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   Chapter 6 This Woman Is Too Horrible

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Santosh turned around and saw that Eva leaned half of her body on Leon. He glanced at Cathy and said, "It seems that there is someone here who needs to be taken care of more than Miss Cathy."

Then he turned to a thirty-year-old staff behind him and said, "Sam, please send Miss Cathy back."

There were flames in Cathy's eyes. She stared fiercely at Eva who was not sober now.

'Why? Why does that woman always get in my way as soon as she appears?'

'If things keep going on like this, Santosh will be taken away by her! I can't let it happen.'

Although Sam didn't know what was going on between them, he still went to a nearby place and rode an electric bicycle after receiving the order from Santosh. Then he said to Cathy politely, "Miss Cathy, please get on the bicycle. I'll drive you home."

Cathy's eyes were burning with anger and she was not willing to be sent by Sam at all. She glanced at the red scooter in disgust and kicked it, "I don't care about the two-tire bicycle. You can go now. I'll go back by myself."

Then she stepped steadily on her stilettos, not seeming drunk at all.

Seeing her arrogant attitude, Sam just rolled his eyes and then drove his little electric bicycle away.

And as for Santosh, he was taking Eva to the parking lot. But the dizzy Eva seemed to be crazy. She took off her high heels and hopped around with her shoes in hands in public.

"Although I'm just a sheep, I can also sometimes get crazy. La, la, la... Du, du, du..."

As Eva twisted her waist, she hummed the theme song of "Happy Sheep", which was adapted by her randomly. The passersby looked at her with some weird looks, and some even pointed at her and said something.

However, Eva didn't restrain herself at all. Instead, she glared at the people passing by and said, "What are you looking at? I know I'm good-looking, but your wife is still beside you..."

'This woman was...'

Santosh's eyelids twitched and he moved aside, trying his best to hide the fact that he knew Eva.

However, he didn't expect that Eva would sit on the ground all of a sudden. Out of humanity, he had no choice but to pull her up from the ground. His left hand encircled her thin waist and clamped her hands, "Please behave yourself."

Eva looked at Santosh with her big innocent eyes and pouted, "Please help me! This bad guy takes advantage of me! ! ! Call the police. Please call the police... Hmm... "

Santosh was on the verge of breaking down. It was a pity that Eva's vision blurred. She could not recognize that the man who was in front of her was her boss. Otherwise, she would be very regretful.

Santosh's face was as red as the pot that had been burnt for a long time. He covered Eva's mouth which was talking nonsense with his right hand. The atmosphere of the two people instantly became ambiguous.

Finally, they arrived at the parking lot. Santosh angrily took Eva to his car, and after opening the door, he forcibly put her into the back seat of his luxury car. Perhaps she hit her head and she cried out in pain.

"Oh my God! Someone is trying to kidnap a beautiful girl here. It's so unfair..." Eva shouted.

She kept pulling the hem of Santosh's clothes. Santosh was exhausted and sighed, "Let me go."

Eva, who behaved like a child, pouted and said, "No!"

Santosh frowned and said, "I'll speak it twice. Let me go."

Eva turned her head aside, but Santosh tried to get rid of her stubborn fingers.

Unexpectedly, Eva suddenly loosened her hands and clenched his black tie and shouted, "Don't let me loosen my hands. Come on, let's battle with each other!"

Santosh didn't expect her to do this way. When he realized it, he had lost his balance and fell down.

As a result, he happened to fall on Eva.

What was more dramatic was that the two people's mouths collided.

Her lips were wet and hot. Eva narrowed her eyes and licked the lips with her tongue. In a daze, she said, "The candy is quite sweet."

Santosh was stunned for several seconds. The woman in front of him gave him an inexplicable sense of familiarity, but he still couldn't remember that Eva was the woman who had spent the night with him in the hotel.

He stood up abruptly and closed the back door. This girl was hopeless.

At dawn on the second day, Eva sat up from her Simmons bed at home.

It was an ordinary scene, but Eva sensed that something was wrong.

'Didn't I have a good drink with my colleagues in the company last night?' 'Who sent me back?'

Squinting slightly, a handsome face appeared in Eva's blurry memory. 'Was it him who sent me home last night?'

