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   Chapter 136 The Crisis of Zak

Unbearable Love: Boss, Please Let Me Go By Xiao Duoer Characters: 10134

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"Now, you've been staying in the company all day long and don't come home." Kane couldn't see the expression on Carter's face, so he just kept talking himself.

At that time, their mother left after giving birth to them. Kane then had made up his mind to hand over the business of the Tan's to his eldest son, Carter. And he wanted Charles to be free, so he had forbidden Charles to do business since his childhood.

The children grew up day by day, and he buried himself in work all day long. When he looked at the two children again, he found that the God seemed to be joking with him.

Carter's increasingly calm personality surprised him, but he was very reluctant to take over the family business. However, Charles showed a subtle interest in business. The performance of the two was like irony to his decision.

Being in a high position all year round, he couldn't tolerate others to disobey him, and even his own sons were no exception.

So from then on, he tried his best to force Carter and Charles to change their minds. Now, his long cherished wish finally came true.

In the past three years, Carter had done a good job in managing the business of the Tan's, and he had never mentioned not taking over the family business. Charles was still rebellious but he didn't stir up any trouble.

Carter pushed him forward silently. Kane continued to say with relief, "With my current physical condition, there isn't much time left. After I pass away, you have to really take over the Tan's."

"Dad, you are in good health. Don't say anything dejecting." Noticing Kane's intention, Carter answered indifferently.

It happened to be early spring. The flowers in the garden were all in bud, and from afar, it could be seen that they were full of vitality.

Kane raised his hand and signaled Carter to stop. He slowly pushed the wheelchair and stopped beside the garden. "Over the years, the business of the Tan's is smooth, but there are also a lot of trouble makers."

"When I was gone, no one can suppress them. At that time, you can only rely on the power of the Lin's." With his hands on his knees, Kane looked into the distance, expressionless.

Carter frowned slightly, "I can handle it myself."

"I know you have a grudge against me when I asked you to marry Elaine." After a moment's silence, Kane continued, "the Lin's is good for the Tan's. This is just one of the reasons. I chose Elaine because she is suitable for you."

Carter felt annoyed for no reason. At that time, he chose to endure and compromise, and he lost the only person he loved.

Fortunately, God helped her come back to him again. This time, he would not repeat the same mistake. "Father, I want to divorce Elaine." He blurted out the decision he had made last night.

Kane's body trembled. He turned around and rotated the wheelchair. "What...what did you say?"

The harmonious atmosphere between the two disappeared. Kane's turbid eyes were still sharp. He stared fiercely at Carter. The face reminded him of the scene that C

o the front desk in a hurry. Under the surprised eyes of the crowd, she asked anxiously, "Is there a guest named Zak staying here?"

The receptionist was shocked by her imposing manner, but soon she regained her professional sweet smile and answered skillfully. They had seen such a situation many times. "I'm sorry, Miss. That's the privacy of the guest. I can't answer you." As she spoke, she looked up and down at Natalie.

"What privacy? He is my husband!" Worried about Zak, Natalie began grasping at phony solution. "He called me for help in your hotel just now. If you delay my rescue, I'll call the police immediately."

"Well..." The receptionist was a little hesitant. It seemed that Natalie was not lying. Besides, if something really happened in their hotel, she would be held accountable.

"Miss, I need to ask our manager for permission. Please wait a moment." The receptionist couldn't make up her mind and apologized to her. When the woman turned around to talk with her manager through the walkie talkie, Natalie slipped into the front desk and quickly typed the name of Zak in the search interface of the computer. After finding the room number, she immediately exited.

"Miss, our director said..." When the staff turned around, there was no trace of Natalie.

Natalie rushed to the top floor, checking the number plates one by one. She kept calling Zak, but no one answered as before.

At the end of the corridor, she found the room where Zak registered. Regardless of the danger, she pounded the door with her hand.

When she studied design abroad, Zak was the only friend who kept encouraging her. The friendship between the two had nothing to do with gender. They clearly knew that each other was the most important person besides their own family.

She couldn't let it go if there was anything wrong with Zak. Countless scenes that she might face had been rehearsed in her mind, but when Frank appeared in front of her with only a bath towel around his body, she was still stunned.

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