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   Chapter 8 Design And Life

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Considering the time, Eva quickly grabbed the door and walked to Eyre's office.

Eyre's office was near Eva's, but not next to hers. Cathy's was next to Eyre's.

When Eva walked to Eyre's office, she found that the door was tightly closed. She had to walk forward and knock on it.

There was no sound in the room, so Eva had nothing to do but open the door by herself. Eyre was not in the office, but Eva saw a pile of documents lying on her desk.

This stack of documents was no other than the design draft which was drawn by Eva that night when she worked overtime.

Eva happily picked up the design draft, and then put it on her chest, patting it casually, as if she had finally found something that had lost before but now it was returned to its owner.

However, almost at the same time, the door behind her was opened heavily.

"Eva, what are you doing with my design?" Eyre said coldly.

All of a sudden, Eva turned around and asked Eyre, "Why is it your design? I worked overtime to finish it. How could it be yours?"

However, Eyre replied in a fierce tone, "Look at the signature on the design. Why do you dare to say that it belongs to you?"

Eva felt aggrieved. When she went to check it, she saw the signature on each design draft with a capital letter "A".

Eva immediately understood what had happened. Eyre was seriously plagiarizing her work, or even worse, she was copying her design totally. But she had written her name on the paper.

Eva had nowhere to express her grievance. At that time, Cathy came over and asked, "What happened, Eyre?"

There was no doubt that in this situation, the one who answered first took the advantage. However, Cathy directly passed Eva and gave such priority to Eyre.

"Eva plagiarized my work." Eyre who first offended complained first.

"I didn't!" Tears blurred Eva's eyes. She tried to defend herself, "I am the first one to draw out these design drafts. As for how Eyre had my designs, she knew the fact in her mind. It was she who took them away when I was not in the office."

"Huh. Do you have any proof? " Cathy sneered. They were enemies in the first place. Now that Eva could be tricked by her now, she could do nothing but to admit that she was unlucky.

"I... I didn't..." After thinking for a while, Eva found that no one could testify for her.

Last time, her son Jason thought of using the camera to testify for her, but this time, both she and Eyre avoided the camera successfully.

"You didn't do it? Well, then no one else is to blame." Cathy sneered, "Can I think that you are lying? As for Eyre, do you have any evidence?"

"Yes." Eyre nodded her head seriously and said, "These design drafts are all signed with my name, and the capital letters 'A ' are exactly the proof."

Eyre said confidently, pointing at the letters 'A 'on the design draft.

"So... This time, Eyre won and Eva was defeated. " Cathy said proudly. She thought in her mind, 'Look at the irrefutable evidence. Do you have anything else to defend yourself, Eva?'

'No matter how lucky you are, you may not win every time.' Cathy sneered at Eva in her heart. 'This was the fate of being against her, Cathy.'

However, unexpectedly, just as Cathy was secretly pleased with all this, here came the voice of the company's employees from one side.

"Good morning, Mr. Santosh. Why are you in the office so early?" The staff was surprised to see Santosh and said, "According to Santosh's character, he usually arrived at the company after work hours, and he had never been so early before."

Santosh answered sleepily, "I didn't go back last night. When you came here just now, I happened to take a walk outside."

So Mr. Santosh might have known what happened just now!

Cathy's face turned a little bit pale, but she just stood straight in the corridor outside the office. When she saw Santosh passing by, she said in a hurry, "Good morning, Mr. Santosh."

Santosh ignored her and only greeted Eva who was standing beside him.

"How is everything going? Did you have a happy weekend? "

Eva didn't answer. He saw her crying face full of tears.

"What's wrong with you?" Santosh pretended to ask questions.

"Mr. Santosh, Eva plagiarized other's work." Seeing that Santosh didn't know the matter, Cathy continued the topic.

"No, I didn't," said Eva with tears in her eyes. If she had been wronged like this before, she would have left without hesitation. But now she had a super cute son, Jason. She had to hold on no matter what others did to her.

