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   Chapter 257 Little Happiness

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Natalie stayed in the hospital for a whole day. She didn't feel relieved until the doctor announced in person that Katherine was out of danger on the second day.

When she was about to go back to tell Matt this news and bring some toiletries, an unexpected guest came to the hospital.

"What are you doing here?" Standing at the door of the ward, Natalie looked coldly at the man who looked haggard.

"I'm here to visit Kathy. I know she's here." Gregory looked at Natalie with mixed feelings. What happened recently were too fast to him. He didn't realized what was going on. Someone told him that he had a son, and then Katherine disappeared. Then there was news that Natalie came to the hospital with Katherine. When he heard this news, he came early in the morning to see if it was true. Fortunately, it was true, but he didn't know Katherine's condition now.

"Fuck." Natalie sneered with disdain, "Mr. Gregory, are you looking for the wrong person? Both your wife and son are in the Han's mansion, and there is no Kathy here. You can leave now." At the end of her words, there was no other expression on Natalie's face, only hatred. If it weren't for the man in front of her, her sister wouldn't have been lying in this cold hospital! She wouldn't forgive either Gregory or that woman!

"She is not my wife. Violet, please trust me. I have never betrayed your sister. Let me have a look at her, okay?" Gregory growled anxiously, and then turned to beg, "I beg you."

"That's impossible. I won't give you another chance to hurt my sister." Natalie refused Gregory again coldly. She called in Charles's two bodyguards outside the ward and ordered them to drive Gregory out.

After Gregory left, Natalie breathed a sigh of relief. To be honest, she was a little softhearted when she saw Gregory's haggard face. Especially when he begged her just now, it was already inconceivable that the usually gentle and elegant man could beg her like this...

Natalie shook her head, shaking off the sympathy in her mind. She took a look at Katherine in the ward, then clenched her hands, regardless of her nails piercing into her flesh. She would never give anyone any chance. In the past, it was her sister who protected her, but now, let her protect her sister, till death do us apart!

Natalie took the elevator to the basement. Before Charles left, he left a car for her, which was just in use now.

The VIP single ward was located on the higher floor, which was twenty-second floor. Therefore, when she went downstairs, the elevator always stopped. Just when the door of the elevator was slowly closed again, a familiar figure broke into her sight. However, the door of the elevator had been tightly closed. It was impossible for Natalie to see if that person was the one she thought. Natalie kept that floor number in mind secretly.

It was the eighteenth floor.

Natalie went back to the Shen's house. Matt hadn't got up yet, so she went back to her room, simply packed up some things, and then went to

ke up. She also regretted that it was not her style to do this for a man.

Katherine criticized herself in her heart, but Natalie didn't know it. She kept on blaming Katherine. In the end, they all burst into laughter.

The afternoon sunshine shone on them through the window, warming them to the heart. Everything looked so beautiful.

They had promised to protect each other for the rest of their lives. They wouldn't miss any seconds.

The next afternoon, Natalie pushed Katherine, who hadn't recovered yet, to the lawn of the hospital to bask in the sun. The doctor said that proper basking was good for recovery.

"Look at those children. They are so adorable, but they can only stay in the hospital for the painful treatment, and they may die at any day." Looking at the children playing aside, Katherine's eyes were full of endless worry. She had noticed those children long ago in the ward. She asked the nurse casually and knew that these children were diagnosed with leukemia, and they were also orphans that no one wanted. They could live so long now, because of the mercy of the director of the hospital, who cooperated with several big hospitals to establish a Red Cross Society for leukemia patients. Otherwise, these children would have died of leukemia.

At that time, the nurse sighed helplessly. Katherine still remembered that the nurse said, "Poor children. I don't know how many of them could survive with the treatment."

"Sister, how about we sponsor them? Although we can't sponsor every patient with leukemia, we can do our best to help them." As the idea flashed through Natalie's mind, she spoke it out to Katherine.

Katherine's eyes lit up in an instant. Yes, she could sponsor these children. Even if the children were unfortunate and couldn't survive after the treatment, she could let them enjoy the last time; if they were lucky enough to meet someone who could provide the matched marrow, they would be cured and she could sponsor them to complete their studies.

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