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   Chapter 262 Goodbye

Unbearable Love: Boss, Please Let Me Go By Xiao Duoer Characters: 10037

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When Natalie walked out of the villa, her feet were trembling, and both her thighs and shins were aching.

Courtney's punishment was too terrible. She would never offend her again! Natalie thought.

Suddenly, a Rolls-Royce phantom appeared in her sight. The window slowly rolled down. Charles, who hadn't seen her for a long time, sat inside and looked at her with a smile.

"Why are you here? Didn't you go on a business trip?" Seeing that there was a ready-made car, Charles got on the car, it was not the first time for her to steal a ride. She was still his nominal fiancee.

"Shouldn't I come back after my business trip? Why do you trust me so much?" Charles sneered.

Lowering her head, Natalie didn't say a word. Then she raised her head and pretended to be very serious. "Comrade Charles, the organization has approved you to chase after other girls."

"You..." Hearing this, Charles was shocked and the car drifted to the side. Fortunately, the road was very wide and there was no car, so they hadn't caused an accident.

"Hey, are you trying to murder me?" Natalie was so frightened that she curled up in her seat.

"If possible, I really want to die with you, then you can only be mine." Charles calmly restarted the car and turned around.


Neither of the two noticed an inconspicuous car on the roadside. A man was smoking and smoking, with endless pain in his eyes.

Carter smoked one cigarette after another. He didn't come to his senses until the cigarette case was empty. Then he started the car and was about to go home.

He though he must be crazy. If not, why he came to see this woman. This woman who was heartless to break up with him, but he could not let her go at all. He even waited here to take a look at her when he heard that she came back to work.

Carter, you seem to have lost miserably in this love game, but you are willing to... It doesn't matter. He won't admit defeat. Just wait and see, Natalie. You used to be mine, and it will be the same in the future!

Sitting in the car, Natalie felt a chill on her back and her whole body trembled.

"Are you cold?" In Charles's eyes, the shiver of Natalie meant she was cold. He thought for a while and was sure about it. It was already autumn, but Natalie was still wearing a small dress. It was not surprising that Charles would thought so.

"No, I..." Before Natalie finished her words, her head was covered by something.

In a daze, Natalie took off the things on her head and took a closer look. It was Charles's coat.

"Put it on. It's autumn now. But you still wore a small dress. Who else do you want to seduce?" Charles said calmly.

"I'd rather seduce a bum than seduce you." Feeling a little cold at this time, Natalie didn't refuse. She took his coat and put it on, but she still retorted to Charles on the spot.

"Squeak -" Charles stopped the car abruptly. Because of inertia, Natalie's body rushed forward——

"Ah -" Natalie hold her forehead and her pretty face was

t she didn't bring anything except herself today. The only cell phone she could pay was left at the studio. However, she could take a taxi back to get money. And the Shen's villa was not far from the city center, but it suddenly occurred to her that taking a taxi also required money!

Natalie felt helpless.

"Boss, I pay for her." A crisp male voice came from behind. And then a white and slender hand picked up twenty dollars and handed it to the vendor.

"Okay." After the vendor received the money, he didn't care about Natalie anymore. All he cared about was money. He didn't care who paid it, and he just wanted to make money.

"Why are you here?" Natalie looked back. She thought it was a handsome man who wanted to save the beauty, but she didn't expect to see a familiar face - the man in black suit she met in the hospital!

"Why can't it be me? Don't forget that I paid for you just now. Logically speaking, you still owe me twenty dollars." A lazy smile appeared on Hamilton's face. It seemed that this woman hadn't forgotten him.

"It's just twenty dollars!" Natalie put a small meatball into her mouth and exclaimed. This man was so mean that he even asked for twenty dollars.

"Twenty dollars is also the money, and I have a lot of cash with me. You have nothing after eating this meatball, such as money for eating food at other stalls, and money for taking a taxi home..." Said Hamilton slowly.

Natalie was speechless for a moment. She really needed money now. She used to disdain money!

"Call me brother. I'll treat you all the food here and drive you home. What do you think?" Seeing that Natalie didn't say anything, Hamilton knew that Natalie had been persuaded by what he had just said.

"Let me call you brother. I'm afraid you are living in a dream." Natalie shook her head and refused. She was not familiar with him yet, but she couldn't call him brother even if she was very familiar with him. This made her, the second daughter of the Shen's, lose face!

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