"Do you plagiarize ?" Santosh continued to pretend not knowing the truth, "It seems that someone must have put obstacles in the way. In this way, the morning meeting today will be postponed. Cathy, go and inform everyone first. As for Eyre and Eva, you two come to my office now! "

"Okay." Having been given the orde

r by Santosh, Cathy had no choice but to take it and tell it to everyone. She could also take the opportunity to contact with everyone and wholeheartedly work hard to destroy Eva.

As for Eyre and Eva, Santosh asked them to go to the office.

The spacious and bright CEO Office was surrounded by flowers and green grass. The air in the office was dry and fresh.

Eva saw that Eyre was called to stand in front of Santosh. Then, he whispered something to her, and Eyre managed to run out of the office, trying to hold back her happiness.

It was Eva's turn. Santosh asked her, "What do you think of this matter today?"

"Mr. Santosh, I didn't do it. I didn't plagiarize others' work." Eva wanted to explain, but she stopped talking when the words were on the tip of her tongue. There was no evidence to prove what she said. It was true that the names on the design drafts were oblique letters 'A', the beginning of the Chinese letters of Eyre, not her name.

"What?" Santosh suddenly said, "Why don't you continue explaining? Have you finished with just one sentence 'I didn't'? It's really disappointing! "

Hearing Santosh's words, Eva had to continue explaining, "Well, if you want me to tell you, then I'll tell you. It's true that Eyre's name is written on this pile of design drafts, so those design drafts should belong to her now! "

Santosh suddenly looked at Eva with his deep eyes and said, "Then, Miss Eva, can you tell me your design style of the Snowman jewelry this time? Tell me something about your design style and your design concept. "

"My design style is simple, elegant and beautiful. My principle is to use low-key but luxurious decoration to show the most unusual life, unwilling to be ordinary and exquisite and perfect. " Eva answered without hesitation.

"So, did you design all these with such design purpose?" Santosh looked at Eva coldly with his clear eyes.

"Mr. Santosh, I..." Eva was going to stand up and say something.

Santosh suddenly reached out his hand and motioned her to sit down first.

"You are still in charge of the design plan this time. As for Eyre, ask her to obey your order." Santosh gave the order calmly.

Seeing the dramatic change, Eva was too excited to say a word. "Mr. Santosh, thank you for trusting me so much! But how do you know that I draw these design draft and they belong to me? "

Santosh didn't answer Eva's question, but turned to say, "Have you ever received a message recently? It says that if you want to know who takes away your draft, go and find Eyre!"

"Is it you who send that message?" Eva asked with her eyes wide open in disbelief.

She suddenly found that the man in front of her had a handsome and invincible face. His figure and image were much taller and stronger than before.

Santosh sighed slightly, "I have no choice. I didn't mean to meddle in your business. But you always look gentle and kind. No matter who sees that, he won't turn a blind eye on your matter. Anyone who knows your problem will be willing to help you! "

Eva was grateful to Santosh for his words.

Although she was almost wronged, it was his intelligence that helped her solve the puzzles and difficulties in her heart.

Santosh continued saying, "Although I don't know who you have offended in the company, you'd better be careful in the future. After all, it's very serious to have such an experience like today. It's Eyre today. Then who will it be tomorrow? "

Reminded by Santosh, Eva accepted his suggestion.

In such a complicated and special huge business empire like Dolly, Eva faced exciting and nervous competition. She was also willing to accept and believe the truth and kindness between people, as well as the beauty of human nature.

However, the reality was cruel.

When Eva got out Santosh's Office, she returned to the place where she had been looked down upon and alienated by her colleagues.

Faced with the ruthless and difficult obstacles from her colleagues, whether intentionally or unintentionally, Eva did not complain about it at all, nor did she vacillated and cowered.

Because when she was in the CEO Office, she had already felt the kind and beautiful side of human nature. In another place of the company, although it was once regarded as a superior place, there was someone's heart that was together with hers, and Eva's heart was filled with warmth.

Until the words "Eva has a backer in the company" flew into Eva's ears, she just smiled knowingly. 'Is it because of him?' But she didn't feel ashamed at all.

After the rumors had been peddled several times, they were rejected by Eva with a faint smile. Everyone became calmer and calmer when they teased and embarrassed her.

Or they all secretly noticed that such ridicule and difficulties were not easy to make the gentle and kind-hearted woman, Eva, really sad.

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