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   Chapter 3 Is He My New Daddy

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The manager never thought that Julia would be so shameless.

He sneered. "We already have proof of the theft. Do you still want to deny what you've done? Do you really think that you could stay after that? I advise you to find another company before the news gets out. You should know that the Dolly Group isn't a company to be trifled with."

Hearing the manager's words, all the designers turned to Julia, as if waiting for her next response. It was as if they were watching another episode of reality TV. Julia clenched her fists, glaring at Eva with resentment.

Eva stared back with a clear conscience. She didn't do anything wrong. In fact, she even exposed Julia for her wrongdoings.

Having enough, Julia snorted and picked up her black bag from the desk. Without another word, she stomped out of the room and slammed the door behind her, surprising the other workers.

The manager sighed. He pulled Eva forward and introduced her to the team. "This is Eva, our new designer, and she will be taking over Julia's position in the future. She is an overseas student from America. In fact, her teacher is none other than Jack, an internationally known stylist. You can ask for her help if you have encounter any problems with your Western projects."

Eve was used to being praised by different people, but this time, she bowed her head modestly. "I'm not as good as what the manager has said. My name's Eva, but you can call me Eila. It's nice to meet you."

She bowed respectfully.

Jack often said that connections in the designer field was important, so since she was new, it was best to play it safe.

Someone barked out a laugh. "Eila? Is that even a real nickname?"

Since the manager was afraid that Eva might not be able to adapt herself to the new environment, he made sure to not arrange too much work for her. He only gave her a design draft and a list of designs that the company had done in the past few years to educate her of their process.

However, as she gazed at what seemed to be hundreds of paragraphs, she could already feel herself dozing off. Within the first hour, she had already fallen asleep in front of the computer.

At twelve o'clock, the designer teams all went out for lunch one after the other, but sleeping Eva didn't intend to wake up at this point.

The sun glared through the glass window, dazzling. Santosh stretched and closed the documents.

With a sigh, he walked out of his office.

The news that a foreign company had chosen to cooperate with a state-owned enterprise disturbed his thoughts. He wanted to see the design team to see if they could come up with any ideas for the next season.

As soon as he entered the room, he could see Eva lying on the table, sleeping sweetly under the glaring light.

The sun shone on her face, highlighting her delicate face. She had a high nose and cherry lips, which made her look like a fairy who had just stepped out of the garden.

Santosh's heart skipped a beat. He had always thought that he wasn't interested in a lot of women, but there was something about her that caught his eye. Then he glanced at his watch.

He didn't want to interrupt her, but it was already time for lunch. He sighed and walked out, meeting up with the HR manager.

"The designer may not be familiar with the company, given that it's her first day of work. Help her out. And oh, you haven't had lunch yet, right? Why don't you take her to the restaurant next to the company? She might be starving."

The manager touched his bulging stomach subconsciously. Actually, he had already finished up his meal.

Ignoring his strange expression, Santosh added, "You can order all the dishes you want. Since I'm the one who's responsible for what had happened in Dolly's interview, your meal will be compensated."

If he hadn't eaten anything before this, the manager would've thanked him and even praised him as the 'Great Mr. Santosh', but he really couldn't eat anything now!

Given that it was the CEO who had advised him to do so, the manager nodded in a hurry. Walking over with heavy footsteps, he woke her up and invited her to lunch.

Time passed very quickly. Before six o'clock in the evening, the manager announced that it was time to get off work.

Eva had intended to ask if anyone wanted to go home with her, but given that a lot of the female members in the team were indifferent towards her, it made her a bit shy to initiate a conversation.

The manager noticed some of the female colleagues' responses to Eva, and he knew for a fact that they were just jealous of the newbie. Thinking back to Santosh's advice, he had no choice but to approach her. "Eila, where do you leave? How about I'll drive you home?"

"I live in the West Second Ring. Do you live around there too, Manager?" Eva smiled.

He was actually living in the East First Ring. Although the direction was totally different, the manager still said, "Yes! Let me drive you home."

