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The airport was filled with people. Wearing a lacy white dress and holding her pink suitcase, Eva Xu walked towards the exit.

It had been five years since she left China, but it seemed that she was fated to return.

As she looked around, her lips formed a grim line.

Things had changed. It definitely wasn't the same as before when she left this place. "Mommy, where are we going?"

Dark lashes framed the little boy's large eyes as he stared up at her. He looked so adorable that anyone would swoon at the sight of him.

If it weren't for her actually holding his hand, Eva Xu wouldn't believe that she had been a mother at her young age.

Under Jason Xu's expectant eyes, Eva Xu smiled. "Jace, we'll arrive home shortly. Plus, it isn't necessary for you to speak English, okay? It's time for you to practice your Chinese," she instructed gently, ruffling his short hair.

"I know you want to see the ferris wheel. How about we'll go there after settling our luggage?"

'Jace' was a nickname she had given him ever since he was born. The only dream she had for him was that he would grow up to be happy and healthy.

Jason Xu nodded and warmly shook her hand. He then pointed at the huge ferris wheel overlooking the entire city and said excitedly, "Mommy, is that the place where you and Daddy first met?"

Eva Xu flushed at the question. When the little boy questioned her about his father, she had no choice but to make up a story. She had said that they met on the ferris wheel, when in all honesty, she didn't know who his father was. If it wasn't for that night five years ago, Jason Xu wouldn't even be born.

Of course, staring into her young boy, she didn't regret any of it.

As soon as they booked a room in a hotel, her phone rang. She answered only to hear a familiar voice from the other end of the line. He was Jake, her teacher while she was studying abroad. Although he was already getting old, his style had always followed the trends.

"Eva, you still haven't found a stable job, right?" he said in fluent Chinese.

Glancing at Jason Xu's sleeping figure, Eva Xu tucked him in and walked to the balcony silently. "No, why?"

"I happen to have a friend who needs another designer. The salary's really good, but the competition is fierce. However, since I'm the one who taught you, you're very qualified for the job."

Jake was the one who had taken care of her back then. That was why she was close to him. Eva Xu had no reason for her to doubt the company Jake had introduced, so she smiled and agreed. When she searched up the company that Jake had mentioned, she found that it was indeed a very famous company. Without another thought, Eva Xu quickly booked herself an interview on the second day.

However, Jake was right to say that the competition was fierce. It seemed that she was also going up against Julia Zhu, another excellent designer. Jake had warned her that Julia Zhu was very manipulative. However, at the sight of her innocent face, Eva Xu couldn't help but to strike a conversation with her.

"You must be outstanding for Jake to choose you as his student, Miss Xu. For sure, you're extra qualified for the position," Julia Zhu complimented.

Eva Xu smiled faintly. "I'm flattered. Thank you!"

"Please prepare your own design drawings."

A man with a beer belly walked into the room. Everyone stood up to show their respects.

Eva was so nervous that her palms were sweating. She had always been like this ever since she was a child. Her heart would beat so fast as if she had just ran a marathon. She didn't even know how she could take on the pressure in the designing field.

Finally, it was time for the interview. With an uneasy heart, she entered the door. There were around three or four people at the other side of the table. A young man was sitting in the middle. His eyes were sharp so she didn't dare look up.

"Are you Miss Xu? Are you sure you've sketched these by hand?"

His voice was loud and clear. "Yes, I guarantee that they're all designed by me," Eva quickly explained.

However, as soon as she opened her mouth, everyone except the young man burst into laughter.

Her heart sank.

"Miss Xu, please have a look."

She raised her head and found that the young man was very handsome. He had large eyes and extremely muscled arms, but that wasn't the point.

She stared at the sketches that he was holding, and her eyes widened in surprise.

"It seems that you have a special understanding with your design." Seeing her wide and innocent eyes, Santosh Qiu couldn't believe that such a beautiful lady would have such disgusting intentions in her mind.

"No– no..." Eva tried to explain. Her face flushed in embarrassment. The naked pictures weren't the ones that she had submitted for the company at all. In fact, they were far from it!

