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   Chapter 7 The Design Draft Was Plagiarized

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That night, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled outside the window. It rained heavily, and the whole city was immersed in the sea.

Other employees in the company had already left. Only Eva stayed in the company alone until midnight.

In fact, she was worried about Jason who was at home on his own.

After dealing with the things in her hands, Eva hurried to the hall outside the company and was about to take the elevator to leave.

In the magnificent and quiet hall, a pair of cold eyes came into Eva's view. He was staring at her.

"Mr. Santosh," greeted Eva in surprise, "What a coincidence! It's so late now. You haven't come back yet?"

Santosh also noticed Eva and replied, "Yes, it's so late. Do you need me to drive you home?"

Eva nodded her head happily and accepted it. After all, it was not the first time that Santosh sent her back.

However when thinking of that drunk night on which she was sent home by Santosh, she would feel a little embarrassed.

Eva whose face was red now followed Santosh into the elevator without saying a word. She didn't dare to make a sound, fearing that he would talk about that embarrassing night when she was drunk.

After the two entered, the elevator slowly closed automatically.

In the dim and narrow elevator, as soon as Eva raised her head slightly, her eyes inadvertently met the dark and cold eyesight. That person was tall and strong, and the eyesight of that man fell rightly on Eva's forehead.

Eva's couldn't help being moved. There was something throbbing in her heart.

And a kind of hidden ambiguity was overflowing in the narrow space.

At the same time, a gust of wind and lightning flashed in the sky outside the window, breaking the sky, but heavily passed through the narrow elevator and attacked from the outside.

Eva was a little scared by instinct. When she turned around, she found that a hint of panic flashed across Santosh's handsome and cold face who was tall and burly.

"Mr. Santosh, are you okay?" Eva asked with concern.

Santosh didn't say anything but stood straight, which made Eva feel that the panic on his face just now was just an illusion.

At this moment, lightning flashed in the sky again. Eva was even more scared, but she found that Santosh's face was pale and his lips were pursed.

When Eva saw the expressions on Santosh's face, it was obvious that the expressions were more exaggerated than before.

"Mr. Santosh," said Eva "You don't look yourself now. Are you feeling well? Do you need my hug?"

Santosh didn't say anything but he also didn't refuse it.

Eva didn't expect that such a burly and arrogant man would be so weak now. She couldn't help but think, 'I really didn't expect that all this would be true.'

When the sound of lightning came outside the elevator for the third time, Santosh could not tolerate it anymore. He was tightly held in the arms of Eva, but still cursing lightly, "Shit! There must be something wrong with the elevator. Ask the secretary to stop using it tomorrow and build another one."

Eva smiled faintly in her heart when hearing Santosh's words. It seemed that the person she was holding now was not him, but a child who was weak but very domineering.

When the lightning and thunder finally stopped, the elevator finally arrived at the first floor. The door slowly opened, and Eva was about to release her hands. At that time, she was clasped by Santosh, "Don't go alone. I'll drive you home!"

It was Monday morning and it was sunny outside.

As soon as Eva walked into the company, the atmosphere became strange. But she didn't know.

Recently, Santosh, the CEO of the company, inadvertently paid attention to Eva, which made Cathy very unhappy. Especially last night, she personally saw that Eva and Santosh were tightly hugging each other in the elevator.

"Do you know? Eva is a scheming woman. It was said that the reason why she could come to Dolly was that she had a strong background! And I heard that recently, she has been seducing others in private and she even tried to entice our CEO. "

Early in the morning, Cathy came to the company before Eva came on purpose. The door was closed and she told it to everyone around.

"I really didn't expect that Eva would be like this," the office staff continued saying, "We really underestimated her before. Although she looks kind, I don't expect that she is just pretending to be so!"

"Yes! Yes! We will never tolerate such a person! "

"I don't expect that Eva who has such a kind-hearted appearance could be a tramp!"

"Oh my God! Eva is a tramp!"

"So there is no wonder why she is so gentle and kind all day long. She just pretends to be so!"

"This woman is so horrible!"

Just as everyone was talking, someone suddenly hissed. Someone who had sharp eyes saw Eva walking from afar to the company.

