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   Chapter 5 Drunk And Dubious Night

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The man soon knew the key problem. "You were drugged by others."

Before he could push her away, Eva had already bit his lips and touched him randomly. Finally, the man held her in his arms.

Day by day, Dolly's performance became more and more stable, which satisfied Santosh very much.

On that day, in order to encourage his staff, he, who was in good mood, planned to invite all the employees of the design team to have dinner together that night.

As the night fell, Santosh calmly picked up his phone and made a call to Cathy, "In this period of time, Dolly has steadily led the domestic market. I decide to hold a reward party, and everyone in the design team must participate."

"Okay." Cathy replied.

Inside the glass door was Santosh's good-looking figure. The corners of her mouth went upward slightly. She had to wear clothes which made her stand out in crowd at tonight's dinner party so that Santosh could find her beauty.

Santosh, who just hung up the phone, looked at the scenery outside the office. The black sign pen was flexibly rotating between his fingers.

It was proved that among the designs which were submitted by the design team this time, Eva's work was more eye-catching. It was hard to imagine what kind of clothes she would do to surprise other people when the new product released.

Thinking of that, Santosh became more interested in the dinner tonight.

Dolly had been established for several years, and the sales had been increasing. However, the members of the design team had been lazy because of Dolly's monthly salary and their ability was getting worse and worse.

The entry of the foreign company, CE Group, would be carried out soon. If Dolly could get the alliance contract, it would have the chance of overseas development.

However, if things went on as efficiently as it did now, Dolly would wait till the cows came home to attack the overseas market.

Eva's design plan was on the table. The layout of the plan was orderly and very clear.

Everyone in the design team had handed in a plan. Unfortunately, the only one that could attract Santosh's attention was the plan about ideal type from Eva.

He frowned and looked at Eva's plan, taking out a cigar and lighting it. The circle of the cigar spun in the air, which instantly fascinated people.

He thought, 'This woman was framed in the interview but she could get the evidence to prove her innocence in half a month. She was meticulous, but she could also sleep during the first day of her work. What kind of story does she have?'

'Eva, I become more and more curious about you.'

Eva, who was concentrating on sorting out the documents, suddenly felt cold all over her body and sneezed with difficulty.

As her voice was quite loud, many female colleagues around looked at her with disgust.

Just as Eva was about to nod and apologize, Cathy appeared confidently. Her eyes were cold. All the designers stood up, with their hearts pounding.

Because in most cases, Cathy came here with the order of Santosh. She usually scolded them seriously, and then tore up the design drawings in public which Santosh was dissatisfied with.

Everyone lowered their heads, not daring to make a sound.

Seeing that they were at the mercy of others, Cathy laughed and said, "All right, all right. I'm here to tell you that Mr. Santosh wants me to inform you that you have to go to Dexing Hotel at half past six in the afternoon and he will treat all of you."

As soon as Cathy finished her words, all the people cheered up and their worries also disappeared. They all shouted happily, "Great Cathy."

Eva stood aside and said nothing. She just felt like an outsider. She really didn't understand why a dinner party could make everyone so happy.

Of course, after arriving at Dexing Hotel, Eva decided to take back her immature idea.

It was rare for Mr. Santosh to invite them to a dinner party. So if there was one, all the employees would be treated in a big way.

They chose a big private room, in which there were singing equipment, snacks and catering. In the room, even the sofa was shining.

The price of the dinner this time was probably six or seven thousand dollars.

People went into the hotel one after another, and the last one was Cathy who wore heavy makeup. In order to attract Santosh's attention, she specially went to the bathroom and changed into a slim medium red dress.

Among all the people present, only Cathy was the most exaggerated one. However, when many female colleagues saw her, they would still walk to her and flatter, "Cathy, your dress is so beautiful."

Not knowing the exact reason, it was said that Cathy's father and Santosh's father had been business friends for many years, and the two of them were very interested in forming a family by marriage.

If Cathy became Santosh's wife, they would have a better career in Dolly only if they could develop some relationship with Cathy.

As usual, Santosh wore a clean shirt and slowly walked to the empty seat at the round table and sat down.

