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   Chapter 129 Why Did She Pretend To Lose Her Memory

Unbearable Love: Boss, Please Let Me Go By Xiao Duoer Characters: 10092

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Charles kept silent for a while and replied, "She is the woman I like."

Natalie clenched her fists tightly in the quilt, but smiled politely.

She had warned Violet not to get close to this man, but she didn't expect Violet to be so capable that Charles fell in love with her.

"Then where did she go?" She asked in a low voice.

Charles didn't answer her question immediately. Instead, he stretched out his hand to hold her chin and carefully observed her expression. A minute later, Charles let go of her disappointedly. The woman in front of him was really Natalie. Where was Violet?

"She might have disappeared." After a long while, Charles said something unwilling.

He didn't know what had happened and why Violet disappeared all of a sudden. The woman in front of him made him feel strange. Had his heart changed? Did he no longer love Natalie but fell in love with Violet? But they were obviously the same person. Charles suddenly felt that his brain was about to explode.

"Do you really forget what happened in the past, or do you just pretend not to remember it? Don't you know who Violet is?" Suddenly, Zak looked at the woman and asked.

He asked three questions in a row, and the expression on Natalie's face changed obviously. She looked up at him blankly and asked, "What are you talking about? I don't understand. What do you mean? Why should I lie?"

As she spoke, her eyes began to turn red, and soon a drop of tear came out from the corner of her eyes. She lowered her head and wiped it with grievance.

Natalie didn't understand why none of these people welcomed her back. They all looked at her suspiciously. Should she really disappear? The more she thought about it, the sadder she felt. At the beginning, she secretly cried, but now she began to sob in a low voice.

Charles felt sorry for the woman. He sat up on the edge of the bed, patted her on the back and comforted her gently, "Don't worry. I will always be with you."

With a complicated look on his face, there was still suspicion in Zak's eyes. He felt that the woman in front of him was not as simple as she looked. Many of her movements seemed to be deliberately made.

However, he had no evidence now and was not sure whether Violet could come back or not.

The two people on the bed hugged each other in an intimate way, while Zak and Frank stayed aside in embarrassment. They looked at each other, and Zak stared at Frank coldly, while Frank just lowered his head like a child who had made a mistake.

As an outsider, Frank hoped more that Violet and Charles could be together, so he didn't feel too much when Natalie suddenly appeared. He felt a little guilty. If he hadn't said those words just now, it might not have irritated Violet.

They were considering whether they should leave for the time being. Anyway, they couldn't help at this moment and Charles can handle it all. Their existence was like a third wheel, disturbing them.

All of a sudden, the door of the ward was pushed open violently,

s really didn't know how to answer her question. He comforted her in a low voice, "The doctor said that your brain was hit and you might not be able to take care of yourself in the future, so you need the doctor to treat you."

Frank was speechless.

Zak was speechless, too.

Katherine, 'This shameless man, how can he even say such an excuse!'

She thought that as long as Violet stayed with this man, she would be hurt by him sooner or later and couldn't take care of herself. To Violet, this man was a jinx.

Natalie was a little agitated. She grasped Charles's arm tightly and said, "How can I become unable to take care of myself? I'm fine now."

"Your illness is potential. You see, it is a warning this time, isn't it? You can't remember many things. I guess next time you won't even know who I am, so it's better to let the doctor check on you."


"I don't care. I just don't want to see a doctor. I'm fine and I'm not sick." Natalie pulled the quilt up and lost her temper as a child.

Charles suddenly realized that she looked so much like Violet now. For a moment, Charles thought that Violet had come back, but after careful observation, he found that it was impossible.

Zak sneered and said, "Why are you so afraid of seeing a doctor? What are you really worried about?"

His words enlightened them. Charles and Katherine looked at Natalie at the same time.

Pursing her lips, Natalie said unhappily, "What can I be afraid of? I suddenly wake up and can't remember many things. I don't even know what my family is like now. I feel terrible in my heart, and I have to be questioned and doubted by you. Now I have to see a psychiatrist. Am I crazy? Why should I see a psychiatrist? Aren't you happy to see me wake up? "

The more she said, the more excited she became. Her face turned red. Not long after she finished speaking, she cried sadly, which made Charles feel sorry for her.

They looked at Zak at the same time. Obviously, it was his words that made her cry.

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