard to accept this at once. Some of them even proposed to resign as a threat, but the final result was ruthlessly rejected by the company's top managers.

Cathy was also scolded by the company. But because of this order, everyone's originally relaxed attitude towards Eva began to get tense again.

"It seems to be true that Eva has someone powerful behind her in this company." said Cathy with some pride and smugness.

"Cathy, help me. I don't want to work with someone like Eva!" Eyre said in a spoiled tone.

"Don't worry! Don't worry! I believe that with so many people in the company, it won't be so easy for Eva to control everything, "Cathy said in a deep tone.

Eyre pursed his lips and looked reluctant.

Just as they were talking, Eva happened to pass by.

A faint smile appeared on Eva's face, which was sunny and full of confidence. The air was filled with joy.

The more others gossiped behind Eva's back, the more she turned a deaf ear to them.

In her heart, she knew very well that practice was the best solution, but time could finally prove everything.

No matter what others thought in the company, Eva's face was always full of confidence and light.

The plan was soon completed smoothly, and there was a praise from the top of the company. Because of the excellent design this time, the company cooperated with Snowman.

The company's big data proved that the designs this time far exceeded the total sales of the company in the first half of the year, and almost reached the sales of last year.

Snowman used to be a supplier of world-famous jewelry. This low-key and luxurious plan succeeded, which created a new channel for them to engage in new trials.

"It seems that nowadays, people in the market pay more attention to this low-key luxury plan than the traditional ordinary luxury. People's living and consumption level were increasing, but they paid more attention to the design concept than before. All in all, the design was very successful this time. People prefer to use simple elements to reflect the highest taste in the future. "

The board of directors of the Dolly Group, which had always been arrogant, also praised Eva's design with approval.

Santosh didn't show much joy on his face. He had expected everything. When he decided to let Eva be the main person in charge of the company's design plan, he was sure that it would have a good result.

He had never made a mistake, and this one was no exception.

"Eva, you have succeeded in this plan. You will be highly valued and promoted by the company. You can move to my office next door from now on!" Early in the morning, Santosh, the CEO, said to the people inside with a cold face, standing at the door of the office.

When Eva raised her head slightly, she accidentally met the eyes of the CEO, Santosh. When their four eyes met, Eva was slightly shocked and subconsciously refused.

"What? How dare you refuse! " Seeing that Eva shook her head and refused him subconsciously, Santosh's furious face was so cold that no one dared to approach.

Eva nodded slightly and smiled unconsciously, "The success of this design plan is not all my credit. Thanks to everyone's support and help, I have today's inspiration and creation. So I don't want to be separated from everyone! "

Although it was early that day, everyone was here.

Regardless of whether they admitted it or not, the cruel big data proved that the design that Eva was mainly responsible for had achieved obvious success.

This time, Eva's refusal to Santosh was also a kind of refusal to be valued and promoted by her leaders. Her words "I don't want to be separated from everyone" impressed everyone.

"No," Santosh said coldly, "you can either leave the company right now. Or, do as I tell you to do. "

Santosh's words were arrogant, cold and irresistible.

All the people present admired the courage of Eva. She dared to say "no" to such a cold and ruthless man.

"I..." suddenly refused by Santosh in a cold and strong manner. Eva looked at him blankly. But she didn't dare to say anything.

Santosh saw Eva was shocked by what he said just now, but he didn't want to comfort her at all. He stepped forward, ignoring the gazes of the people

around him.

Santosh continued to speak in a cold tone, "Do you want to move by yourself, or do you want me to help you?"

Facing Santosh's tall and cold figure, Eva stood in front of her like a giant ice, facing her. She was so frightened that she could not help but lower her head and dare not raise her head.

"No, I can move by myself," said Eva softly.

"Okay. Hurry up. I'll wait for you." Seeing that Eva agreed, Santosh's expressionless face and deep eyes finally showed a trace of pleasure.

From that day on, the relentless reality once again deeply shattered Cathy's dream of completely destroying Eva.

Because no matter how Cathy talked about Eva in the future, everyone in the company was concerned and friendly when they talked about Eva.

Besides, Eva and Santosh who were also far away from a dozen floors, had moved next door in one fell swoop, which was closer than she was to President Santosh's office. Cathy's eyes were full of deep jealousy.

In the following days, as long as Cathy passed by Eva's office, she could go to look for the CEO, Santosh. Through the glass window, she would see the tall and handsome figure of Santosh in Eva's office.

What's more, the two of them were talking and laughing, and Santosh would actually smile at Eva.

Cathy's eyes darkened. Santosh had never smiled at her before, especially after Eva came to the company.

Cathy frowned and sneaked into Santosh's office when Eva was not there one day. In fact, that day, Eva was sent away by her deliberately.

"Mr. Santosh, are you here?" As soon as Cathy appeared in Santosh's office, she looked around and didn't dare to speak until she saw no one else around.

"What's wrong?"

Santosh was stunned by Cathy's sudden appearance. He put down the black pen in his hand and raised his head.

"Mr. Santosh, I have something to ask you. Would you like to do it?"

Cathy bit her lips and pretended to be pitiful.

"What is it? Tell me. "

Santosh raised his head in confusion and said to Cathy patiently.

"Mr. Santosh, please fire Eva!" Cathy gritted her teeth and made up her mind.

"Fire her? Why? " Santosh was shocked by Cathy's words and asked in confusion.

"Because of Eva,"

Cathy racked her brains and finally came up with an excuse. "Eva said that you need her. She looked down upon the company because she had made great contributions to the company. She said that you wanted her, so you arranged for her office to be next to you. And you are worried about losing a talent like her!"

Santosh was shocked by Cathy's sudden words. He had never thought that such words would come out of such a woman's mouth, not to mention that the coldest thing in the world was originally a woman's heart.

So he asked, "Is that true? I see. You can leave now. " President Santosh raised his hand and refused.

When Cathy was about to continue, she saw that Santosh frowned and picked up the pen again, burying his head in the pile of documents on the table just now.

Cathy walked out of the Santosh's office reluctantly.

Santosh didn't raise his head until Cathy left for a long time.

His mind kept running over what Cathy said to him before she left.

Did he really ask for her help? What kind of feeling did he have for Eva? Santosh kept questioning himself in his mind. Every time he felt warm and relaxed only when he was with her, and there was no doubt that his mind was full of expectations for Eva.

Every time when he was with Eva, no matter how busy he was, he couldn't help but want to see her, even if it was just a joke. Only when he was with her would he feel comfortable.

Just as Santosh was thinking, he suddenly raised his head and saw the light in the next office was on. After dealing with the business, Eva finally returned to her office.

After Eva returned to her office, Santosh walked towards Eva's office without hesitation.

As for Eva, although the company's performance had been greatly improved by the company's design last time, in order to better adapt and survive in the constantly changing market, a series of later changes could happen at any time.

Just now, she went to the marketing department and actively consulted with the staff of the marketing department, trying to better improve her design.

Just as Eva was about to improve her work, there was a knock on the door.

Eva raised her head slightly and saw a handsome, cold and domineering face.

Santosh's sculptural face, delicate facial features and clear facial profile, stood outside the door and looked at her seriously, with deep eyes.

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