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   Chapter 260 Nicole's Plot

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In the Noy Coffee Shop

"Why are you willing to see me? ”Gregory looked at the woman with a bitter smile.

"I just want to know the truth from you." Natalie took a sip of coffee and said lightly. Then she raised her eyebrows and pushed the coffee cup out a little secretly. The coffee was still too bitter. It was really not suitable for her.

"Don't you all know what happened?" Gregory rubbed her temples. Now he had a headache at the thought of the mess in Han's.

"Well, I'll ask you questions. Answer me and tell me everything you know." Natalie stared at him and asked.

Feeling the gaze from Natalie, Gregory nodded for no reason.

"When did she come to your house?" Natalie asked.

"I don't know. One day, someone called me and congratulated me that I had a son." Said Gregory.

"Don't you know anything about her before that?" Natalie thought she had misheard. She didn't expect that Nicole was good at acting. Gregory's answer was completely different from what her sister said.

"We have been together in the past. But it was so many years ago and it was over. Why should I know the news about her on purpose? Isn't it asking for trouble?" Gregory asked.

"Is that child yours? Have you done the paternity test?" Natalie asked again. If the paternity test was really done and the child was really Gregory's son, there would be no room for it.

"No. every time I want to have a paternity test, Joseph will cry. I can't calm him down." Gregory shook his head, thought for a while and continued, "After a few times, the Han's and Nicole said it was no need to do the paternity test because the boy must be my child considering our similar appearance. So we haven't done it yet."

"I see..." With a meaningful look on her face, Natalie said, "I don't know whether it's a coincidence or..."

Although Natalie didn't finish her words, Gregory was smart and he certainly knew what she meant. She suspected that there was a trap.

"But that child resembles me so much... I'm the only one in the Han's who has contacted with her... So I..." Gregory covered his face in pain. In fact, when his family said that they didn't need to have a paternity test, he was secretly pleased, and he didn't dare to gamble on it. If Joseph was really his son, then he would have to end his relationship with Katherine?

Compared with the painful look of Gregory, Natalie was much calmer. She smiled meaningfully. It was possible that Gregory didn't do the paternity test. After all, if Joseph was really his child, then he would really have no chance to be with her sister. But shouldn't Nicole cry for the paternity test so as to stabilize her position in the Han's? But obviously, she was unwilling to do so. Why don't she want to do the paternity test? She was afraid that the child wasn't Gregory's, so she figured out everything.

It had to be said that Nicole was a smart woman. At the beginning, she did not directly come to Gregory, but directly come to the Han's to ask the children to recognize their ancestors. Then she asked about the whereabouts of Gregory. When Gregory was busy, she

He was the first one appeared just now, and also one of the children who were rescued by the foundation of the hospital. Maybe because he had received so much chemotherapy at such a young age, his little head was already smooth without a hair.

"Raines, Randal, Sammie, Carla, Walton, Eunice, Ginny, and Judith." Natalie also noticed the noise at the door. She put her hands on her hips and read the names of the children in one breath. It was a military game she often played with the children.

"Yes, Madam." The children rushed from the door and stand in a row in front of Natalie. And then they started to number off one by one carefully. At last, Raines, the team leader appointed by Natalie, stand out to report the result.

"Report to Natalie, the number of people should be eight, and the number of people actually was eight! Over." Raines took a step forward and said loudly, standing straight.

"Good." Natalie pretended to be indifferent, acting like a drillmaster. The next second, she raised a big smile, squatted down and opened her arms to the children.

The children ran into Natalie's arms in flocks and kissed her. Some of them turned around and ran into Katherine's arms.

"Katherine, are you leaving today? But Ginny doesn't want you to leave." Walton, the youngest boy, asked softly in Katherine's arms.

Tears welled up in Natalie and Katherine's eyes instantly. Although they hadn't know these children for a long time, these children were really cute. They didn't want to leave these children too.

"It doesn't matter. I will come to see you often." Katherine touched Walton's soft hair and said gently.

"Then let us pinky swear on it." Fearing that Katherine was lying to her, Walton raised a little finger and wanted to pinky swear with her. This was a method his mother told him before he was sick, but later he "broke up" with his mother. Since then, this had become his last memory about his mother.

"Okay, let's do it." Katherine smiled and held Walton's little finger with hers.

"It's a deal now. We can't break it."

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