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   Chapter 2 You Are Removed From The List

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The company had always promoted politeness, and this was no way to deal with outsiders. With a frown, Santosh approached them.

Eva recognized that the man who was approaching them was also the chief interviewer who sat in the middle that day. She pulled her hat down in a hurry.

Today, she wore absolutely no makeup and a pair of glasses was perched on the bridge of her nose. She hoped that the man didn't recognize her.

As soon as Jason raised his head, he noticed that Eva had lowered hers. Knowing that she wanted to maintain a safe distance from the man, Jason kept silent.

Santosh turned to the guards. "What are you doing?"

The security guard fidgeted at the sound of his voice. "The lady said that her son lost his diamond and that the thief snuck into our company."

'Well, isn't that just embarrassing?' Eva's eyes twitched. There wasn't any diamond in the first place. It was just so her son could sneak in and find the surveillance video.

She could already feel her face burning at the assumption.

Fortunately, Santosh didn't recognize that she was the woman who had submitted the pornographic pictures on the day of the interview. He waved his hand. "You should cooperate with her investigation. Don't give others the chance to find fault in our company."

He then glanced at his watch. "My meeting's about to start. You have to deal with the rest of this problem."

The security guard bowed his head as replying obediently, "Yes, Mr. Santosh. Please go ahead with your work. We can handle it well from here." Once Santosh was gone, Eva finally revealed her face.

Whenever someone mentioned Santosh, Eva couldn't help but stiffen up subconsciously. She didn't know why.

Considering his boss's warning, the security guard's attitude towards the mother-and-son pair changed immediately. "Madam, please don't joke around. We didn't see anyone running into the building."

Eva frowned. "I bought that diamond in the States. In fact, it costs one million and three hundred thousand dollars. Do you really want me to go and 'forget about it'?"

Her words worked. The security guard immediately paled and took them to the place where they store all their surveillance.

Jason came up with an idea to get the security guard to leave while Eva was checking all the places she had been during the interview. After dragging the progress bar for more than ten minutes, she finally found what she needed.

The scene changed to the general manager's office on the sixth floor of the building.

Santosh was busy overlooking the files of the new product. He narrowed his eyes at the different paragraphs. They were listing the requirements that they needed for the overseas expansion.

Just then, his secretary, Cathy Lin, knocked on the door and came in.

She was a tall and stylish woman. Her pointed chin and curvy figure was brilliant. There were rumors that she went to the hospital for injections to make her features even more charming.

Using her ten centimeter heels, Cathy walked towards Santosh and handed him a paper bag.

"This is a package at the front desk. I've already opened it for you. You can see it yourself."

Santosh furrowed his eyebrows. He didn't remember buying anything from an online store.

Without another word, he took the bag and found a black U-disk in it. He frowned. "You can leave now, Cathy."

Once Cathy Lin had left, he inserted the disk into his laptop. Suddenly, a video popped out. It was what really happened in the interview.

There was also a hand-written note and a bunch of new designs in bag.

There were several sets of outstanding designs, with some strong European styles mixed with a more conservative and traditional touch from the East. They were exquisite and beautiful. It was evident that they were drawn by experts. On the bottom corner was Eva's signature.

Santosh quickly called Cathy Lin in. He placed the drawings and the disk back into the bag. "Fire Julia immediately, and contact a person named Eva from the interview and ask her to take her place."

Cathy Lin furrowed her eyebrows. Why did Santosh decide to fire the new designer all of a sudden? And Eva... Wasn't she the one who had submitted the pornographic pictures?

Cathy Lin widened her eyes. "Are you crazy? You want to fire a capable employee and ask an incap

able woman to join in our design team?" She wanted to know the reason so bad, but she had no other choice but to follow.

"Hello, is this Miss Eva?"

"Yes, who are you?"

"I'm the HR manager of the Dolly Group. We've received notice from our superior that you're hired as a member of the design team. Are you free to come here at eight tomorrow morning? We can sign the contract immediately."

A smile broke through her sullen face. Eva grinned from ear to ear. "That's great! I'll be there!"

Finally hanging up, Eva put down her phone and rushed towards Jason. She picked him up and kissed him again and again. "I'm so proud of you!" She squealed. "I'm already hired."

Jason didn't want to interrupt his mother. Instead, he allowed her to be happy as he leaned back and jumped out of her arms.

What he really wanted to do was groan at his mother's obliviousness.

'Why do other people's Mommies have to be so smart while my Mommy is so naive? She's so oblivious!'

With a sigh, he returned to his drawing.

Next day, Eva almost jumped out of her bed at excitement as she rushed into the bathroom to get ready.

Before dawn, she was already dressed formally and was applying makeup in front of her mirror.

The amount of light entering his room was so bright that Jason woke up. He rubbed his eyes with his chubby hands and opened his eyes, only to see that his mother was already ready.

"Jace, I've already placed the breakfast on the table. Don't forget to eat it later. Mommy's going to sign the contract with the Dolly Group later."

Eva trusted Jason with all her heart. She could still remember how when the boy was still one-year-old, he already knew how to suck the milk from a feeding bottle.

When he nodded, she already set off.

The HR manager smiled when he saw Eva come in.

"Miss Eva, please come here. I'll tell you the rules of the company later. If you don't have any problems, can you begin working immediately after signing the contract?"

She tried to control her happiness. To be honest, she had been looking for clothing companies located in China for such a long time, but only the Dolly Group fitted her work ethic. Her mouth twitched.

When the manager requested that she work immediately, she agreed without any hesitation.

"That's great."

The manager thought highly of Eva, and he was extremely satisfied with her response. He placed the labor contract in front of her. Once she had signed her name, he took her to the elevator and they headed up the fifth floor.

As soon as they went upstairs, they could hear someone screaming at the work area.

Seeing the woman's slim figure, Eva immediately recognized her as Julia, the woman who had played tricks on her during the interview.

Julia was outraged that her stuff was being moved all over the place. She pointed at the group of innocent designers. "I may be a newbie, but we're still colleagues! Do you really think it's that easy to bully me?" she shrieked.

The fight didn't last long, since the HR manager stepped in between them almost immediately.

The manager was already bubbling with rage since Julia had thrown most of their decorations onto the tiles.

He glared. "You have been removed from our designer list. I've already asked someone to put all your things at the front desk. You may leave!"

Julia couldn't believe that the Dolly Group would fire her! Didn't they know that she was the most experienced designer in the group? She frowned. "According to the contract, if the company fired me without any reason, you would have to pay three hundred thousand as liquidated damages," she snapped.

The manager had already reached his limit with her. "Julia, on the day of the interview, you changed Miss Eva's work and used it to get your own position. Your behavior is inconsistent with our company's image. The reason is good enough to fire you."

It turned out what Eva had suspected this entire time was true! Her son was right!

A pair of vicious eyes was directed at her. Eva found herself glaring right back.

Julia pointed at Eva and said in an aggrieved voice, "She's the one who accused me for nothing! It's unfair that you'll believe her words without any evidence."

It was ironic that a person who was hired unfairly would ask for fairness in these types of situations.

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