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   Chapter 4 That Nightmare Night

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Surprised and flattered, Eva pointed at herself and asked, "Me?"

Santosh nodded.

When Cathy saw Eva come in with Jason, she felt deeply regretted. She had planned to create a world of two people with Mr. Jason, but now it was all in vain.

When they entered the room, Eva told something to Jason. Then she walked up to Santosh and greeted him, "Hello, Mr. Santosh."

Santosh fixed his eyes on Eva's face for a while, and then he began to look at Jason up and down. Jason wore a black-and-white thick panda coat, and his round face was very pleasing. Santosh asked, "Who is this little boy?"

Eva laughed and told a lie, "This is my nephew. My sister-in-law is not at home. I'll take care of him."

It was listed in in the labor contract of the designer of Dolly Group in detail that due to the importance of the position, if a designer was married, he had to write down his spare time clearly. At that time, Eva had written that she was unmarried without hesitation. She did not have a husband, but if others knew that an unmarried worker had a child. What would they think of her?

Therefore, at this moment, Eva had to lie.

Jason also obediently cooperated with Eva. He pulled her sleeve and pouted, "Auntie, Jace is hungry."

In such an embarrassing situation, it would be better to leave. With the excuse that Jason was hungry, Eva quickly looked at the hot beauty who sat opposite Santosh and said with a smile, "Is this Santosh's girlfriend? My nephew is hungry, so I won't bother you. Mr. Santosh, have a good meal."

Hearing Eva's words that "this is Santosh's girlfriend", Cathy's face suddenly changed a lot. She suddenly felt that Eva was also very beautiful. She smiled and said softly, "Since Miss Eva is busy, then see you later."

Eva smiled slightly and was about to take her son away, but just at that time, Santosh said, "Since you've come in, don't leave now. Just eat here. The food in Dicos is not as clean as that in this restaurant."

Before Eva could answer, Santosh had already waved at the waiter who stood in front of the pillar not far away. When the waiter walked to the table, Santosh said domineeringly, "Another two medium well steak," he suddenly asked Eva who was almost stiff, "You don't drink wine, right?"

Eva nodded awkwardly. Santosh said to the waiter, "Two medium well steaks and two glasses of orange juice. Serve them in ten minutes."


Someone added two more chairs to the dining table where there were only two people. However, when Eva sat on the chair, she felt extremely embarrassed.

She didn't meet Cathy before, so she thought Cathy was Santosh's girlfriend.

Eva felt sorry for being a third wheel between them and she said embarrassed, "Mr. Santosh, I'm sorry to interrupt your dinner with your girlfriend."

"Miss Eva, you misunderstood me," explained Santosh. Then he looked at Cathy and formally introduced her to Eva, "This is my accompanying secretary, Cathy. So, she is not my girlfriend."

Hearing this, Eva was even more embarrassed. How could she find a girlfriend for her boss in such a casual way? Eva's big peach-blossom eyes flashed. She was stunned for a moment, and then she could only laugh with them together.

Looking at his mother's silly expression, Jason shook his head helplessly. He blamed himself for not teaching her well.

This was the most awkward meal that Eva had ever had. She always felt that Cathy's expressions in her eyes were strange, and so were Santosh's.

Eva didn't know what to say. What she could only do was to cut the steak and put it into her mouth, bit by bit, bit by bit...

Santosh looked at her eating so well and smiled. In the past, when he had dinner with girls, they would always pretend to have a small appetite and try their best to talk to him. It was rare to see such an interesting girl like Eva who was only eating.

Cathy's eyes were burning with anger. Out of her strong sixth sense, she felt that Eva was the most dangerous person for her. After all, in her opinion, Santosh was not a person who liked to laugh. But today, he broke his usual way of doing things several times.

'Eva, don't try to get close to Santosh...'

Squinting her eyes, Cathy looked at Eva who was wolfing down the food. If Eva approached Santosh, Cathy didn't know what she would do to get him back.

In the bar, there were noisy laughter. It was the same dream again, which was unforgettable but disgusting. In the dream, Eva was a sophomore and had a handsome and talented boyfriend called Hilton.

On September 5th, it was Hilton's twenty-two-year-old birthday. He invited many friends from the same department to have a party in the bar street. On the table, there were many bottles of high-concentration whisky, which were the most luxurious liquor for people at their age.

All the friends talked and laughed happily and they talked about Hilton from time to time.

