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   Chapter 263 Stalking

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"If you don't want to, then forget it. I'm leaving..." Shrugging, Hamilton turned around and was about to leave.

"Hey, wait..." Natalie gritted her teeth and stopped her.

"What? Have you changed your mind?" Raising her eyebrows.

"No way." Natalie rolled her eyes secretly, and then gave a sweet smile to Hamilton, "I don't want you treat me. Can I borrow money from you? ”

"Then let me tell you, you are probably living in a dream." Hamilton lowered his head and whispered in Natalie's ear. Then he deliberately blew on Natalie's ear.

Natalie said, "Why do I feel his words sound so familiar?

When Natalie came to her senses, she found that Hamilton had already turned around and left. However, just as Natalie regretted that she was so unlucky, she saw that Hamilton turned around and waved at her. "Hurry up and follow me. Don't you want to eat?"

"What? Really! Don't regret it. Let's go. I saw roast corn over there. Hearing that, Natalie was stunned. Then she happily jumped towards Hamilton and ran to the stall beside with him.

Natalie didn't stop talking until she almost taste all the snacks over the whole street.

"How can you eat so much?" Hamilton's eyes were full of disgust.

"You don't understand that it's a blessing to eat." Natalie asked the vendor for a toothpick and began to pick her teeth. When she was making a joke with Hamilton, she saw a familiar figure in a hurry.

That's... Natalie rubbed her eyes. It was really her! But what was she doing here?

Frowning, Natalie looked at the receding figure and put the toothpick in Hamilton's hand. "Take care of the toothpick. I'll pick my teeth when I come back. I have something to do first."

As soon as she finished her words, Natalie ran away. It must be abnormal for her to appear here! If she followed up, she might find something interesting. That's what she wanted.

The woman walked through the snack street and came to a park. In the depths of the park, a man stood quietly by the side, followed by a little boy.

The woman rushed up and hugged the child excitedly. Perhaps the child was frightened by the woman, he burst into tears in an instant and kept crying.

"Have you done what I asked you to do?" The man stood aside and looked at her quietly. His voice was so cold and ruthless.

"I... I... I did, but I don't know whether they believe it or not." The woman nodded and then shook her head. At last, she said in a sobbing tone.

"Can't you just hold them back? When they were sure about your identity, you will definitely find a chance." The man touched the child's soft hair and said, his eyes full of enthusiasm and joy.

"I'm afraid I can't hold on any longer... He doesn't like me. That woman drank and got poisoned for him. Now she has been discharged from the hospital and became more cautious than before. I can't do anything at all." The woman, or Nicole, s

way! I will give you the child as soon as you finish the task! You'd better be smart, or I'll teach you a lesson!" The man said viciously and left with the child in his arms.

The child put his head on the man's shoulder and forced a smile at Nicole, perhaps to comfort her.

Looking at the man who was walking farther and farther away and the child who had been smiling at her, she felt like her heart was pricked by a needle.

After a while, she calmed down and turned around to leave. The moment she turned around, she returned to the usual beautiful and gentle woman.

She wouldn't let go of them!

On the other side, holding Natalie's hand, Hamilton ran to the snack street where there were still people coming and going. It was not until then that they were completely relieved.

"Hey, you have ate all the snacks her and taken the photos. Can you return the phone to me and go back to your own home?" After taking two deep breaths, Hamilton asked Natalie for his phone.

"Okay, I have saved my phone number in your phone. Remember to send me the photo tomorrow morning. What's wrong with you? Why is your face so pale?" As Natalie took out her cell phone from her pocket and handed it to Hamilton, she found that Hamilton's face was very pale. It was even paler under the light.

"Okay, I'm fine. I just ran a little fast." Taking over the phone and enduring the discomfort in some part of his body, he smiled at Natalie to comfort her.

"That's good. Then I'll go first. Bye!" Natalie turned around and waved goodbye to Hamilton. Then she walked towards the block outside happily.

Hamilton shook his head helplessly and turned to another direction.

When Natalie was ready to take a taxi home, she found that she had forgotten something. She forgot to borrow money to take a taxi!

Natalie immediately turned around and chased after him.

"Hey, Wait! Lend me some more money to take taxi home!"

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