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   Chapter 128 Natalie Came Back

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"Who are you ?" She looked at Zak and asked.

Zak was stunned.

Did she even forget him this time!

Frank looked at the woman on the bed in disbelief, and the woman also turned to look at him.

"Why are you here?" The woman asked.

Frank was stunned. Zak looked at him meaningfully and thought to himself, 'Why does she know this man when she wakes up this time?'

After being stunned for a while, Frank called tentatively, "Na- Natalie?"

He looked at the woman on the bed with uncertainty.

The woman smiled and looked completely different from before. She said, "Don't you always call me little beauty? Why do you suddenly call my name?"

Frank opened his mouth and looked at the woman in front of him in horror.

How could it be possible? Violet was really Natalie.

And now the one that had woken up was Natalie. Then where is Violet?

Natalie looked around and frowned slightly. "Why am I in the hospital? Is there anything wrong?"

She looked at Frank in confusion.

Frank was still in shock and didn't know how to answer her question.

Compared with Frank, Zak was much calmer. He asked lightly, "Do you remember anything?"

Natalie turned to look at the man who was speaking, with a flash of doubt between her eyebrows. Then she looked at Frank who was standing aside and asked, "Is this man your friend?"

Zak was speechless.

Frank took a glance at Zak. When he saw the man's eyes, he immediately looked away and answered dully, "He is my friend. He came to see you after hearing that you had an accident."

Hearing that, Natalie smiled politely. She looked at Zak and said, "Thank you."

Zak nodded slightly as a response. He felt very awkward. In his impression, Violet had never said such polite words to him. The woman in front of him had the same face as Violet. He always felt uneasy when she said such words.

Although he had experienced such a situation of Violet's for one or two times, this time his feeling was different from before. This woman did not know him at all.

He was even worried that Violet wouldn't wake up this time.

When Natalie was talking to Frank, the door of the ward was pushed open, Sarah came in with some reports in her hand. She said to the woman on the bed with a relaxed expression on her face, "Miss, the doctor is exaggerating. You have recovered very well. There is nothing wrong at all. The doctor must have done it on purpose. Miss, we can leave the hospital now. Little Fatty is waiting downstairs."

As she spoke, she sorted out the documents in her hands, but didn't notice the difference of the woman on the bed. She nodded at Frank who had just came, and then looked at the woman who was lying on the bed with a confused face.

"Miss... Miss..." She called a few more times, but the woman was still confused as if she didn't know her.

At last, Sarah found that something was wrong. When she was about to ask, the woman on the bed asked indifferently, "Who is this woman?"

Sarah stood still like a puppet and slowly turned her head to look at Frank.

Why did Miss Violet ask this man who she was? Why did it

uietly aside like an outsider, Zak couldn't say anything to the woman in front of him.

Frank thought Charles should be happy when he saw Natalie appear. Now it seemed that he didn't feel very happy.

Frank didn't understand. Hadn't Charles been looking for Natalie all the time? Why did he become indifferent when this woman was in front of him? Wasn't it contradictory?

After a while, Natalie asked in a low voice, "How is my father, Charles? Is he getting better while I'm in hospital?"

Her words were like a bolt from the blue, making Charles stunned again. He carefully observed the woman's expression, and it seemed that she was not lying. Did she really forget what happened before?

Seeing that the man didn't answer for a long time, Natalie called him softly, "Charles ..."

Charles came to his senses and said with hesitation, "You have been in the hospital for a few months. I've sent him to the United States for treatment."

Although there were still many things that couldn't be confirmed, Charles still decided to hide it from Natalie.

He didn't know if he could tell this woman that her father had been dead for three years and so had her unborn child.

Natalie chuckled and looked at the man beside her gratefully. "Thank you, Charles. I don't know what to do without you." She looked at the plaster cast on her right hand and asked doubtfully, "How long have I been in hospital? Why do I feel sore all over my body?"

Charles was not used to it for a while, so he replied coldly, "More than a week. What's wrong?"

Somehow, Natalie felt that Charles's attitude towards her had changed a lot. Although he was neither very cold nor warm-hearted in the past, it was much better than now. Now she felt that he was keeping a distance from her.

She pouted and asked with grievance, "Who is the woman named Violet? You called her when you entered the room just now."

Charles glanced at the woman indifferently.

When Natalie met the man's eyes, she immediately looked away. She felt that she shouldn't have asked the question just now.

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