However, the memory of her embarrassing moment last night began to come to her mind faintly. Eva's face flushed unconsciously.

Almost at the same time, when thinking about the man who drove her home when she was drunk, her heart began to beat uneasily.

Eva looked at her watc

h subconsciously. It was already past working hours.

Regardless of being drunk last night, she, who was dizzy and thirsty now, quickly put on her clothes and sat up from the bed.

Before she had the time for breakfast, Eva looked around the room and found that she didn't know where Jason was this morning. But she didn't care about it and quickly grabbed the door and left home.

Dolly was a company with super strict discipline. Every time when an employee was late, the company would impose strict and cruel punishment on him.

This was undoubtedly adding insult to injury to the poor family of Eva.

Therefore, just as Eva rushed out of the house, a dark red Audi RS7 car came into her sight.

Eva didn't pay attention to the people in the car. She just moved forward carefully. If she couldn't arrive at the company within the prescribed time or she was late, her bonus for this month would be deducted, and half of her salary for that day would be deducted either. 'Well, it seemed that I had really suffered a lot of losses.'

After thinking it over in her mind, Eva made up her mind to hurry up without looking back.

However, at that time, the window of the red Audi car slowly rolled down. Suddenly, a figure popped out and called Eva's name, "Is that Eva?"

Hearing someone calling her name, Eva came to her senses and saw a familiar face in the dark red Audi car smiling at her.

At the first sight, Eva recognized him. That man was not someone else, but her ex-boyfriend, her college classmate, Hilton, who also majored in design the same as her.

Many years ago, in order to get a night with her, that man even put drug in her glass. But later, she accidentally slept with another man.

Eva felt both angry and funny.

'Perhaps, this was the fate. Everything had its own arrangement.'

He drugged her, but she slept with another man by accident. Although in her memory, she could not remember the face of the man who had sex with her.

However, for Eva, it was her first night and she gave her virginity to a completely irrelevant man. She had invisibly retaliated against him.

But that was enough. It was a perfect arrangement of God.

Faced with the man's expectant and burning eyes, Eva showed a ferocious sneer at the corners of her mouth.

She tried her best to hold back her anger and she was about to leave in silence.

But the door was suddenly opened with a bang. Hilton walked out of the car quickly.

He tried to pull her up, but Eva took a few steps back instinctively. Her eyes were full of tiredness and disgust, and her good-looking eyebrows could not help frowning.

"Eva, I didn't expect to meet you here. Or maybe this was fate. So, let's make up. You have to believe that my love for you now is still the same as that in the past, and it will never change... " Hilton begged again, seeming really miserable and regretful.


Seeing Hilton's pitiful look, which was just like a little dog, begging for mercy to his master in front of him, a voice of surprise suddenly came from the car.

Only then did Eva notice that there was another woman in the Audi car.

Although the woman sat in the car, she was dissatisfied with what Hilton had done. But Hilton remained unmoved. His eyes were all fixed on the woman who had refused him ruthlessly.

Helplessly, the woman in the car had to get out of the Audi.

Eva glanced at her coldly, only to find that the woman was scantily dressed. Although the ample bosoms were hidden in her clothes, they could be seen clearly from the side.

The woman looked at Eva with jealousy in her eyes. She muttered and asked Hilton, "Hilton, this woman looks quite coquettish. Who is she?"

Hilton looked up at the woman with disdain and said, "It's my own business. How dare you ask about it? Get out of here! "

The woman was so aggrieved that she almost cried. "Hilton, I really didn't expect you to be such a person. I've been with you for such a long time. As soon as this woman appeared, you..."

"Don't say anything more. I have broken up with you now!" Hilton interrupted the woman impatiently and talked to her without hesitation.

The woman stared at Hilton blankly, and tears began to well up in her eyes. She didn't want to leave at all.

Looking at what was happening in front of her, opening her watery eyes, Eva pushed him away and said to Hilton coldly, "I'm sorry. I'm going to be late. Please get out of my way."

"I don't think we can be together anymore! So please don't bother me again." Eva said firmly.

Besides, she had no time left, and she didn't want him to continue pestering her.

People could just keep moving forward and looking forward.

She never had the chance to get back.

Hilton stood still and looked at her, "I can't believe that you haven't changed at all after so many years. But I won't give up so easily! "

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