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   Chapter 264 The Miracle Foundation

Unbearable Love: Boss, Please Let Me Go By Xiao Duoer Characters: 9839

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It was autumn now. People on the street all wore long sleeve trousers.

In the Hibiscus Hotel,

"Violet, are you okay? The press conference has begun." Katherine, in a black tuxedo, gently knocked on the door of Natalie's room.

Today was the inauguration of the Miracle Foundation, but she had to hold a press conference before it.

"Okay, okay." Natalie fixed her hair quickly, straightened her dress and stood up to open the door.

"Wow, Violet, you look so beautiful today." Katherine was amazed at Natalie, who had just been dressed up. Her features were already delicate. After the heavy makeup was applied, she looked as lovely as a dolly. In a black off shoulder dress, her white legs looked even longer. Her perfect figure was more attractive. Her curled long hair fall naturally on her shoulder. Katherine thought that as long as Natalie flipped her hair, there would be countless men going crazy.

Because she was so beautiful! Katherine thought that Natalie had already surpassed her! This made her, as an elder sister, less attractive!

"Let's go, sister." Arm in arm with Katherine, Natalie walked gracefully to the stage step by step.

"Don't say anything later. I'll take care of it." Katherine said quickly in a low voice when they were about to go on the stage.

"Do you take me as a mascot?" Natalie staggered and asked, gritting her teeth.

"How capable do you think you are? If you don't be the mascot, what else do you want to do?" Katherine chose to turn a blind eye to Natalie's anger.

"Sister, you really hurt me." Natalie said in a sad tone.

"Stop it. We're going upstairs. Raise your head. I won't help you if you make a mistake later." Katherine patted on Natalie's arm, took a deep breath. She had become the elegant lady of Shen's in the eyes of the public.

"Thank you for attending my press conference. Thank you." Katherine said on the platform.

As soon as she finished her words, there was a burst of applause from the audience.

"Here, I want to announce that our Miracle Foundation is officially established from today on." Katherine added. She wanted to end it quickly. She hated reporters the most!

"Miss Katherine, can we ask you a few questions?" A reporter from one of the old famous magazines asked.

"Of course." Katherine smiled gracefully and impolitely.

"Miss Katherine, may I know why you hold this foundation?" The reporter asked while recording. The rest of the reporters who didn't bring a recorder pen quickly took out their pens and notebooks to write notes. They had already been familiar with this.

"The initial intention of our Miracle Foundation is to save those children who suffer from leukemia. Later, we found that there are thousands of children suffering from disease in the world. According to our investigation, they not only can't afford the treatment fees, their families are also broken up because of the high medical cost. This is a tragedy

ecial, not very precious, but left a deep impression on them, and it went straight to the deepest part of people's heart called "kindness".

Each of them had a photo of the children who were seriously ill in the box. Different from others, these children all wore good clothes and lived well. They all grinned. However, most of them were very thin, some of them were skinny, but it couldn't hide the smile and happiness in their eyes.

"You scared me to death just now. Why are you clashing with him? I won't tell him no matter how he asks me. He will be at my mercy after the press conference." Katherine pointed at the little head of Natalie with her finger, and then she thought of something and said, "Is the paedophile you just said true?"

"Of course. Zaky said that. So, sister, you don't believe me?" Natalie pouted like a child.

"I'm worried about you! When I saw you rush to me and push me away, I was really worried about you. If you say something bad, it won't do anything good to you!" Katherine said helplessly.

"I didn't want you to be wronged. Besides, I didn't suffer any loss. But you, you were so attractive when you just said 'throw him out'! I want to be your little fan!" Natalie became obsessed with Katherine in a second.

Being stared at so admiringly, Katherine felt a little embarrassed. She pretended to be impatient and said, "Well, I won't talk with you. I'm going to change my clothes and do other hairstyles. There's a banquet tonight."

"Hey, sister, why are you blushing? Are you shy? Oh my God! You look lovely with a red face!"

"Natalie, let go of me! Don't be so cheeky. Where's your temperament?"

"Sister, let's go to change clothes together. We haven't been doing hairstyle and facial care together for a long time."

"No way! We did it together a week ago!"

"Oh, I love you so much. Do you really have the heart to drive me away?"

"Violet, don't make me sick. Stay away from me!"


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