"Here comes Eva. Are you ready?" Eyre, a female employee who was dissatisfied with the close relationship between Eva an

d Santosh, said it to everyone.

"Of course! I'm ready... " Everyone said almost in one voice.

Mixed in the crowd, Cathy said with a pitiful look, "But our CEO is still hidden from this secret, so we must disclose it to all the people and get rid of...."

Before Cathy could say the words "get rid of", Eva had already pushed the door open and went in.

"Good morning, everyone," said Eva with a bright smile which was as warm as the bright sun. As soon as she entered the company, she greeted them warmly.

But no one in the company answered her.

However, Eva still didn't notice the strangeness. In her mind, it was just because today was Monday.

The weekend finally came to an end. It was not strange that people were all in bad moods on Monday.

Therefore, no matter how people looked at her, Eva still happily walked into the office. As a new designer, she had always been very proud of her own work.

There was no exception today. The morning of Monday was always the time of the company's regular meeting. According to the pre-arranged rules, Eva would show her work to others at the company's morning meeting today.

That was the reason why Eva stayed in the company alone to work overtime at the end of last week.

But today, when Eva opened the drawer indifferently, the design draft which had been placed in it disappeared.

Eva was a little surprised, but she looked at it again and again, and she still couldn't find the design draft.

The problem became serious. If she lost the design, the performance she had worked overtime last weekend would be cancelled.

At the same time, the company would also face a great losses, because it had recently traded with an international jewelry design company called Snowman.

Although Eva had just entered the company, she was lucky to get this rare design opportunity.

Therefore, once she passed the design plan this time, it would be very helpful for her long-term development in the company.

But now, the design draft that had been quietly placed on the desk had disappeared, which made Eva extremely anxious.

'Who on earth would take away my design?'

Eva thought about it carefully in her mind. At ordinary times, no one would come close to her desk. 'Was it because I left in a hurry the other day and accidentally put my design draft in the wrong place?'

However, after thinking about it for a long time, Eva felt that it was totally unreasonable to do so.

Just when Eva was anxious, Rae Wang, who was the company's designer, came over quietly from the side. Before today, Rae and Eva had a good relationship. Although their relationship was not as good as sisters', they still had an intimate relationship.

"Eva, what are you looking for?" Seeing that Eva was looking for something, Rae stepped forward and asked.

"I'm looking for the design draft. My design draft," said Eva, with her hands on her chin. She seemed to be very anxious and put on an impatient look.

"A design draft?" As soon as Rae heard this, she seemed to understand what had happened. So she said, "Eva, you don't have to look for it. Your design draft has been taken away."

"Do you mean that someone took it away?" Eva became more anxious. She couldn't help standing up and asked Rae in a low voice, "Rae, do you know who took away my design draft?"

Rae didn't answer her question, but said, "Eva, I advise you to give up the design, or you may be regarded as a plagiarist."

"I plagiarized? How could it be! " Eva said to herself in surprise, "It took me more than a week to finish my design. How could it be thought as plagiarism?"

"Eva, you should learn to calm down. Do you know that? The company is not peaceful now. If you take everything too seriously, I'm afraid you will suffer losses! " Rae kindly reminded her.

Although Eva was very anxious about the missing design draft, she still tried to keep calm. "Rae, do you know who took away my draft? Can you tell me? "

Although Rae knew that Eva was anxious and uneasy, she still held back her words because everyone was watching them talking. She said to Eva, "Eva, stop asking! Don't put me in a dilemma, okay? "

She frowned and went back to her seat.

'What should I do?'

After Rae left, sitting on the chair, Eva couldn't help but heave a long sigh. 'This was a very important case since I joined the company. If I lose this opportunity, it will be difficult to get another similar opportunity in the future.'

In such a big company like Dolly, there were large amounts of talents. But as for opportunities, they are truly rare.

Maybe Eva's words were heard by God. Or maybe Eva was blessed by God. Just when she felt frustrated and stressed, her phone suddenly rang.

It was from an unknown number. It said, "Do you want to know who took away your design? Just go to ask Eyre!"


Eva seemed to know something. Eyre had a close relationship with Cathy. It was really those people who did this!

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