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   Chapter 265 Show Off

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In Hibiscus Hotel,

"Miss. Katherine, you're awesome. It's not good to secretly establish a foundation behind us. We are old friends!" A man with a moustache looked shrewd. He joked with Katherine with a smile.

"Mr. Zhang, you must be kidding. I happened to see those poor children and want to help them. Besides, compared with the money you donates every year, it was nothing." Katherine joked. Mr. Zhang was an important partner of the Shen Group. Many of the equipment of the Shen Group were bought from his company, and he sold them with reasonable money. It was difficult to find such a good source of goods all over the country.

"Miss Katherine, you are modest." Hearing Katherine's praise, Mr. Zhang couldn't help smiling.

"Excuse me. I'm going to say hello to Mr. Wang." Katherine saw another important partner who just entered the room. She raised her glass and apologized to Mr. Zhang. Then she walked towards Mr. Wang.


Holding the torn clothes in the room, Natalie felt confused and impotence. The clothes were too thin, even thinner than the one she wore last time when she was punished by Courtney! She was just knocked down by something, and then the clothes in her hand was so tore like this. Hard luck!

There was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Natalie shouted.

"Miss Violet, Miss Katherine asked when you would go downstairs. The party is about to begin." The waiter outside said respectfully.

"Right now. Give me twenty minutes." Natalie said in a panic.

"Okay." After getting the answer, the waiter turned around and reported to Katherine.

"Heck, whatever." Natalie murmured, but her movement was very fast. She tore the tear more forcefully, and tore another tear on the other side. Soon, an arc was torn out by Natalie's hands. Then, Natalie took a scissor to adjust the arc and angle. In the end, she nodded with satisfaction while looking at her "masterpiece". Alas, it's perfect.

The dress was originally an off-shoulder long dress, which was very thin because it wanted to give people a light and graceful feeling. But that's not the reason why Natalie chose it. In fact, Natalie was attracted by its dark color at the first sight. She thought this color can to some extent protect her.

But now, after Natalie's modification, the whole dress had changed. The overall style was much livelier. The front part of the dress was cut to the knee bone, and the back part was slowly extended to the ankle. With Natalie's beautiful long legs and crystal shoes, anyone who saw it would praised it.

In front of the mirror, Natalie looked at herself in the mirror with appreciation. Then she walked out of the room happily in her crystal high-heeled shoes.

"Sister..." as soon as Natalie arrived at the banquet, she saw Katherine, who was chatting with other upper class people in the spotlight.

"Why do you come so late?" Katherine glanced at Natalie with a reproachful look, and then introduced her t

the doctor." Carter tucked her in and left the ward.

"Boss, the vice president of the hospital is waiting for you in the office." Leonard Zhou, the twelfth assistant Carter had changed recently, stepped forward and said.

"Okay." Carter didn't even want to give Leonard Zhou a look. It was not that he hated Leonard Zhou, but no matter how he many assistants he had changed, he felt that they were not as capable as Howard.

Carter touched his chin and said, "Well, it's time to see him. He has asked me to see him several times but I didn't give him any reply. I guess he must be very anxious!

"What's more, there was news about the second daughter of the Shen's, who you asked me to pay attention to. It is said that she has been running a foundation these days." Leonard Zhou said to Carter respectfully.

Hearing this, Carter suddenly stopped. For a moment, only that woman flashed through his mind. Then he smiled with self-mockery. 'We just broke up, but what happened that night was really... Why can she do other things as if nothing had happened, but I had to suffer from insomnia the whole night? In order to divorce Elaine, I even hurt Elaine. Was the world so unfair? Or was it true that in the game of love, the first one who sank into it with all his heart would also lose first? !

At this time, Natalie was lying on the bed, holding a cushion in her arms, in a daze. She felt that she shouldn't have stepped forward to say those words that day. It was too eye-catching!

Although she had gained popularity in the upper class, she didn't want to do business with her sister. She was not her father's biological daughter. I addition, she wanted to focus all her attention on designing now.

After thinking about it for a long time, Natalie didn't think of a good way to make Katherine change her mind. So she stood up and jumped off the bed directly. What was she going to do? Of course she wanted to know Katherine's attitudes toward this thing!

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