'It's just four blocks away,' he comforted himself.

The HR manager was Leon Li. He had worked for the company for almost five years. In fact, he was already considered an old employee. He was admired by many employees because of his work ethic. In fact, he was twenty six when he was first named manager.

Of course, compared to Leon Li, there was another legendary superior in the Dolly Group. He was Santosh, the iron-faced devil. Although he was the CEO of Dolly, nothing much was known about him.

Some people said that he was the one who had registered Dolly as a corporation. It was also rumored that he was the son of the underworld's leader. Although there was much gossip about him, nobody knew about his relationships. They didn't know if it was because he blocked the news completely or if it was because he wasn't interested in women.

When Leon Li parked his car near the neighborhood where Eva live, a small figure jumped out of the darkness. "Mommy!" Jason yelled.

Eva felt the warmth surging through her heart. She opened the car door to greet him.

Before Leon Li could figure out what was going on, he also got out of the car. He was about to ask Eva who the boy was when Jason said, "Mommy, have you brought me a new Daddy?"

His heart skipped a beat and he broke out in cold sweat. "Don't talk nonsense, boy. I already have a wife."

If his wife saw this scene, she might take away all his salary this month.

Jason was so adorable, but to prevent from putting himself into an even more awkward position, Leon Li found an excuse and drove away.

Seeing her manager's receding car, Eva snorted. "You scared that uncle away," she accused, rubbing his nose.

"He's too shy to be my father."

"Uncle is just here to send Mommy home. It's getting dark, Jace. Don't go out again. There could be kidnappers around the community. You could get kidnapped," she warned, grasping his face.

He pushed her hands back. "I was hiding behind a tree, so the bad guys couldn't see me. What's more, Mommy, is that that uncle driving towards the east?"

'East? It seems that he is actually going east. Why would he go out of his way for me?' she thought.

'He's a good man. If there's a chance in the future, I'll be sure to pay him back.'

Jason was delighted. 'It means that my Mommy's so pretty that someone likes her on her first day of work,' he thought, but then again, he couldn't help but be worried.

'What if Mommy forgets me if I got a new Daddy or brother?'

He frowned. "Mommy, as your eldest son, if you find a man who likes you in the future, you have to introduce him to me. You can only marry him if I agree, okay?"

Amused by his mature tone, Eva nodded.

Almost all of the employees had left the Dolly building. However, the light of the office located on the sixth floor was still on. Spring was coming soon, and the new product show was in the works. Santosh needed to sort out the documents.

Maybe it was because he had been sitting there for so long that Santosh felt a little sore. Suddenly, a pair of hands pressed against his shoulders.

He turned to see Cathy. "I'll be fine after taking a walk. I won't bother you." He smiled lightly. "Thank you."

Cathy didn't stop massaging him. "You've already known me for so many years, you know," she flirted. "You don't have to be so polite."

"It's late. Why haven't you left yet?"

"My boss is still in the office. As his secretary, who gives me the right to leave?" Cathy smiled and walked to the water dispenser. Without another word, she made a cup of instant coffee for him.

Coffee always kept him awake.

She handed the cup to him. "For the sake of all my hard work, how about inviting me to get some midnight snack later?"

Although Santosh was smart, his EQ wasn't that high. Except him, almost everyone at Dolly knew that Cathy was interested in him.

Therefore, in his opinion, her proposal to get some midnight snack was just another business transaction, or a way for him to reward his employee. He agreed without hesitation.

After work, the duo went to an Italian restaurant. They ordered two steaks and a bottle of wine.

As Santosh was cutting his steak, Cathy smiled and pointed out the window. "Isn't that our new designer, Eva? Is the little boy beside her son?"

Santosh turned his head to see that Eva was waiting in line at a Western Restaurant. She was holding hands with a cute little boy who looked like he was around seven-year-old.

When she turned, Eva saw him too.

Santosh thought that it wasn't a big deal to invite one more employee to have dinner with them, so he waved at Eva through the glass window.

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