The di

shes had already been served, and people there were not awkward. They could eat and drink freely, but no one dared to propose a toast to Santosh. After all, the performance of this month was much worse than expected, and it had something to do with them.

Of course, Eva didn't know that. She just felt that the atmosphere around them was a little cold, so she picked up the glass unconsciously and walked to Santosh. The wine in her glass was mixed with a lot of water, so she was not afraid of getting drunk.

She raised the glass in the air and smiled, "Mr. Santosh, I'd like to propose a toast to you. Thank you for your appreciation so that I can join Dolly as a designer."

Almost everyone thought that Eva would be ignored as usual. It always happened at previous meetings that Santosh left after a brief summary of the meal without saying anything.

However, today, Santosh looked at Eva for a long time and then he picked up the goblet from the table. The champagne in it was still spitting bubbles. He said with a faint smile, "Miss Eva, your design plan satisfies me most this time. Taking this opportunity, I also want to tell all the members in the design team that Dolly will not give you a stable and easy job. If you want to stay in the company, do some great things."

After saying that, Santosh clinked his goblet with Eva's. He said, "Miss Eva, I hope you can make persistent efforts."

Eva went stiff. After drinking the wine with a smile, she went back to her seat.

Some female colleagues looked at Eva angrily and said, "Is Eva too arrogant? Since she knows that the sales this year are not very optimistic, why does she still talk to the boss and ask him to drink together? "

"Yes, I wanted to have a good meal without being scolded. But now, I wonder if our salary will be deducted due to Santosh's words."

"Ah, it's so annoying. I disliked this woman at the first time when she entered the company."

The female colleagues all lowered their voices, but Eva heard every word clearly. She felt that she was really wronged. She just wanted to break the embarrassing atmosphere and propose a toast simply. Why did it turn out like this?

The culprit remained calm and ate his meal. He seemed not to know what happened to Eva, for he didn't hear the conversation or he had some other reasons.

At the dinner table, the female colleagues were talking about themselves, while Eva was completely abandoned.

She frowned slightly. It seemed that Dolly's other designers had a deep prejudice against her. She didn't know what to do in the future.

Just let it be. At this moment, Eva unexpectedly found that the champagne that she used to think tasted bad was emitting a faint sweet taste.

One after another, if one could get drunk today, he should drink enough to be drunk.

Eva's mind seemed to be wrapped in a ball of cotton, and her head began to be in a daze again.

The dinner was almost over, and Eva had already been unable to tell what was going on. Holding the glass in her hand, she pointed at the champagne bottle in front of her with a smile and muttered, "Good wine..."

All the people had stood up and walked outside. Leon, the manager, found that there was something wrong with the number of people. When he looked back, he saw that Eva was playing with the wine bottle on the table. He was embarrassed and he walked to her in a hurry to pat her several times.

Eva raised her head with difficulty and smiled, "What? Did they all leave? I should go home now. "

Leon sighed and helped her up from the chair.

Cathy, who was walking in front of Santosh, pretended to be drunk and fell into Santosh's arms as soon as she had opportunities, but he dodged several times.

Cathy had been attending all kinds of business banquets with her father since she was a child, and she could drink thousands of glasses of wine without getting drunk. Santosh naturally knew about it.

But Cathy was not reconciled. She frowned and took three steps forward to hold Santosh's hand. She pouted and shook Santosh's arm, acting like a spoiled child. "Santosh, I didn't bring my car with me. Now I feel dizzy. Can you drive me home?"

Leon, who just came out of the hotel, saw this scene. The corner of his mouth twitched. Cathy was really a strange woman. And she didn't perform well.

Several female designers beside Cathy hurried to help her. "Yes, yes, Mr. Santosh. After all, Cathy has taken care of you for a long time. Can you do her a favor?"

Santosh thought it was funny, "So, according to your words, all the female colleagues in the company should be escorted home by me one by one?"

The female designers shook their heads in a hurry. "We don't dare to do so. We can go home just by bus."

Eva's weight was not as light as that she looked. She looked slim, but in fact, she was quite heavy.

Leon had an impulse to go crazy on the other side. Seeing that Santosh was still dealing with the woman, he couldn't think more but to shout for help, "Santosh, please do me a favor. This girl is really heavy..."

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