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   Chapter 266 A Good Excuse

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"Sister, are you asleep?" Natalie held the pillow in her arms. She wouldn't admit that she was a little scared! She knocked on Katherine's door.

"No. come in. What's wrong?" When Katherine opened the door, she saw Natalie standing at the door with a pillow in her arms.

"What? You want to sleep with me? How old are you, Violet? Go back and sleep on your own. Don't wet the bed." Katherine saw the pillow and immediately misunderstood what Natalie meant. She thought that Natalie came to sleep with her because she didn't get out of the atmosphere in the banquet today.

"No, I just have something to tell you..." Before she could finished her words. Katherine kick her out and slammed the door directly. Natalie didn't know whether to cry or to laugh.

Natalie: Heck, I'm going to sleep too!

The next day, Natalie was woken up by a phone call.

"Who is it?" Natalie reached out to take her phone. She withdraw into the quit after she got the phone. And then, she answered the phone with sleeping eyes.

"Little girl, are you going to forget me so soon?" A clear voice with a faint smile came from the other end of the phone.

"Who are you? You disturbed my dream!" Hearing the strange voice, Natalie roared and hung up the phone. Then she turned over and went back to sleep. Wait, that man's voice seemed to be... Anyway, let me sleep first.

But, the phone rang again.

"Oh, it's so annoying. I don't want to answer the phone call." Natalie buried her head in a pillow unhappily. She had no choice but to yawn and then answer the phone, but her tone was not very good.

"Well, it seems that you really don't remember me? You don't want the photos, do you? If so, I'll delete it. It's not only annoying, but also takes up my phone's memory space!" The man on the other end of the line retorted impolitely.

"What?" Natalie finally came to herself. It was him! The man who treated her to different snacks that night!

"You remember?" Judging from the reaction of Natalie, Hamilton knew that she had remembered something.

"It's you!" Sitting on the bed, Natalie smiled awkwardly. She scratched the back side of her head unconsciously with the other hand. It turned out to be that guy.

"That's how you treat your benefactor? You not only ate the food I bought, but also took my money to take a taxi home. What should you do? Anyway, this photo is unique in my mobile phone. If anything happens to it, don't blame me."

“……” Natalie felt that there was something wrong with this man's brain. He was not only bad in character, but also evil in smiling. At the same time, she hated herself for being so forgetful that she even forgot the photos when she was flustered by the matter of the foundation.

"Let's make a deal. How can you give me the photos?" Natalie said in a serious tone. Although she usually acted like an idle child from a rich family, but once her favorite family was involved in something bad, she had no mood to joke anymore.

ow. Don't be superstitious." Said Hamilton sarcastically.

"It turns out that you are an atheist. In that case, we are different. Sell the photos to me, I will leave immediately." Said Natalie.

A shadow pressed down on her head and then there came a voice, "No way."

"Then what do you want? I really can't paint." Natalie took down the stuff on her head and looked at it carefully. It was an illustrated book.

"Who wants you to paint? Help me fill in the color." Sitting lazily on the chair next to him, Hamilton raised his chin.

"It will take a lot of time. I have something to do in the afternoon." Natalie said in embarrassment. It was not her excuse. She just told Courtney that she would go to the studio to learn from her today. She thought it should be easy to take the photo back, but she did not expect that there would be so many troubles.

"Then forget the photos. Tut-tut, it took you so much effort to take the photos, but they could be disappeared with a simple click..." He waved the phone in his hand shamelessly while speaking.

"You..." Natalie pointed at Hamilton and then put down her finger. She forced a smile. It was just the color filling. Even the primary school students knew how to do it. She could also do it!

"Wait a minute. I'll tell others that I won't go to the appointment this afternoon." Natalie said with a forced smile. At this moment, she felt extremely uncomfortable in her heart. She had always been the only one who could threaten others. But now she was threatened. 'For my sister. I have to control my anger!'

Natalie angrily took out her phone and sent a message to Courtney, but her excuse was good.

"Courtney, my design inspiration burst out all of a sudden. I just want to find an inspiration about religion. I'm now in a church in the suburbs, and I may not be able to get back in a short time. The appointment may be broken this afternoon. Please don't be angry and worried..."

And then, she sent it out.

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