Before she could even explain, Santosh Qiu waved hi

s hand. "That's it for the day, Miss Xu. You may go back and await our notice."

His words were said so firmly that everyone knew that he wasn't going to keep her.

However, Eva still felt a glimmer of hope as she walked out of the room. Although her face was extremely red, she plastered a smile on her face in hopes that she would still be chosen despite the mix-up.

After waiting for two days, no one had called her back. No matter how gullible she was, Eva knew for a fact that it meant that it was over for her. She was so sad that she stayed in her room and accompanied her son to watch Star Wars. "What happened in the interview, Mommy?" Jason asked innocently, knowing that it was the reason why she was so sad.

Jason was an incredibly gifted child. When he was in kindergarten, his teacher asked that he should be transferred to primary school. If it hadn't been for the age limit, he would've already been in Grade One

Once she explained to him, he stood up. He was wearing the suspenders that Eva had given him. Like an old man, he waved his fingers at her face. "You were framed!" he announced.

Puzzled, she stared at him. "What do you mean?"

"Mommy, your submission must've been changed. Did you leave before you went in for the interview?"

All of a sudden, something occurred to her. "I was so nervous that I went to the washroom. I gave my sketches to Julia Zhu and asked her to keep them for me."

"She's the one behind it! The bad woman doesn't want you to be hired!" he accused.

"Really? But she doesn't look like a bad person."

Jason kept silent for a while before sighing in frustration. "But you don't look like..."

Eva raised her eyebrows and ruffled his hair. "Of course, your Mommy is not a bad person!"

"I was about to say that you don't look like a fool."

In a twinkling of an eye, a week had already passed. With the pocket money left by her uncle, Eva rented a two bedroom apartment in the community for both of them. After all, the cost of living in the hotel was pretty high.

That day, Eva intended to cook a big meal for Jason, but when she went into his room to look for him, the young boy was nowhere to be seen.

She guessed that he must've gone downstairs to play. She smiled, put on her high heels, and walked downstairs to look for him.

What she didn't know was that Jason had gone to the Dolly Group alone. Seeing the dark circles under his mother's eyes, he couldn't bear it anymore. He searched the web and found that the company was actually very powerful in China.

He wanted to get justice for what had happened to his mother.

Unfortunately, because he was too young, the security guards didn't allow him to enter.

Jason went back to the community, sighing. When he heard that his mother was calling for him everywhere, he got out of the bushes and walked to her side.

"Where have you been? Let's go back for dinner, okay?"

Jason took her hand. "Mommy, the Dolly Group is a big brand in China. In fact, it monopolizes the clothing design industry."

Eva nodded. "That's the company that Jake recommended me, but they didn't want to hire me. I heard that Julia was the one that they've recruited, and her monthly salary is at least a hundred thousand dollars."

Eva was supposed to work for that company if it weren't for someone else's tricks.

Jason frowned. "If there's a chance for you to work for the Dolly Group, will you give it a try? I have a way to let people know what that woman has done."

A gleam flashed in his eyes. Seeing that his son was being particularly charming, Eva couldn't help but follow him to the Dolly Group's gates.

Jason knew for a fact that a large company such as this one would have hidden surveillance cameras around the vicinity. If Julia really switched Eva's drafts, then the company would have a video as proof. Then the Dolly Group would definitely fire Julia.

Today, Eva and Jason were going to act. After all, it wasn't easy to get a hold of those tapes.

With a fierce look, Eva stood in front of a security guard with Jason. Recognizing the young boy, he frowned. "Little boy, why are you here again?"

Eva straightened her back. "My son was robbed of an orange diamond! He saw that person walking into your company! How dare you stop him! Are you working for that man!"

The security guard didn't believe a word that she had said. It was apparent that the purpose of their arrival was to cause trouble. After all, it was impossible for a child to have a diamond in the first place.

The security guard winked at the other security guards and they all came over.

On the other side, Santosh Qiu walked towards the elevator. When he saw his staff, they all greeted him with a bow of their heads, but as he was waiting for the lift, he could see a group of guards standing by the company door. They seemed to be surrounding a woman and her son.

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