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   Chapter 131 The Truth (Part Two)

Unbearable Love: Boss, Please Let Me Go By Xiao Duoer Characters: 6854

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Later, he also forgot about it, because he didn't need a substitute for Natalie.

But he cared a lot about what Charles had done recently, and what Charles had said that day inexplicably aroused curiosity in his heart.

A few days later, when he met with someone of the Shen's, he mentioned Violet seemingly unintentionally. The person just told him that Violet had been transferred to another hospital. As for other information, he was unwilling to reveal it.

"Mr. Carter?" Seeing that his boss was staring at the gate of the hospital without saying a word, Howard Li felt his eyes a little creepy and asked tentatively, "Are you going in now? Do you need me to buy a fruit basket from a fruit store on the roadside?" Although he didn't understand why his boss would visit Miss Violet, who had nothing to do with him, since it was a visit to the hospital, flowers or fruits should always be necessary.

Carter collected his thoughts, subconsciously tidied up his coat and replied casually, "No..."

Before he could finish his words, he suddenly paused and an idea occurred to him. "I remember there is a chocolate shop nearby."

"What?" Howard Li was confused and nodded. "Yes, it's just a street ahead. The chocolate there is very famous. It seems that the pastry chef is from Switzerland..."

"Okay, go and buy some." Carter interrupted him and said. He has hypoglycemia since he was a child, so he preferred sweet food. But since that incident, he had never had sweet food again, even though he almost fainted at the company's morning meeting.

But just now, he suddenly remembered the scene of his meeting with Natalie. He had eaten the chocolate she had collected. At that time, she was so angry that she jumped to her feet, which made his heart soften somewhere.

"Mr. Carter, I'm afraid it's sold out at this time, even if it's lined up to me." Howard Li said bitterly. And no one would bring chocolate to visit a patient.

"If it's sold out, you can spend more money to buy it back from others." A glimmer of light flashed thr

on't think it's necessary for us to talk about it." Charles took a step back and felt a little annoyed.

Katherine felt that she was so stupid to want to discuss with Charles about Violet's condition just now. The man in front of her had no heart at all. What he had done around Violet these days was just acting.

"Well, I should have known it earlier." Katherine smiled with relief, "If a man really loves a woman, the family's order means nothing. He will never leave his beloved woman behind and get engaged to another woman." After all, it was Gregory who told her this. Fortunately, she met Gregory, not another man.

After saying that, Katherine turned around and left arrogantly.

After a long time, Charles pursed his lips and snorted. Then he turned around with a cold face and walked in the opposite direction.

Carter, who had been at the corner downstairs, didn't stand out until the two steps faded away. Just now, he felt that it was the longest few minutes in his life, and he had never felt that his hearing was so sensitive. He heard clearly what Charles and Katherine had said.

Since Violet appeared, he had been concealed by Charles for a long time. He should have known and expected that Charles wouldn't do something meaningless. There must be a reason why he suddenly appeared beside Violet. Fortunately, he knew it not too late...

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