"Hilton, you have been with Eila for such a long time. I heard that the most intimate thing you have done is only kiss. TSK, TSK, does it mean that Hil

ton is not good enough?" Someone laughed and said that Hilton was incompetent. Hilton couldn't agree with them at all. "Eila is an innocent woman. Those women who can sleep with casually are not good people."

"Hey, hey, look at him. A cornered beast will do something desperate. He is in desperation. Ha-ha," the man laughed, "nowadays, there are a few women who are simple. They just pretend to be innocent. Hilton, after all, you are still not active. You might be careful that someday someone will be more active than you. Eva will be other's girlfriend."

Those people were just making jokes, not noticing that Hilton's face was darkened. Hilton frowned without being noticed by others. He pounded on the table and said, "Okay, when Eila comes, I'll ask her to give me her first night as a birthday gift!"

Just when a group of people were making fun of Hilton, Eva who wore a long white dress with lace edge came. Her tall figure and delicate childish face made everyone jealous. Anyway, Hilton's girlfriend was really a beautiful girl.

"Eila, here!" Hilton waved at Eva with a smile. Looking at the people in the corner of the room from a distance, Eva didn't say anything. She walked towards Hilton with light steps. They had known each other for two years. With a slight smile on her mouth, she sat beside Hilton.

Eva took out a beautiful gift box behind her back and handed it to Hilton with a smile. "Happy birthday, Hilton."

What she didn't know was that tonight would be her nightmare for the next several years. And tonight was also the day when she lost her first night which was a girl's most innocent thing.

That night, Hilton and his so-called brothers kept pouring wine into Eva. Knowing that she couldn't drink much, Eva wanted to refuse politely, but they said that was disrespectful.

Considering that it was Hilton's birthday, she took a sip of the liquor. Each glass was mixed with a small amount of aphrodisiac, but Eva didn't know.

After the meal, Eva had already felt dizzy and could not sit steadily.

Her fair face turned red, like an apple in midsummer.

Seeing Eva's face, the brothers next to Hilton slightly raised their smiles on their faces and began to wink at Hilton.

Hilton nodded, holding Eva's hand, leading her to a hotel not far away with a smile. "Eila, you are drunk. Let me drive you back."

The lights in the hotel were all on, and Eva felt as if she was standing on a rotating disc, which was shaking all around. She vaguely remembered that she had come to a well decorated room.

The furniture in the room was in place. The quilt was white, but there was a faint smell of shame.

With a smile on his face, Hilton patted on Eva's face and said, "Your body are full of the smell of alcohol. Eila, I'll take a shower first and accompany you later."

Hilton's gentle and handsome face went farther and farther. Perhaps the window of the hotel was not closed tightly, and a gust of cold wind blew over, which made Eva tremble and her blurred vision become clearer.

She turned around and saw the hotel leaflets on the wall. She was stunned that Hilton brought her here.

The uneasiness in her heart became heavier and heavier. Her body was still very soft. In order to prevent herself from losing consciousness, Eva pinched her thigh hard, and then stumbled out of the door.

She couldn't give her virginity to Hilton so easily.

Thinking of this, Eva became more determined. When she walked to the corner with difficulty, Hilton had already taken a shower and found that she had left. He didn't even have time to put on his clothes and rushed out of the room in a bathrobe.

"Eila? Eila, where are you? "

Hilton's voice sounded in the corridor. Perhaps he was afraid that other guests would blame him. His voice was not loud, but in Eva's heart, it was like a drum beating.

Curling up in the corner, Eva suddenly saw that the door behind her was not closed. Perhaps no one lived there.

Without thinking, she entered the door and locked it hard. But she kept panting. Through the peephole, she could vaguely see Hilton walking back and forth in the corridor, and then left dejectedly.

However, a pair of sharp eyes behind her was staring at her every move. After a long time, the owner of the eyes sneered, "If you want to sleep with your boyfriend, even if you change your mind temporarily, you shouldn't break into other people's room, should you?"

Eva's body trembled, and the scene in front of her became more and more blurred. When she turned around, she could only see a face with a vague outline.

'The man was 1.8 meter long and well proportioned. He must have a good face.'

Not allowing Eva to think too much, her body was burning, as if there was fire in the body. She was hot... The cold air in front of Eva made her subconsciously get closer. It was as comfortable as ice. She smiled obsessively, and the two blushes on her cheeks were tempting. At the same time, her hands and feet kept moving. She kept rubbing against the man and muttered, "You are mine."

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