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   Chapter 261 Harmony And Punishment

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In Shen's villa.


On the table, Natalie, Katherine and Matt raised their glasses and clinked with each other. The fruit wine in their glasses splashed a little due to the collision.

"Come on, Kathy. Have some shrimps and it contains a lot of protein." Looking at his eldest daughter who had obviously lost a lot of weight, Matt felt a pain in his heart and couldn't help but blame Gregory.

"Wow, dad is so unfair. I can't eat shrimps! Do you want me to cry?" Seeing this, Natalie screamed like a child, but her eyes were full of happiness.

"Alas, can't the food cover your mouth?" Katherine was annoyed by Natalie. She picked up some green pepper that Natalie disliked the most and put it into Natalie's bowl. She even threatened Natalie with her eyes that she must eat it!

Hearing that, Natalie was annoyed. "Dad, look at my sister..."

"All right, all right. You're my good daughters. Just eat. The food won't taste good when it's cold." Matt smiled as a peacemaker. He felt so good at the scene.

"By the way, Dad, thank you for taking care of the company's affairs these days. I respect you." Katherine thought of something, put down her chopsticks, picked up the glass and proposed a toast to Matt.

"Slow down." Matt patted Katherine's back dotingly and said, "Let's not mention it. We are a family. By the way, the company was established by me."

"That's right. Sister, don't look down upon our father. After all, he gave you this company!" Natalie echoed.

"As if I want it. I'm exhausted in dealing with company affairs every day. And you, you don't work hard at our company and insist on being an intern in the design studio. Now you ask for so many days off. Are you going to clean the bathroom and do the chores every day! At that time, I will have a look at you reluctantly. But if you are discovered to clean the bathroom, it will be so embarrassing... " Seeing that Natalie and Matt were about to boast, Katherine forgot her reserved and dignified manner learnt when she was a primary school student. She rolled up her sleeves and pointed at Natalie's little head, giving her a lecture with a cheeky smile.

"Well, sister, you read my message? I'm the most talented designer! Even Zaky thinks I'm a future master in the design field! (Zaky: I didn't say that! ! !)" Natalie yelled at Katherine and was about to argue with Katherine.

"Oh my God, can you be more narcissistic? A future master? You are really think highly of yourself. Ha-ha." Katherine retorted with a laugh while dodging Natalie's hands.

"Oh, my God! You pissed me off! Don't hide if you have guts!" Natalie was successfully irritated by Katherine again. It seemed that she had never won a quarrel with her! ! ).

Seeing that Natalie was about to pounce on her, Katherine darted to hide behind Matt. Then she stuck out her head and her tongue at Natalie. "You can't catch me."

Looking at them who were making fun of each other, Matt couldn't help but cry

"Okay, I'll give it to you." A hint of slyness flashed across Courtney's face.

"What? Really?" Natalie couldn't figure it out for a moment. Was Courtney really going to give such a beautiful dress to her? This dress must be very popular in the market!

"Of course. Go and change it." Courtney nodded and then pushed Natalie to the dressing room aside. (Melissa was Courtney's model and she would often change her clothes for her. In order to make it convenient, a dressing room was set up in the living room. ).

When Natalie came out, everyone's eyes lit up. The color of the dress perfectly set off the white and tender skin of Natalie. The strapless upper part of the dress wrapped around her breasts, making a gap between them. The puff sleeves made the elegant dress look nifty, and the big white legs of Natalie were partly hidden and partly visible under the dress. It was not until Natalie put on the dress that she found it was a cross covered dress. People who wore this kind of dress could only walk slowly. If she walked fast, it was very likely that her underclothes would be seen!

"Good. Now, stand next to Ivy." A hint of amazement flashed through Courtney's eyes, but she still moved her chin to the direction of the Ivy as planned.

"What?" Natalie and Ivy made a noise at the same time. The difference was that Natalie felt not good, while Ivy was happy.

Natalie thought something bad would happen, but... Forget it. Just do it!

Thinking of this, Natalie walked to Ivy and waited for Courtney's order.

"Put your feet on the dresses that are pulled to the ground on both sides, and then do a deep squat like that of Ivy. You can have a rest when you fall down. By the way, I want you to send the dress back intact two hours later!" Courtney covered her face with the fan and said in a calm voice. In fact, there was already a smile on her face, but it was covered by the fan!

As soon as Natalie heard this, there were only shock in her heart.

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